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Delirious Profit

Delirious Profit

Developed by Delirious Apps

Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Adds the ability to added cost of goods sold to all your variants.
  • Calculate your profit and margins to help you make better decisions.
  • Easy to set up and use.

Add cost prices (COGS) to Shopify.

The easy way to calculate profit and margins on Shopify.

Delirious Profit takes the hassle out of calculating profits and margins for Shopify stores, especially at End of Financial Year. You can focus on value-adding activities that fuel the development of your business, rather than staring at a speadsheet. Simply add the cost price (COGS) to your variants and Delirious Profit will automatically tell you the margin you made on that product – and provide a bird’s eye view of profits over time.

So for example, if you run an online clothing business, the cost of goods sold (or COGS) is usually the wholesale price you paid for an item, plus any shipping and storage costs.
Delirious Profit is easy to set up, intuitive to use and gives you the data you need to transform the way you do business. Generate reports in just a few clicks to compare profits by vendor, or see which months of the year are most profitable so you can tailor marketing strategies to match.

Plus so much more. When you sign up for your free 7-day trial, you’ll get full access and support to help you unlock the potential of Delirious Profit. With better insight into business performance, you can make more informed decisions to provide a more competitive service to customers and, ultimately, increase profits.

Transform the way you do business online with profit and margin reports at your fingertips.

Outstanding Reports

A quick an easy dashboard lets you see your stores performance as a glance. Compare what day of the week and at what hours your store is most profitable.

Plus our ever increasing range of reports lets you see:

  • Profits over time

  • Top products

  • Cost of inventory in stock

  • Profit by products

  • Profit by vendor

  • Profit by product type

  • Profit by sales channel

  • Discount performace

Brought to you by Delirious Apps

Delirious Profit reviews (12)


I really love this app....it fills the void in Shopify needing instant visibility to COGS. I like to export files to create new spreadsheets to further dig into my costs and GM. Saves me so much work thank you!


This is a well-designed app. It addresses 2 of the critical aspects of running a business -- costs and profits. Ryan has been exceptionally responsive with questions, assistance and incorporating changes to continue to improve not only our experience with the app as a whole. I've evaluated many of the reporting apps available in the Shopify app store, both free and paid, and Delirious Profit is the only one that remains in our apps section because it meets the needs in a professional manner without being overly complicated or burdensome. Clear. Concise. Informative. Focused on the things that are important. Thanks!


Seriously I love this App! Ryan is super helpful. We were using excel to painfully work out our profits. This app makes it so easy. Plus having access to the cost of all our inventory in stock is a bonus. Has saved us so much time


WORSE APP EVER, It changed all our prices for the cost of the item it was a nightmare we had to cancel 30 orders because it was charging our customers cogs this app shouldn't be allowed to change our touch any inventory that is on the website fine to change and update in the future but shouldn't be allowed to do past ones, it was the biggest mistake ever we had to shut down lost tons of money and had to change every price one by one just AWFUL!


Fantastic app that does what it advertises without any issues. Additionally, the support provided by Ryan is out of this world if you need help with anything at all.

Strongly recommended!


Brilliant app. Very simple to use. And the developer is super helpful. I asked a question to figure out if I could see item sales per vendor to help me figure out what items to restock or not and within just a few days they had added a new report with this feature. Best support ever. Thanks


We would have to give Ryan a 5 Star - he has delivered what we were looking for and any time we have a question, and email him he is back to us very quickly, even from "down under". He explains the things we don't get and when we have a question helps us find a work around solution or makes one. Have only been using a short time but it has made such a difference and as we get caught up with our products and moving forward as we enter new ones - I am trusting it will be the same. Also very reasonably priced !! Don't increase it though because we said that. It was also one of the reasons we chose it. We are a small business and cannot afford many of the high priced apps . I would recommend Delirious Profit to anyone looking for an easy fix for Shopify not having COGS.


Fantastic app. We use it at www.cadencecollection.co.uk.
Immensely impressed, it is very simple to use and has informed our business decisions greatly. Tried a few different solutions for tracking COGS and profit, and this is by far the best.

Very impressed with the support, I sent them a request on a feature, they got back to me very quickly and investigated. They ended up building a new feature into the app to solve the problem, and kept me notified on the steps along the way. Very impressed!


This is a GREAT app! We run smartsign2go.com and it has provided awesome visibility into our site's performance. Love the COGS feature although I wish it could be managed from the product page rather than inside the app, but it's no huge deal. The reports are excellent! Great job, guys!


App has potential but it's lacking. Right now I don't think the app works on your time zone so I can't get accurate readings. It doesn't allow me to add shipping as profit and subtract COGS from the overall revenue. Thier support is bad so I just deleted the app and will use a competitor.

$5.00 / month
7 days


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