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Mothership for Retailers

Mothership for Retailers

Developed by Valence Labs

8 reviews
Price: $150.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Leverage the power of Shopify's 500,000+ stores. Use Mothership for Retailers to connect with your Shopify suppliers in a private drop shipping network and add their products directly to your inventory
  • Automate relationships with network partners for growth. Orders are routed to suppliers for fulfillment, and product and inventory updates happen simultaneously across the network so everyone stays in-the-loop and selling
  • Designed for simplicity and scalability. Mothership runs inside your Shopify dashboard so its reliable and easy for every one to use. And because its so easy to add and drop stores from your network, it will always scale with your business needs

Focus on growing your Shopify drop ship operations, not managing them!

Mothership for Retailers lets you focus on the things that matter in your business by automating your drop ship operations and giving you the power to connect to other Shopify merchants and sell their products from your store

What does Mothership do?

Mothership lets Shopify stores connect together to form private drop shipping networks. Stores on the network act as Suppliers by creating product feeds and fulfilling orders; and Retailers by accepting product feeds and adding Supplier inventory to their site. They also use two separate apps to manage their inventory, orders, and partnerships: Mothership for Suppliers and Mothership for Retailers

Both apps run seamlessly in the Shopify dashboard and work together to form your private drop shipping network. Combined with a suite of automation functions, Mothership gives you unparalleled reach and efficiency to grow drop ship channel sales- whether you sell wholesale, retail, or both. Pretty cool, huh?

How can my business use Mothership for Retailers?

Mothership's private drop shipping networks help Shopify stores solve the crucial problem of being able to offer customers what they want, where they want it. When you've got that, you've got growth! Simple, right?

On our Basic Retail Plan, connect with up to 10 other Shopify stores and add up to 300 products from their inventories to your store. Control your pricing and pay suppliers using your Shopify payment account. Every time you sell a product added from one of your suppliers, Mothership will create a drop ship order and send it to your supplier's Shopify dashboard for fulfillment. Mothership can even notify you and your customers of changes in fulfillment status. Add new suppliers with a few clicks and begin doing business immediately. And if you ever need to drop a supplier, Mothership will make sure to delete all their products from your inventory.

Mothership helps you drive growth in your drop ship channel!

  • Streamline operations across your supply chain: Connect to other Shopify merchants in a private drop shipping network and add products from their stores with a few clicks
  • Growth, not grind: Don't spend another minute managing drop ship inventory. Mothership keeps everyone updated on inventory levels, imagery, descriptions, etc., all synced in real-time across your network
  • All your drop ship orders in your Shopify dashboard: Mothership routes drop ship orders from every store in your network to your Shopify order feed for fulfillment to help you stay organized and in control
  • Easy to set up, easy to use: Mothership runs inside your Shopify dashboard and was designed for simplicity and ease-of-use so anyone can use it with minimal training (which we provide, of course)

Schedule a demo with us today!

We can show you how Mothership works, talk about your particular application, and answer any questions you have: Schedule A Demo

Mothership for Retailers reviews

8 reviews
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I installed the app but 4 days later I've not had a response


Would give no stars if I could. Installed this app with high hopes of it working for me but never even heard back from anyone. After installing, it said that I would hear back within 24 hours, waited weeks but nothing. Disappointed.


Please cancel my account, not for me at this time.


The person below clearly does not use the app or understand how it works.

This app is great. It's for dropship suppliers to connect with dropship retailers.

We are now able to do hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales by being able to connect with our dropship suppliers in a very efficient way through Mothership and using Shopify.



Not sure what app the other reviewers were using (my guess is they are fake). This is terrible, just a listing of stores and over complex interface.


This app is phenomenal. Anyone who wants to do anything with dropshipping needs this app.



A native app for drop shipping with Shopify! This app allows Shopify stores to connect to each other and drop ship for each other.

The ability to massively increase product offerings is great. This is a must have app for any business who wants to expand their product catalog.

So glad we found this app.


This app is amazing.

This is like Oberlo but from America and from all over -- not limited to Alibaba products from China.

The support from Aaron is awesome and the selection of products that will drop ship from suppliers is great.

This app allows us to expand our product selection tremendously while not tieing up any more cash flow on inventory.

$150.00 / month

For companies looking to streamline and grow their existing Shopify drop ship sales, Mothership for Suppliers offers a uniquely powerful suite of features to manage and build their drop shipping network

Get a Private Drop Shipping Network with bandwidth for up to 10 Retailers and a total of 300 added products for $150 / month

10 days

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