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Order Tagger by Omega

Order Tagger by Omega

Developed by Omega

Price: $5.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Add tags to your orders
  • Easy to setup
  • No coding require

Are you having problems with filtering or finding orders on Shopify admin?

Order Tagger by Omega will help you add tags to your order by the conditions you set.

Now you can filter your order by any order attribute, you only need to setup condition to add the specific tags on the order attribute you want to filter.

Why you should use Order Tagger?

You can easily finding, filtering orders via the tagger in the app or in the Order panel.

What problem does the app solve?

This is a great tool to help you manage your customer orders visually and conveniently.

How does it solve the problem?

Manage orders based on added tags as required when ordering.

How does your app work with Shopify?

When your customers checkout outside the front-ent, the app will automatically generate the tags according to the rules you configure inside the admin app, through the added tags you can easily filter and search for orders. , which will facilitate the customer or manage the orders easier.

How will this change the look of my store?

You do not need to add code or change the theme.

How do I get started?

After installing the application, you visit the admin app, where we have very specific instructions for you to easily access and use.

Highlights Features

  • Tag by order item: You can assign rules to most attributes of items in the order, for example: Fulfillable Quantity, Fulfillment Service, Price, title, product id, variant,... Tags will be automatically assigned to orders when the rules match you created in this

  • Tag by Order shipping include: Shipping Zip/code, price, source, title. Tags will automatically be added when the order contains Zip / code or shipping rates

  • Tag By Order Addres, You can create rules according to shipping or billing information, for example: Country, city, Address, firstname, lastname, phone,... This will allow you to split out the orders, based on the or landscapes of delivery.

  • Tag By Order Other Attributes. It allows you to create rules to assign tags to customer email, customer note, total price, total weight,... makes it easy to search and categorize your customers for support

Notes: Our app only affects the orders placed after the app installed on your store.

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$5.99 / month
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