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Multi-Label Barcodes

Multi-Label Barcodes

Developed by The Resistance Marketing

7 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Print barcode labels with ink-jet, laser, and compatible thermal printers, including Dymo and Zebra. Works with practically any brand of label in the world.
  • Automatically assign barcodes and SKU's to your products, with just a few clicks.
  • Also included: Quickly update your inventory on Shopify by scanning items, and print address labels for orders.

NEW: Print all kinds of data from orders, including shipping address, status, customer contact info, total amount etc.
Also print a barcode of the order number, in the same label.

NEW: Print the product or variant images on labels.

NEW: Automatically assign SKU's to your products on Shopify (and/or barcodes), for printing either barcodes or SKU's as barcodes.

NEW: Print QR codes too! Works great for small labels and square labels, and when you have to encode long SKU's, for example.

NEW: Update inventory by scanning barcodes.

NEW: Improved customization editor for the labels, with free-form text, logo, fonts, colours, plus Liquid tags to show practically any attribute from products, variants and the shop. See the second screenshot for an example of a layout and some of the Liquid tags available. A basic default layout and simpler customization options are also available.


This app lets you print labels with barcodes for your products on practically any brand of labels (Avery, Staples, Dymo etc), using any ink-jet or laser printer. It also works with thermal printers that are compatible with PDF's, including many models of Dymo and Zebra. You can even print shipping address labels for orders quickly and easily.

Fully integrated into Shopify

You can select from the database of products that you have saved on Shopify and simply choose which ones you need to print labels for, no need to import anything.

You can also print barcodes for all the products of an order, with just a few clicks, including a barcode that contains the order number.

Also works with Shopify POS & handheld scanner

If you use Shopify POS, with the retail package, you'll be able to scan the barcodes to quickly locate your products, using the handheld scanner.

The barcodes are also compatible with the vast majority of handheld scanners and other point of sale systems.

Automatic barcode and SKU assignment

With a few clicks, the app can automatically assign barcodes and SKU's to your products, without overriding the ones which already have this data.

Works with practically any brand of label in the world

If you find a specific type of label template or brand in your local office supply store, that you'd like to use, all you have to do is type some of the measurements of the paper in the app, like margins, number of rows, columns etc. You can also import templates other merchants have shared and even share yours.

Generates EAN-13, UPC-A, Code 128 and QR Codes.

The app supports the most common barcode formats that you would normally use in a retail setting and for inventory control in general.

Print shipping address labels and order data

You can print labels with all sorts of order data, including shipping address, order number (including as a barcode), customer contact info etc.

Shopcode printing

The recently launched Shopcodes are an amazing tool to promote your products. For this reason, we've just added a beta feature that allows you to print multiple Shopcodes using common address labels, similar to the way the regular barcode printing works. Just upload the Shopcode image then type a quantity and model of label sheet to use.


The automatically assigned barcodes are not guaranteed to be unique across the world. If you sell through resellers, you'll probably need to obtain unique barcodes from a business standards organization called GS1. Google "GS1" to find the website specific to your country. Either way, you can always use this app to print the labels as usual.


Can I select multiple products at once?

Yes, products can be selected from within the app, or through the Products dashboard, in which case you can filter and select multiple products at once. Other bulk operations, like printing labels for the quantity you have in stock for a given selection, are also supported.

What barcode scanner is compatible?

The barcode formats supported by the app (EAN-13, UPC, Code 128 and QR Code) are very common and so they should work with almost any handheld scanner in the market today, including the models sold by Shopify.

Can I customize my labels?

Yes! The app has a simplified interface that lets you customize the basics: What fields should appear, like title, price, SKU, promotional price etc, the overall size of text and barcode, and a few other adjustments. This default design and options work really well for the majority of cases, making it easy to get started.

There is also an advanced editor, allowing you to customize much more. It supports liquid tags, logo image, free-form text, colours, fonts, product or variant image etc.

Does it work with Dymo and Zebra?

As long as your Dymo or Zebra support PDF's (as most of the current models do), you can print your labels using this app.

Multi-Label Barcodes reviews

7 reviews
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I was so worried I would have to buy a new label printer when I switched to Shopify POS. Thanks to this app from Multi-Label Barcodes I did not. It's FREE - It works with our Zebra LP 2824 Plus and the nice young man helped me get it dialed in on the phone. Totally SoCal Queen approved!


This software is fantastic and the support even better. Within minutes of purchasing I needed support and solutions and help was coming back within minutes which allowed me to fully understand how it works within one hour. Highly recommended...


Fantastic App...it's simplicity is what makes it great. Very easy to use and the support was amazing when we needed a few things tweaked to suit our business needs. Highly recommended!


Really great app for anyone trying to implement barcodes into a store. Im using it with a dymo and it works great. I had an issue since dymos print out vertically so I emailed the app developer. Within the hour I got an email back with the solution to my issue. Impressive. The features of the app are great. It is like three apps in one. it totally offsets the monthly price since getting apps to do what this app does would cost more per month than this. the layout of the app is very user friendly. Thank you for developing such a great app.


The app is very helpful. It helped us to have barcodes in a second of a single click. The customer service is quick and professional. All our requests were taken seriously and implemented in a short period of time. Having barcode system is an international standard. We thank you for your help and strongly recommend this app!


A very useful and well thought out app. Very easy to use and I love how effortlessly it generated barcodes for our products. Which labels you choose to print is also efficient and simple - with the ability to choose the quantity you want to print on incoming orders or existing stock, and the quantity is adjustable in the queue anyway regardless of what you print.
Printing on Avery label style 8167 (80 per sheet) was a challenge, but only because I did not reach out to support sooner. Once I did, I was answered within 10 minutes and Flavio did a fantastic job of helping me get my template set the way it needed to be and I got all of the labels printed.
I would suggest that if having trouble printing the labels (the print on mine would not fit properly into the designated space and "bled" over the edges) reach out to support and they will get it sorted out for you very quickly. Excellent customer service.


This app is without a doubt the best news and thing to happen to our store. Having a store with over 200 lines most of which come in variants (particularly sizes and colour) we needed a way to help our colleagues easily identify which product had been ordered when they enter the warehouse. We therefore needed labels with distinguishing information.

Even though Shopify inventory manager provides a section for SKU, it first of all doesn't do it automatically and therefore has to be input manually. Secondly it doesn't have a readily available means to export the SKU for labeling purposes. The only available apps for label printing (before I found this app) required the Dymo LabelWriter Printer. We wanted a cost effective app we could use with any printer ( particularly ink-jet and laser).

1. This app allows you to print multiple barcode labels using common ink-jet and laser printers. So far I have managed to print 24 barcodes on a single A4 sheet. 

2. The labels can be customized to look bigger or smaller according to your needs. The customization of the label size directly affects the number of labels printed on a single sheet. The app tells you how many labels you can print per page/sheet after customization so there is no need for you to guess. You can print up to 1000 labels at a time (As stated, the number of sheets needed will depend on your label customization).

3. The app gives you full control over which information to display on your labels. You have access to product title, price, variant title, SKU, shop name and shop domain. The position of the information is well thought out and presentable.

4. The app is integrated into Shopify so it has direct access to your products. All product variants are also listed upon selecting a product. You can also type a product type/category/collection and it will list all the products under the collection/category.

5. The app also allows you to assign a standard barcode to all your products in Shopify so you don't have to do it manually. You have 3 barcode types to choose from namely Code 128, EAN-13 and UPC-A. The barcode information are crucial to the generation of the labels. This is an extremely useful feature if you have not already assigned a barcode to your individual products.

1. Despite being able to type it in the search bar, a product filter is much needed in the product selection window for easy navigation of collections. Also a "select all" option should be included as manually selecting products can be a chore if you intend to create label for many or all your products.

2. After selecting a product for label creation, if you go back into the product selection window and select another product, it overwrites your previously selected products. Instead of overwriting your selected products, it would be ideal if any subsequent product selections are added to your previous selection. People can forget stuff and would like to simply add to the previous selection without losing what they already added.

3. The queuing process can be further simplified by including two main options being "Queue All" and "Queue All According to Stock quantity". Selecting what to queue individually isn't the best for stores with many products.

Support is very responsive, efficient and patient. They got back to me in less than 10mins and identified the source of the problem in a matter of minutes.

I highly recommend this app.

$9.99 / month
5 days

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