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  • FREE for 50 orders/month with commercial base rates (up to 15% discounted)
  • Paid plans get access to the best USPS shipping rates in the industry - commercial plus and cubic rate (up to 70% discounted)
  • Award winning user interface and stellar customer support

Most Cost-Effective Shipping App for Shopify

Save up to 67% via our discounted USPS shipping rates

Don't take our word for it. See for yourself with our shipping rate calculator. Reduce your overall shipping costs by up to 67%!

Batch print Fedex, UPS, USPS Shipping Labels

Ordoro batch prints shipping labels and return labels for all your Fedex, UPS and USPS shipments. Simplify your workflow even more using shipping rules.

Connect to multiple store fronts

Consolidate orders from multiple Shopify stores as well as orders from Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

FREE unlimited phone support and set-up consultation

We don’t nickel and dime you with extra fees for phone support. All paying customers get unlimited free phone support and comprehensive training and set-up consultation from our team in Austin, TX. We’ve consistently received high marks for our amazing customer support.

Customers on the free plan get email support.

Seamless upgrade process to Ordoro Pro

When your business scales, no need to worry about integrating with yet another app. Easy upgrade with a single-click to access our advanced inventory management, dropshipping and purchasing features.

Ordoro reviews (69)


Ordoro is an all encompassing backend app. Super intuitive, easy to use, AMAZING support. We have used it exclusively for 8+ months over mulitple channels and across many users. Its complex enough for all of your ops needs but easy enough even the marketing dept can do it (we tested).

Some of the features we can't live without:
Automatic dropship processing: Set it and forget it! For real. Takes minutes to set up dropshipping notices to your suppliers. Ordoro automatically emails your order and BRANDED packing slips.

PO System: Huge improvements in the last update. Easy to order and receive as well as call out immediate issues. Multi-department info all on the same place.

The Ordoro team is awesome too. They have scaled with us and allowed us to handle some major business increases with ease. Less than 24 hr response times, tons of communication when there are software issues, and always looking for feedback and suggestions.

Highly recommend.


Ordoro works well as a general platform, and for USPS deliveries we recommend. However if you link your Fedex account be wary that the rates quoted by Ordoro are an ESTIMATE only. What Ordoro tells you that you pay for a Fedex label, and what Fedex actually charge you are two totally different things. From our experience Fedex can charge up to double what is shown when you 'pay' for Fedex shipping via Ordoro. This does not seem to be made clear - our impression was that when paying for a label this was the actual cost you pay - but its not the case. Its only a month later when you get your Fedex bill and compare it back to Ordoro do you realize the shipping cost is much higher than expected. Also we were getting charged a new $3 per order 'pickup' fee by Fedex via Ordoro for every order which was a surprise and not shown on the label generator or communicated in any way. We ship via a 3PL warehouse and never have this charge when using our Fedex account directly, so to suddenly get these extra charges without any for-warning was a shock as the charges add up quickly. In summary the app works ok, but be very wary when using for Fedex (and probably also UPS) shipments as your costs could skyrocket.


Awesome app to link in other shopping marketplaces.


Out of the shipping an inventory management Ordoro is by far the best! Great simple clean interface and low prices!


The software and user-friendly interface is perfect for my business! all my orders get sent to Ordoro quickly and the shipping is way too easy! What I love most about Ordoro is their customer service. If I call, someone picks up immediately, If I send an email, someone responds within minutes! The pricing plan is extremely reasonable compared to others out there. Well played, Ordoro. Well played.


This is the perfect shipping app!! I had tried another app first and when it came time to print a label for an international order, it was ridiculous...next to impossible to figure out! I installed the Ordoro app and it has been an absolute breeze working with international and US orders! User friendly and completely efficient! This really streamlines processing orders and getting them shipped. I couldn't be happier! I'm would 100% recommend this app to anyone! Great job! :)


Ordoro is a great app made and maintained by great people from Austin, TX! It is very well designed, very user-friendly and comes for free. I personally think that such product cannot be free - it's just too good to be true... I have been using it for several months and the only time I had a problem was because of my own lack of attention: I did not enter "USA" in the field for a country, and therefore the app could not retrieve postage for me. After a quick call, literally within minutes, I received an email, telling me what to do. So i added the country and everything was perfect. Another great feature of ORDORO is its ability to handle manual orders. Since it syncs with your Shopify store, you can use all your inventory and create orders manually, something that the Shopify Admin doesn't let you do. Kudos to the ORDORO team!


Ordoro is a very good and excellent tool.is the best tool for online shipping characteristics and features. It is an excellent work


The app was suggested to me, and i think it's worth trying. I anticipate awesome functionality and support!


I love this shipping app. Very easy to use. Has all the features that my shop needs. I have been using Ordoro for about 4 months. I tried 3 other shipping apps .....many were just too much for my needs. I wanted something simple and easy to process orders. Ordoro lets you process orders in bulk if you want, but then you can still focus on shipping one label at a time....Love that! Thanks, Ordoro, for keeping things user friendly!!!


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