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Pricing Table App by Elfsight

Pricing Table App by Elfsight

Developed by Elfsight

6 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • #1 tool to add a pricing table to Shopify website
  • Boost your pricing's conversion rate by up to 200%
  • Make your customers’ decision much easier

Pricing tables play a crucial role in helping your Shopify website’s visitors quickly visualize and compare different features your pricing plans offer. People, who shop online are pickier than real-life buyers and they tend to do more research before making a purchase. That’s why, you need to use every possible advantage to make your profits grow.

A smartly made Pricing Table apps is an extra incentive to make buyers act, so choosing the right one can raise your conversion rates. Considering this the Elfsight Team is happy to present to Shopify users a simple, customizable, graphic and stylish Pricing Table app.

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We put our best into Shopify Pricing Table App

  • 1000+ hours of development

  • 10-year experience in web applications development

  • 7 selling tricks

This Pricing Table App is for you

  • If you want to grow the number of visitors buying your services

  • If you want to make it easier for your customers to choose between the offers

  • If you don’t want to spend much time updating your pricing content

What you get with our app

A perfect columns layout for each use-case

Choose columns layout to display pricing plans as separate columns, grid layout to present columns as a single block or table layout if you need to have a table head. Set any number of columns you need and highlight the one with the best deal for better visibility. Your pricing table will look perfect on any device!

Ready-to use modern design

Play out with column borders and set round or sharp corners, whatever suits your website design best! With predefined skins, redesign your pricing table in one click – by changing the skin you choose the elements you can color. If skin option is not enough, you can color each column element with its own color.

Fully customizable offer columns

You can reorder the column elements the way you need, set their font size and weight and choose button type, design, color and style. The features may be presented in one of the predefined looks (clean, divided or striped) and aligned to the left or in the center.

Smart pricing content that sells

Each column has its title and caption, provides space for describing features, and displays the price and price caption. The button is here to redirect the user to the payment page. You can use the button caption to add any details of the deal. Accompany your columns with attractive pictures and put a ribbon on the featured column.

Add many more:

  • Mobile optimized layout

  • 5 predefined skins, featuring different color schemes

  • 6 predefined column elements that can be arranged and customized to get the perfect look

  • The option of making any column featured

  • Each column’s color elements can be individually customized

  • 2 predefined types of border radius and 4 predefined types of border width

  • Customizable font size and weight

  • Totally customizable Features list, complete with feature icons, hints and unlimited number of features

  • 3 predefined feature styles

  • 2 predefined feature align types

  • Linking the Button to the required page

  • Customizable Button border radius and width

  • Display any picture simply by pasting its link to Picture field

See how our clients make the best of the Pricing app

Why Elfsight Pricing Table is a Must-Have App?

  • It will increase the number of visitors buying your services by boosting conversion of your pricing

  • It will make it easier for your customers to choose between the offers due to demonstrative interface

  • It will save the time you spend on updating your pricing content due to handy live editor

☛ Click 'GET' now to install the app and enjoy a 7-day free trial.


Can I try this app and delete it without payment?

Yes! You can install our app and use it for free during 7-day trial period. If you delete it within this time you won’t be charged anything. Also you can try all the features without installing the app with live demo on our website.

Can I use the app several times on one website?

Yes! You can create an unlimited number of widgets of the app and place them on as many pages of your website as you want.

Is this app responsive? Does it work smoothly on mobile devices?

Of course! This app is fully responsive and works perfectly on any mobile device and with any screen resolution.

Can I get help in installing the app?

Of course! This app is absolutely responsive and it works perfectly on any mobile device and with any screen resolution.

Can I get help with installation of the app?

For sure! We offer free installation service. Please contact us at shopify@elfsight.com if you need any help with installation or settings of the app.

So why is our app better than any other?

  • The easiest and fastest installation you have ever tried! No coding needed!

  • Based on best practices and will give you better conversion.

  • The clean design that will perfectly blend in with any website style.

9 Smart Tricks to Level Up Your Pricing

✓ Think of the right name for each pricing plan. The titles may reflect a tendency from a light to more benefits-loaded plan.

✓ Write a title caption. This is a short text below the title, for instance, specifying the offer’s target audience.

✓ Pay much attention to the features description. Here you shall list the benefits included into the offer in the most detailed way. Clearly show the difference between the plans by the growing number of features for more expensive plan. Add hints to provide additional information and accompany your text with related icons.

✓ To introduce the price smartly display it together with additional elements: prefix (“from”, “up to” etc.), currency, price postfix (“per month”, “per year”).

✓ Show the offer value using price caption. This short text below the price may indicate discounts, special offers or special conditions that you provide.

✓ Make the button motivating for your clients. Think of the button label (the text displayed on the button) and the link to redirect the user (this may be your sign up or payment page, etc.).

✓ Button caption is a good way to raise your customers’ trust. This short text below the button may reflect for example money back guarantee, trial period, etc.

✓ The best way to attract you visitors’ attention is to accompany your pricing table with dazzling pictures. Try to choose a picture for each plan that will all stick to common concept and reflect the difference between the plans.

✓ If you need to focus attention of your clients on a particular offer, you may not only make the correspondent column featuring, but also add a ribbon to it. Put it on the column with the deal you would like to promote and choose a label for it, for example, “popular”, “recommended”, “best value”, -20%” or other suitable for you.

Still have questions or need help?

Simply contact our Support team at shopify@elfsight.com and you will get professional help quickly. Expect a response from 10am to 7pm CET Monday-Friday. We are always open to our customers and willing to get better!

Our team is one to rely on in sphere of web app development! We have 10-year experience and we are a tight and trusted team of full-time developers sharing the same values and putting our heart to what we do. We highly prioritize bringing the feeling of satisfaction with our products to our customers!

☛ Click 'GET' now to install the app and enjoy a 7-day free trial.


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Pricing Table App by Elfsight reviews

6 reviews
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Does exactly what it should and v easy to set up!


Very easy to install and get table onto page. All the options most people will need without tons of extra settings that get in the way. I thought everything was streamlined and well-thought out. The developer clearly put a lot of time and effort into making this perfect. Very happy I found it!


The Pricing Table does exactly what I need it to do. Beautifully displays my pricing options on all screen sizes. The ability to customize all the colors, wording, and add tooltips really sets this app apart from the others on Shopify. The only improvement I'd like to see is on the rendering speed, otherwise, this app is perfect.


Great design and functionality, does exactly what I was looking for


It looks really good and the interface is slick. However, seems very buggy still - the widgets designed do not render as shown in the interface, also slow to render. Have contacted support and are waiting for a fix...


I love the look of this app, really want to use it but after setting up everything, half of the currencies are missing... No GDP pound sign. Tried to get in contact to let them know but nothing back - Elfsight this looks like a great product I would just like to use it!

$4.99 / month

Our services include free app setup. Install our app and contact us to get help!
We provide a free 7 day trial. If the app doesn't suit you, you can just remove it from your website, no charges!

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