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Product Auction

Product Auction

Developed by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

19 reviews
Price: $30.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Admin can add auction on the products.
  • Admin can keep track of all the bids on the products.
  • Automatic mails sent to the winner & looser of the bid.

Shopify Product Auction : With this the admin can enable the bidding feature on products he want to go for auction, and can monitor all the bids happening on the store from the app itself and much more. With this magical app called Auction, which will enable the feature of bidding and auction of products on your ecommerce website. So dont wait, install the app & start Bidding.


  • Admin can create and manage auction for any product .

  • Automatic mails sent to the winner & looser of the bid

  • Admin can view all the bids in the notification section .

  • User friendly app with separate sections for autions,products and notification

  • Admin can edit the labels for front end

  • Customer can view bidding history

  • Admin can Enable/Disable Add To Cart Button If Bid Amount Exceeds The Actual Price

Configuration of Shopify Auction is very simple and divided into 05 sections :

General Configuration
Auction Configuration
Mail Configuration
Label Configuration
Design Configuration

General Configuration: Enter you email and upload your shop logo in this section .

Auction Configuration: Configure the auction / bidding configurations like enable/disable start auction automatically

Design Configuration: Change or reset the look of front end and designing by changing the color of background , themes , button text , label and much more .

Label Configuration: Edit the labels of buttons on front and rename them as per your requirement such as changing the label of time end , bid end date , place my bid and much more.

Mail Configuration: Configure the after win mail content such as mail subject and content . The winning email status can also be enabled/disabled.

For the products on which store owner wants to enable auction, the store owner will have to visit that product from shopify backend’s product section and have to enable auction by clicking on the three dots on the top right .
Once the auction is selected , that product will start getting reflected in the product section of the shopify auction app and the auction can be configured from there .

Shopify Product Auction Demo Link Details :

Frontend : https://auction-10.myshopify.com/products/relaxing-sofa_lounge_home_living

Backend : https://auction-10.myshopify.com/admin

Username : johndoe@webkul.com
Password : demowebkul

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Webkul is known for its proactive support, if you have any doubt/query , please raise a ticket at http://webkul.uvdesk.com/ or write to us at sales@webkul.com

Its been months that people are using our app and are satisfied with the features and the kind of prompt support that we provide for our app. We are still in the process of creating new and more advanced features for our app that will help our buyers to gain more and more profit. The apps are now trusted by 1000+ users which have almost around 8000+ vendors with over 20000+ products and have successfully delivered 30,000+ orders. We are still counting on numbers...

Product Auction reviews

19 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (0 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Update: Stayed with them clearly and added a star. The support channel for responses have been a little more speedy, however the proxy bidding doesnt look like its going to be fixed unless it comes by enough of requests or the feature. The issue I am having is getting mismatched RSS feed items, which I feel they will fix. Figured I would do an update and remove my last update as I was extremely angry with their support channel which seems to have been adjusted. I just seriously wish they would fix the issue with the amount people bid if they mistype it.

Almost Final Update: I am so close to just cancelling, we have had more problems then you can shake a stick at. Seriously on a wednesday its down??? Why would you create a script and not perform any maintennance on it and then we people have won an auction they cant check out. Even if you go to the app online, same thing. Just horrible all around

Update: This is getting horrible. Now we are down again, in a 3 day window! 3 day its broken again! I really wish there was another option. I cant help but keep these guys at 2 star till they fixed this PERM. I lose customers cause of this bs

Had a hiccup with the auction page, they had to recreate it but I lost 3 customers for them complaining it was down too long and unprofessional....

Update: So I had to uninstall to get this working again as they had an issue with their systems which caused no one to be able to check oiut. It is fixed but now im getting a syntax error. I had to pay for the RSS feed that is supposed to be done monday but now i have other issues

Update: Okay they fixed the link in the email it sends. Couple issue, sorry to keep ranting on but I want to show people whats going on behind scenes. They added the option to add this to a PAGE, AMAZING! Only issue is I have no idea where its pulling it from. I WOULD love an RSS or Atom feed so I can pull this up and when I put up a new auction I could do a multitude of things to make it more user friendly. Alert when a new item is added and so forth. Not a HUGE deal. Last thing is when you create an auction for an item it goes in its OWN section of an item (shopify auction) which I had to hide from menus because it just was messing up my spaces. It would be nice if it SOLD it as the item, so when they were reminded to do a review on an item it wasnt on an item that "didnt exsist (ie: shopify auction 8)". Thats not the biggest deal but its a pretty significant thing.

Biggest downfall: I use an app for iOS and android, even linking to this page with the div in it, it wont show thru the app. Again, this would be helpful if there was a way to have an RSS.

Another Update: Been emailing them for 3 days now with 0 response. I cant run anymore auctions because in the email they are using a link like this "https://{$shop_name}/a/bids/1/2/{$customer}" this cannot be used for a multitude of reasons I wont get into. They arent fixing it and its been broke for several days now. I am at the point of just throwing in the towel

Update: Found a work around, I made a collection and put that on my main page and have it show PRODUCT title NOT shopify auction and then it removes the glitch. I guess whatever. Still need a way to delete old auctions, AND offer 2nd chance for someone that doesnt end up buying it. Also next issue is the page that shows the auctions. What it does is create a "fake" product which if you know what your doing you can access this item and all the auctions are variants for that item

Update: Ok so here we are ONE last time. This is still so broken, when an auction is over and I set it 2 days it DOESNT delete. They dont respond to emails, they have horrible support, just let down.

Update: This could SO use a DIV that you could put on a page that would show the AUCTIONS. Or maybe even a collection that shows them. I guess I could manually do it. Well today I found a problem with the auctions, on the product grid item if on the main page it removes the 5th item in the row or the 4th or whatever is immediately after the item that is auctioned

Couple things; I have been using this for about 3 hours or so. I can tell you that its kind of silly to NOT be able to put a code up to have a page that lists all the auctions that are up. Also the way it looks when you put it on the product page is not the best; I will be re writing a lot of the CSS to make it look more fluid in design. It def has the possibilies of being really good and DEF a cool thought


So far it won't work at all. All I seem to get from support is that it works on their end. I've tested it, had other people try it nobody can get the auction to take the bid. I have to wait a full 24 hours for support to respond and when they do nobody has really looked into the issue. Only giving 2 stars because I did get a response.


Awesome Customer service and easy to work with. Help me customize the app that fits my website www.octotreasures.com thank you


I'm not sure what those comment are talking about with bad customer service. I have had this app for less than a week and have traded emails a number of times and always gotten a quick response (with the exception of over the weekend, but that seems reasonable). They even went in and installed some code for me that I couldn't figure out. The app is complicated but that's because you're making the website do something it isn't naturally designed to do. I am running an all day auction and this thing is working perfectly. Take some time to understand how its system work and it'll do what you need.


Bought this 3 days ago. Doesn't work, the company state 24hr support but i've had nothing other than 1 automated email reply. Multiple expensive calls to their Indian and American support numbers just result in a phone ringing endlessly after a long automated process.

Very frustrated and angry. Wasted a huge amount of time on this


Needed help setting up and integrating into my site. Customer service was quick at responding and the app works great!


Does not work, requires expert knowledge to get to work slightly but still does not work.


Difficulties plugging into the online store. The count-down clock jumped around and shut down 5 minutes early at the end of the auction preventing smart, competitive bidders from getting their final bids in- this happened 2 times in a row.


I have just installed this app and I am sure it is going to generate a lot of business for us.
We had a few minor problems with the setup as we are not too "tech-savvy".
A short message to their support staff, in particular Nitika, and they reviewed my site and set it up perfectly in no time.


This is a really useful app, its perfect! and so is the customer service.

$30.00 / month
7 days

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