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Plug in Speed

Plug in Speed

Developed by Plug in SEO

Price: $39.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Automatic image optimization
  • One click code optimization
  • Measure and monitor key speed metrics

Use Plug in Speed to improve the loading time of your shop and help to increase your conversions

Studies have shown that for each extra second that it takes for a page to load conversion rates fall by 12%

Conversely, a load time improvement from 4 to 2 seconds results in an average revenue increase of 3.2%

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Here's how we can help you:

Reduce Image Size but Maintain Quality

Using either our lossy or lossless compression technology you can reduce your image size with either minimal or no quality loss.

Retain 30 Day Image Backups

You can easily compare your optimized images with the originals inside the app.

If you are not happy with how an image has been compressed you can restore it to the original within 30 days.

Optimize your Code and Improve Your Theme’s Loading Time

Code optimizations allow a customer’s browser to read and process your shop’s code more efficiently.

Available Code Optimizations:

  • HTML Minification

  • CSS Minification

  • JS Minification

  • JS Inlining

The minification process removes unnecessary items, such as whitespace and developer comments, from your code as it is being read by the browser. The items that are removed do not affect how your pages appear and function.*

Inlining works by taking files that are normally loaded from separate URLs and inserts the file content directly into your HTML. This reduces the total number of download requests made by the browser.*

*These code optimizations are non-destructive, so it won’t change your existing code. If you need to edit any of your code it will look the same as it always has. Additionally, if you choose to turn off the optimizations your code will return to being processed as it originally was.

Track Improvements

Your personalised Plug in Speed dashboard will help you track all the optimizations that have been made and how they have improved the speed of your shop.

Speed Optimization Metrics:

  • PageSpeed Score

  • Average Load Time

  • Average Image Size

  • Size Reduction for each Image

Minimal Maintenance Required

After the initial setup, all images will be optimized automatically.

Changes to your code can be easily manually optimized inside your settings with one click.

Get Started

  • Sign up for Plug in Speed

  • Choose your settings

  • Wait for your optimizations to be implemented

  • View the improvements made to your shop

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I am no expert on Code and Image Optimization, but after I've installed this App, the average load time decreased from the original 8 sec. to 1 sec. Also, the average image size became 0.03 MB (I don't remember the original size, but I sure know it was higher than 0.03 MB). My page speed score became 65/100 for Desktop and 78/100 for Mobile . The recommendations from PlugInSpeed team was to contact them via e-mail in order to improve these scores to at least 85/100 > which I'm already in contact with them. In all, I do recommend this App. It did not ruin my theme, I have no problems with other Apps still running, so, I believe I made a smart choice installing it.

$39.00 / month
7 days

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