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  • Manage inventory across all your sales channels from a unified console
  • Access best-in-industry USPS shipping rates with integrated shipping
  • Award winning user interface and stellar customer support

Multichannel Inventory Management

  • Sync your inventory volume across all channels

  • Link each of your sales and supplier channels for a complete view of your business

  • Set up product kits to automatically bundle SKUs together in an order

  • Issue purchase orders to suppliers within the app

  • Keep the backend of all your shopping carts and storefronts organized

  • Consolidate orders from multiple Shopify stores as well as orders from marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy

    Integrated Shipping

  • Benefit from top tier shipping rate discounts of up to 67% via USPS

  • Ship using our integrations with USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post

  • Easily create shipping labels in batches or individually from within the app

  • View the fulfillability of every order


  • Assign products to specific dropshippers

  • Automatically route orders to suppliers in a click

  • Measure the performance of your dropshippers by their fulfillment efficiency

    Business Analytics

  • Compile and analyze all of your multichannel data in a single place

  • Contrast, compare, and rate the effectiveness of your channels

  • Slice and dice through data on popular products, targeted customers, and more

    Open API

  • Connect any and all channels, custom-made or new on the market, with our open API

  • Customize your workflow with 3PL, supplier or accounting integrations via the API

  • Let us scale with you as your business grows



Be Still Farms - Real Fine Foods

I have been writing, selling, evaluating and using web software for nearly two decades. I can tell instantly when a company has 'it'. That's Ordoro.

These guys rock. The solution is well thought out, intuitive and clean.

I have found a handful additional ideas of gaps or things we will need, and they actually listen.

That points to the last and probably most important thing- phenomenal customer service. Instant response time, courteous people who know what they are talking about.

What more could one ask for... I have affordably solved my cross-channel online store fulfillment/order processing challenge... as far as I can tell for good!! Woohoo!


GE Holiday Lighting Online Store

Ordoro continues to add immensely valuable features to an already awesome sales/warehousing/shipping platform. Using Ordoro continues to save us time and money. Also, top notch customer support.

Ordoro reviews (77)


Great app for shipping! Handles everything easily and saves a ton on shipping costs!


The system works great for orders and the shipping. We use it heavily for our orders and shipping and it has been easy to adjust and work with it.
Customer support is easy to work with and they work with you to get things sorted. Updates and fixes are done quickly and efficiently. Over all a good experience!

Ordoro is very easy to use and their customer service team is always extremely helpful in the event any questions or problems come up. Very happy with the platform and the service!


I am using Ordoro, after trying them last year for a while and than dropping them, have found them now to be a great shipping channel.

I sell on my web site, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and hopefully have some sales this year on Shopify.

Ordoro collects all but my web site, which I enter manually.

Than I can pick between USPS (which runs via Endicia), UPS or Fedex. Whoever is cheapest gets the shipment, great for me, as some shipments are 2-3 pound some 30 pound. (I ship live plants).

Very happy with Ordoro. I save more than the $25 a month fee easy in the spring, summer and fall.



I was having problems formatting our logo on the packing slip in Ordoro. Every time I would upload it, it would take up half the page, regardless of the size of my image. I contacted Orodoro’s support team and Inna solved the problem for me. She was very efficient and helpful and it was very appreciated! Now our packing slip looks great!


We have been using Ordoro for about one year and we LOVE it. It is easy to use, takes care of all our shipping needs, integrates seamlessly with Shopify and the support has been terrific. When you call them, a REAL person answers and that person KNOWS their product and helps!

We've also saved money on shipping - a big plus for an on-line store and been able to offer shipping specials because of it.

The are other shipping apps around and we looked at most of them but we chose Ordoro and are pleased we did. We recommend it!

EMVI Chocolate


Been using Ordoro for over a year. I don't even use all of the features but I do use them for shipping and drop shipping. Awesome customer service and a TON of features! Love the branded packing/picking slips and the drop-shipping abilities make our lives here much easier! Definitely worth the heftier price tag.


Have to say Ordoro has made our lives so much easier. We normally ship 20-30 packages per day, but some sale and special days, we hit 2-300, and not only does the app work with our Shopify Store, it easily integrated with Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and all our other channels. It makes shipping so easy... three/four clicks, and our little label printer just spits out nice easy labels. I have played a little bit with some of the others, but really found Ordoro easiest and smoothest. The support they have provided on the two occasions we have needed it, was first rate, fast, and very friendly. This is truly our one "must have" app... Thanks Ron


I stumbled into ecommerce after a successful Kickstarter. While I had a fairly solid idea of where I was going with the product itself, many of the other things vital to running a business were rather touch and go, especially in the beginning.

Shipping the units out to customers was one of the bigger time sinks early on. We were printing USPS labels individually through the USPS store and we were manually entering our customer's address information. In one of our earliest mishaps trying to automate all of this, I ended up having to stick $10 worth of postage on some flat-rate boxes for a total of about 8 different stamps each.

When we discovered Ordoro, it was a dream come true from a shipping standpoint. Our orders instantly imported directly from Shopify and were ready to ship out with only a few clicks. We've since added an Amazon seller account into the mix and Ordoro continues to save us time in our day to day shipping process.

Try them out for free, you wont be disappointed!


Decent idea. Horrible execution. If I could give it -5 stars I would.

This is "simple UI, happy path" shipping software. Which would be great except it doesn't work. You're paying for software that intentionally doesn't have the bells and whistles that shipstation has, an easy interface. The kind of interface that is easy to turn into a mobile app, or navigate on an iphone. However, the decision to write the software using javascript modals means it is completely broken on mobile. So much for happy path.

The decision to make this a javascript browser side app also means that search is painfully slow after you have more than around 500 orders.

Syncing with your shopify store is problematic at best. Orders that are cancelled in shopify sometimes actually cancel in ordoro, other times they don't. Meaning you have to enter the cancellations twice or risk sending out product that wasn't paid for.

There is no mechanism to bulk edit the insurance amount, anymore. We sell some items at $105. We have to go through and print the labels on each of them individually or pay an extra $3 per shipment. The kicker here is they actually had this feature and it was working, but they decided to remove it. The removal actually created a horrible bug where every order got insured for the last insurance amount you manually entered. This bug was active on the site for about two months. Are they even testing this software?

And, while we're talking about insurance. They have the scummiest feature of defaulting you to their insurance provider, no matter how many times you select "carrier insurance."

No role based access to information -- we're an open company, but there's a limit to which I want my 3rd party fulfillment center to know my full sales data.

In the end we had to go back to buying every label individually.

And finally, once we decided to switch to a more full featured software package (shipstation), they locked our account as we were over the free limit -- never mind that we'd paid for the full month already and had merely opted to not renew. Yet another simple use case they didn't write the software to handle.

Overall, once you're bigger than their free tier you're better off using shipstation. If you try to use it after that point, you're just accruing technical debt that will come back to bite you eventually.

Go with shipstation. Same price, but actually usable.


Ordoro works well as a general platform, and for USPS deliveries we recommend. However if you link your Fedex account be wary that the rates quoted by Ordoro are an ESTIMATE only. What Ordoro tells you that you pay for a Fedex label, and what Fedex actually charge you are two totally different things. From our experience Fedex can charge up to double what is shown when you 'pay' for Fedex shipping via Ordoro. This does not seem to be made clear - our impression was that when paying for a label this was the actual cost you pay - but its not the case. Its only a month later when you get your Fedex bill and compare it back to Ordoro do you realize the shipping cost is much higher than expected. Also we were getting charged a new $3 per order 'pickup' fee by Fedex via Ordoro for every order which was a surprise and not shown on the label generator or communicated in any way. We ship via a 3PL warehouse and never have this charge when using our Fedex account directly, so to suddenly get these extra charges without any for-warning was a shock as the charges add up quickly. In summary the app works ok, but be very wary when using for Fedex (and probably also UPS) shipments as your costs could skyrocket.

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