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Delirious Profit

Delirious Profit

Developed by Ryan OConnell

31 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Adds the ability to added cost of goods (COGS) sold to all your variants.
  • Calculate your profit and margins to help you make better decisions.
  • Easy to set up and use.

Add cost prices (COGS) to Shopify.

The easy way to calculate profit and margins on Shopify.

Delirious Profit takes the hassle out of calculating profits and margins for Shopify stores, especially at End of Financial Year. You can focus on value-adding activities that fuel the development of your business, rather than staring at a speadsheet. Simply add the cost price (COGS) to your variants and Delirious Profit will automatically tell you the margin you made on that product – and provide a bird’s eye view of profits over time.

So for example, if you run an online clothing business, the cost of goods sold (or COGS) is usually the wholesale price you paid for an item, plus any shipping and storage costs.
Delirious Profit is easy to set up, intuitive to use and gives you the data you need to transform the way you do business. Generate reports in just a few clicks to compare profits by vendor, or see which months of the year are most profitable so you can tailor marketing strategies to match.

Plus so much more. When you sign up for your free 7-day trial, you’ll get full access and support to help you unlock the potential of Delirious Profit. With better insight into business performance, you can make more informed decisions to provide a more competitive service to customers and, ultimately, increase profits.

Transform the way you do business online with profit and margin reports at your fingertips.

Outstanding Reports

A quick an easy dashboard lets you see your stores performance as a glance. Compare what day of the week and at what hours your store is most profitable.

Plus our ever increasing range of reports lets you see:

  • Profits over time

  • Top products

  • Cost of inventory in stock

  • Profit by products

  • Profit by vendor

  • Profit by product type

  • Profit by sales channel

  • Profit by location

  • Profit by tags

  • Discount performance

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Delirious Profit reviews

31 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


This app is fucking brilliant, I've been waiting 5 years for this, thank you so much for a high quality product that does exactly what Shopify itself should do. A suggestion, even more amazing would be if it could pull advertising cost data from Adwords, Bing, Yahoo Gemini and Facebook. Also would be great to be able to factor in various % based fees like merchant processing fees. Thanks again.


We recently installed the app on our Shopify store and are very happy with it. It finally gives us an instant window into our overall profitability and what products & customers we should place even more focus on.


I tried the other cogs first and this one in my opinion is the best. There was one feature that I wished it had and I emailed them and it was added in a couple days! It's a shame that COGS isn't built into Shopify but thankfully this app makes up for it! Install it!


This app is seamless to install and so easy to edit and add costs as new products come in!
Tiny TreeHugger


App is working like a champ. Very simple interface and very powerful reporting. Support is first rate with very fast response time for any questions to date. Highly recommend this for your profit/loss reporting.

Art in Coins


This app does what it claims. I find I very easy to use and would recommend it for all.



Does what it says on the tin but also with great reporting.

Also I asked for a particular field to be added to the shipping export (country, so we could increase assumed shipping costs for international orders) and I got an email back from Ryan within less than an hour to say it had been done.

Fills in a major blind spot in Shopify perfectly.


Great app and excellent support. The best way to keep track of margins and now includes a margin check.


I was really starting to get discouraged when I realized I had switched to a provider that didn't offer COGS or more detailed reporting. I searched for many apps and tried a lot of them and none fit the bill. I happened to be in the forums looking for some ideas and came across someone who spoke highly of this app. I downloaded it and I was totally impressed! It has all the reporting I have been looking for, a great flow to the app and its full of details! You can't beat what it offers for $5/month! Excellent app and highly recommended!! Thank you Delirious Profit for creating this amazing app! It's the only thing(or shall we say app..lol) that kept me from leaving shopify!

If you need cogs and excellent reporting (by product type, vendor, item, etc) then this app is for you! You won't be disappointed!

$5.00 / month
7 days


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