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Print Partners

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11 reviews
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  • Zero Cost to Get Started - We print designs as you sell them, meaning you'll never have inventory costs.
  • Totally Automated - Our system will help you create the products, print them and ship them. All you do is add designs and collect payment.
  • Easy to Set Up - Our video guide "7 Minutes to Selling" will help you get your products online in no time.

Leverage our state of the art print system and launch your business today!

Print Partners is a complete solution for Direct to Garment printing & fulfillment. We handle the production and distribution, leaving you to focus on on your brand.

We also print each garment individually as they sell, meaning you never have inventory costs, and the product still leaves our facilities in about 48 hours.

Finally, Print Partners offers a guided series called "7 Minutes to Selling" which walks you through all the steps of setting up your online business.

The Print Partners Process:

As soon as your store is connected with our Application, you can begin adding products and selling. All we need is some simple personal and billing information before we can ship:

  1. You create a product with the Print Partners Product Generator.

  2. A customer buys the product on your store.

  3. The order is automatically sent to our fulfillment center, and is printed and shipped. [Normally within 48 hours.]

  4. Payment is sent from the customer directly to you. We then charge your card on file (we suggest the same account) the cost of product + shipping, leaving you with the profit!

  5. Add more designs & reach more customers!

Need more help getting started? Get in touch with our support team at support@printpartners.com.

We handle it all!

  • Printing: Our dropship process automatically collects orders and runs them through our state of the art Direct-to-Garment printing process.

  • Shipping: All orders normally make it through our facilities and into the DHL shipping network in about 48 hours. From there, most customers in the continental United States will receive their package in about 2-5 days.

  • Support: Our in house support staff can help you through everything from getting set up to problems with prints. They are also a great source for new techniques, tips and tricks which you can find in our help center.

  • Brandless Packaging: Your brand should be the focus when it comes to product unboxing. Our packaging can include your store or business name and never references the Print Partners name.

  • Product Design Generator: Our design generator makes it easy to create clothing of all types, styles, colors and sizes. Simply click and drag an image to place it and then choose the sizes, colors, and pricing. Your products will then automatically be synced to your store

  • Guides & Tutorials: Our guide "7 Minutes to Selling", makes it easy to launch your business, even if you don't have any experience with Shopify or branding.

Our Product Categories

Print Partners is always adding more products! Here's what we are currently offering, but be sure to check back regularly for updates:

  • T-shirts

  • Sweatshirts

  • Hoodies

  • Canvas Tote Bags

  • Baseball Tees

  • Baby Onesies

  • V-Necks

  • Long Sleeve Tees

  • Women's Clothing

  • Active Wear

Charge Whatever You Want!

We offer the most competitive pricing we can on blanks and printing! From there we invite each seller to set their price and profit margin as appropriate for their own brand. However, as a general rule of thumb, many of our sellers markup the clothing between 30-50%.

Also, because our system only prints when you make a sale, you can make as many designs as you want and experiment with different pricing structures to find what maximizes your profits and market potential.

You can see our product page for more information.

Printed in Southern California

Our Print on Demand location located in Southern California handles all fulfillment - meaning we can get your products out quickly, with great quality and consistency. We also use US based technicians, developers, and labor.

Standard DHL Shipping

We ship with DHL standard ground shipping, meaning your products can get to your customers quickly and safely within a matter of days!

Want to learn more?

Visit our website at PrintPartners.com, or get in touch with our support staff and launch your business today!

About Print Partners

Print Partners started as a medium sized screen printing operation for producing merchandise for touring bands. From there, the family business grew to encompass Direct-To-Garment technologies as well. Today, Print Partners is one of the largest producers of custom apparel on the West Coast and offers Print technology services to brands of all sizes, allowing them to leverage our world class process to grow their business.

We look forward to working with you and hope to speak with you soon!

-The Print Partners Team

Print Partners reviews

11 reviews
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The men's sizing is for kids. There is no way that I, a small female, could fit into the men's 3XL. Screw it.


Terrible quality, there were streaks with the print. But more importantly the overall images look worse than a group high school kids making t-shirts out of their garage. I am not one to write reviews but had to after being screwed out of $400 worth of samples. DO NOT USE


I have worked with at least 8 different print on demand companies and I've only kept using 3. Print Partners is one of them.
I have been working with PP for at least 7 months. My customers love the tees and sweaters they print for me, I've even sold them at different events in person and my customers always come back.
If there is any issues with an order, like for example, the quality in some occasions is not up to standards (this happens with any other print on demand company), when I send them a picture of the print they fix it and send a new one.
Customer service is great! Ciara and Andrew are a 10/10.

I have been using print on demand companies since I started my business 3 years ago and this guys deliver, they are fast and they are reasonable, something not that easy to find, BELIEVE ME.

Will continue to use and recommend Print Partners.


Although the customer service is really good and they actually have someone you can talk to, I was ver disappointed with their quality of products unlike other previous reviewers. I ordered a bunch of samples and there were so many things wrong.

1. There was a streak on my print so if that had gone to a customer, I would've gotten a complaint.
2. The print quality is not good. I do have to say their quality in shirts and sweatshirts are good...just not the ink.
3. I know they are working on it, but until it is fixed, I don't think I can use their app. Depending on the color of sweatshirt you choose, the screen print box doesn't match up...so if customers wanted to look at different colors, the image/graphic on the t-shirt or sweatshirt would be higher or lower (depending on the color)
4. Again this is something they're working on but the actual size of the image does not correlate with what you will actually get on the physical product for kid's clothing. The images on the kid's sweatshirt were all too small or too high.

They ended up re-printing everything I had ordered but it wasn't really any better so I will be going back to the original app I was using. I do plan to re-visit once some of the issues are fixed.


Absolutely Horrible!!! They single handedly have made me consider closing down one of my shops on another platform due to their horrible quality of products and printing. They claim they use Kornit which is supposed to be the best printer on the market yet they consistently will mess up your orders. They recently caused me multiple bad reviews and screwed up 3 personal shirts I ordered from them as well. T-shirt prints are blurry, they often streak the colors of the print itself, and there is a white border around the image that you want to get printed. The white border issue is something not even the worst printers on the market do anymore. These guys don't know how to use their own machines nor do they do any kind of quality check before your item ships out. I've also had them print out shirts that were completely the wrong color as well. If you order a black shirt, who knows maybe they'll send you out a grey shirt.

The KICKER HERE is the fact that when you go to complain about your issues they try and turn it on you like it's your fault. Andrew told me my art wasnt correct and they cant print semi transparency with the printers they have. Thats funny every other printer i've ever dealt with has ever had a problem. I decided to then use them for only basic designs since their shipping time was so fast. Guess what they started messing up my one color design images as well. I had a basic silhouette image i did in blue for the superbowl. What did I get? A mixture of purple with some signs of blue in the image.


I used them way longer than I should have and probably should have dumped them after the second bad tshirt. There are plenty of great printers on shopify but this isnt one of them. Feel free to contact me if you want to know who the good printers are or if you want to see their subpar work for yourself.


The set-up was very easy.

We placed a sample order of 8 shirts, it took 7 days longer then indicated to receive the shirts. There was no communication on when the items actually went to production. The quality was mediocre at best. We did a white logo on a colored shirt; on all of the garments, the color of the shirt showed though the white logo on the left side only. The garments could not be sold in their condition.


I love it. First time tried it and i have no regrets. the quality is perfect, price is right. Please keep it up


We have downloaded several print on demand apps and deleted all but 2 before launching products. This is one of the 2 we kept. The design is easy and we find the cost better than others. Found a couple of minor fixes we would like, but not deal breakers by any means, and we have been assured most of them are being addressed. Shipping has never been an issue, which was a sore point with our other POD vendor. We got an order this afternoon and we already have shipping info for it, so that is a win by us!

These guys stand out in a big way with Customer Service. Andrew took the time to walk through how they work before we placed our test order. They shipped our test order out very quickly and the quality was as expected. We had a couple of minor issues that were fixed without any delay. Literally every time we have needed assistance Andrew and the team have been fast to respond and find a solution.

Any POD app, or app in general will have some hiccups no matter who they are. How the people behind the app handle those issues is very important. Print Partners excelled at this, and the fact that the issue we had was minor was good too.

As a disclaimer, I rarely write reviews, only doing so if the service/product is awful and should be avoided at all costs, or excellent and I really want to spread the word. These guys are excellent.


I've been trying a few different T-shirt providers. Print partners is a good product, but it's one on the more higher priced vendors out there, so your profit margins will be much less on the competitive market. The shirts themselves are basically doubled from wholesale costs, so in the end, your basically a sales rep for their company.
Another concern is the shipping time. On test-purchases it took them almost 10 days to get the product to us, which is much longer than most other providers out there. So they really need to work on their pricing, shipping charges (too high), and the time it takes to get the product to the purchaser.
We won't be using them until the fix those issues


I was turned onto Print Partners through a mutual friend who runs a merchandise company. His business runs on trust and quality, and so I knew he wouldn't steer me wrong. I can honestly say--he didn't! So thankful to have found Print Partners. Turnaround is fantastic, customer support is unparalleled, and they're constantly adding new products!


Please see our product page.

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