Product Variants Reloaded

Product Variants Reloaded

by SellersDash Apps

Remove 100 variant limit. Upto 1,000 REAL Variants per product

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Upto 1000 variants per product

No need to be constrained by 100 variants per product limit. You can now list and sell upto 1000 REAL variants per product.

Easily combine products

Easily integrate multiple individual products into a single parent product. Automatic sync with store and unified product gallery

Free setup and installation

Free setup and integration of the app on your store in case you need technical assistance.

About Product Variants Reloaded

Overcome Shopify's 100 variant per product limit and sell upto 1000 variants for a single product.

If you want to sell more than 100 variants per product, this app can help you overcome that. With this app, you can:

  • Add upto 1000 variants per product
  • Allow your customers to add them to cart from a single product page
  • Unified image gallery with images from child products displaying in the parent product's image gallery.
  • Automatically remove child products from the parent when they get unpublished
  • Set parent product's URL as the canonical URL on child product pages for SEO.
  • Facilitate easy hiding of child products from collection pages, search results and more.

How it works

Shopify has a 100 variant per product limit so to overcome this problem, the app combines upto 10 different individual Shopify products into a single product so that the variants from all those products can be served under a single Parent Product. A master product within the app's dashboard is a collection of all those products and you can add/remove Shopify products to a master product.

Not an Unlimited Options app

There are numerous apps available that allow you to add unlimited dropdowns checkboxes etc. to your product while still remaining within the 100 variant limit. However this app is not that, it allows you to actually offer your customers a real and seamless experience of choosing from more than 100 variants for a single product.

Creating a master product with 100+ variants

A master product is a virtual product on the app to manage the products that go into a parent product page on Shopify. To create a master product: - Search and add products from your store via the app - Select a parent product whose URL will serve as a landing page for your master product, combining variants from all the child products. - Save your master product and you're done.

Master Product via CSV Upload

You can also create a master product by uploading a list of variants with their SKUs and option values.


The app supports adding the parent product's URL as the canonical URL on the child product pages. This will help solve the duplicate content issue if you have similar descriptions, titles etc. for the child products as the parent product.


Even though you can sell more than 100 variants per product with the app, a product can still only have three options. It is also important to note that all the products that go into a master product must have the same number of options and the same option names.


Some theme edits are required for the app to work properly. We offer a Free Installation for all app users. If you want to edit the theme yourself, you can find instructions on the app dashboard inside Shopify with necessary code to add.

See the app in action

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Pricing 14-day free trial



  • Upto 1000 variants per product

  • Free setup and integration with your store

  • Import master products via CSV

  • Auto sync with store

  • SEO features

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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Most recent reviews

My Tee Funny

First off, this review SUCKS in only one way - It doesn't let you create paragraphs for easier reading. Nope, it bunches everything together into one big messy blob. Typical Shopify BS. Oh well, enjoy! - - - - - - - - - - I have had my shop for 4 years. For one reason or another I've not done much with it for several reasons, but the biggest two reasons was (1) my son had cancer (is now 100% well!) and reason (2) was I was always stymied by the 100 variant option limit Shopify imposes. - - - - - - - - - - How in the heck could I offer what I wanted to offer and be so limited by Shopify without creating a plethora of like products, confusing customers with bloated collections and search results? I checked out other Apps and wrote the developers, all promising they could do what I wanted... And they couldn't! - - - - - - - - - - Plus the apps were bloated with other features I did not want or need, being suspicious it would impact my store by slowing it down. On top of that, the amount of time it took setting up products in their dashboard was taking way, way too long, let alone a big PITA and not user-friendly! It just wasn't worth it. - - - - - - - - - - So I never got serious about it. Until now. When I discovered this app, Products Variants Reloaded, I about crapped my pants! It was everything I was looking for. And Kudos to the review by Arcane Magic Sneakers, they nailed it and I give them Two Thumbs up. - - - - - - - - - - WARNING: Below is TDLR! (Too Darned Long to Read) Hopefully it's not only informative, but fun. I try to cover some of the technical things that may be new to others who may not have had the joy or pain of experiencing. Also, I am not associated with anyone other than my own Shopify store. I received no inducement to write this. The only prejudice I do have is because this App is so Fricken Awesome! - - - - - - - - - - Let me explain how this works for me, using Product Variants Reloaded. A little Background first. (Wish I could add a little background music too, lol) - - - - - - - - - - I design and sell funny T-shirts and other stuff. It's my desire and intent to create a design to print on a variety of shirt styles, colors and sizes - AND offer it as ONE Product, where a shopper can select the Style, Color and Size all in ONE product display page. But with Shopify's variant limitation of 100, this is literally IMPOSSIBLE! - - - - - - - - - - Moving on. Shirts basically have 4 groups of variants: Gender, Style, Color, and Size. It's normal practice to separate by gender (Men, Women) and keep them separate by collections or categories. Now we're down to just dealing with Styles, Colors and Sizes. - - - - - - - - - - If you want to offer 5 Styles (Short Sleeve, Tank, Hoodie, etc.), and each style with about 10 Colors (Black, Red, Blue, ...), and each style with about 7 Sizes (S,M,L,XL,...), then to calculate the number of variants needed is simple multiplication: Styles * Colors * Sizes = Total Variants. Therefore, 5*10*7 = 350 Variants. - - - - - - - - - - Oops! You just exceeded Shopify's 100 Variant Limition. We're so sorry Uncle Albert, if we've caused you any pain! Have you heard about Product Variants Reloaded? You can offer up to 1,000 variants across 10 different (but similar) products and turn them into just ONE (1) "Master" Product! - - - - - - - - - - However, there is a Hitch, Caveat, and a Gotcha. All 10 "base" Products (can be less) MUST have the exact same number of Options (3 max) and Option Names MUST be Identical, for it to work. You say that's no problem, Uncle Albert? Awesome! Then you're Good to Go, man! - - - - - - - - - - But Wait, there's more! The "Master" Product can be added to one or more collections and is searchable too. AND MORE! The "base" products that make up a "Master" Product can be hidden from search results, reducing clutter and confusion. Very sweet, eh? - - - - - - - - - - Now for the Special Sauce! In my experience I have come to realize that Shirt colors are basically DARK or LIGHT. By this I mean if I create a design, I need to create 2 versions of the design, one for going on Dark shirts, and the other for Light colored shirts. - - - - - - - - - - You don't want Black Text going on a Dark shirt, same as you don't want White Text going on a Light colored shirt. The contrast is bad and is hard to read. Remember, the goal is to offer the Design just on ONE Product, not a bunch of, "Oh, you want the design on a dark shirt? Go here. On a Light shirt? Then go here." no, No, NO! Just ONE Product for all Shirt Colors, using the same design split into versions for Dark or Light colored shirts. - - - - - - - - - - Guess what Grasshopper? This app, Product Variants Reloaded (PVR), lets you do that too. Just gotta stay within the 10 "base" product limitation to create ONE "Master" Product. I can live with that. You're gonna have to too, lol. There's nothing else that comes close. - - - - - - - - - - You're Welcome! - - - - - - - - - - PS ~ The PVR Dashboard is easy, friendly, and a breeze to use after a couple of uses. Just saying. - - - - - - - - - - Trivia Note: The "Uncle Albert" reference (a song) is from Paul McCartney's 2nd album, RAM, after the Beatles breakup. See, a little background music after all! And prolly giving away my age too...

Developer reply

October 26, 2020

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Arcane Magic Sneakers

I came across this app after trying out so many of those so-called custom options apps. None of them were able to get what I required done. But this app was impressive! Let me explain why. So I will assume that you are here because of the Shopify 100 variant limit issue. There are only two ways to solve it. First is to break down your product into multiple products based on some attribute (Color for instance). Then customers will have to load up a new page for each of these semi-products and hence this workaround might not be suitable for some stores and it is not a nice experience for the customer. The second solution is to use a custom options app. But here are the issues with all the other apps I tried. Almost all the other similar apps I used would just add virtual options to the frontend and virtually increase the variant limit. Since you cannot disable already existing Shopify options, this kind of implementation introduces issues when a customer adds products to the cart. My experience was that the Shopify default variant will be added to the cart no matter what customer picks on the virtual options on the frontend. But THIS APP SOLVES BOTH THOSE PROBLEMS!!! Here also you need to break down your products into multiple semi-products, but this app will bundle them and show them as a single product in the frontend. Your customers will NOT have to load up new pages when they click on the variant options. Also with this app, correct variants will be added to the cart and therefore it really solves the Shopify 100 variant issue, seamlessly. Their customer support is impressive as well. Responses were prompt and they set up everything for me. They even helped me with adding conditional logic to the options. It only took one single day to set everything up. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you giving this app a shot. It will save a lot of your time/money and it is guaranteed you will be satisfied.

Developer reply

October 20, 2020

Thank you so much!