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19 reviews
Price: $15.00 – $30.00 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Quickly review your daily, weekly and top 10 best selling products' profits
  • Easy to maintain and change cost of goods sold
  • Can track real-time currency exchange values to ensure costs track currency valuations


Shopify provides a selling price for your products. Profiteer provides you with a second value you can set, known as the cost of goods sold. Reports on your real profit and margins are then available to you anytime.

Knowing your most profitable items is important in the management of your store and inventory, and Profiteer makes it easy to figure out which products are most profitable for you.

Profiteer supports the bulk import and export of all your pricing, and allows you to apply cost pricing to your sales history too.

You can export your inventory and have a quick estimate of the total cost of your inventory, generate profit per vendor, profit for a period of time in the past, and other reports.

You can sell in the currency of your choice, and have your costs adjusted automatically as that currency fluctuates against the USD

Less then 25,000 products? Cost is $15/month

More than 25,000 products? Cost is $30/month

Profiteer reviews (19)


We installed this app when we first started out but never had a chance to actually use it until almost a year after our store launch. We thought that updating our COGs was too timely. What a mistake! This app is a MUST if you're serious about running a business and seeing how much (profit) you're really making!


Incredible personalized customer service, A+ , Highly recommend for anyone using shopify. These features should have been here from the start!


This app is a godsend! Wholesale cost and Inventory Value tracking is a huge part of being able to run a successful business and Profiteer has definitely picked up where Shopify dropped this ball.

We switched over to Shopify from a stand alone in-house POS that had all cost tracking integrated and we were at a loss in this regard with Shopify until we found Profiteer. It has been easy to integrate and use. The ability to update costs with CSV files was very helpful with our huge number of unique SKUs. I highly recommend Profiteer!


Great, simple and really useful app that fills the gap for COGs in our Shopify plan. User-friendly, easy to follow manual and friendly support. Makes EOFY heaps easier!


We have been using Profiteer for approx 3 months. Very impressed with the detailed user manual as well as the tailored menu - Dave has really tried to address the needs of the small retailer by making a format that is easy and quick to use. In terms of customer service, also very impressed with the speed that any of our queries or issues have been addressed. It is a platform that you can build on and tailor to the growing needs of the business with key information readily available every day. Very happy so far.


Super easy app! Great to track COGS without making separate spreadsheets!


What awesome customer service. We've had Profiteer for almost as long as we have our store. Great app for margin tracking. Just recently the Barcode column fell away and we really needed it along side our SKU's when viewing a report bt variant ID. Dave worked something out for us and in no time we have it back to the way we were using it.

Brilliant app made even better by prompt service & expertise.


This is an easy to install app, and the best part is the support you get from the vendor..! I screwed up the file and Dave fixed it.. I asked for historical data beyond the current parameters of the app and Dave responded and got it done for me quickly! Once I got the costs put into the file, I can finally see the value of my inventory and the gross profit on each item sold...a big help for understanding what's making you the most money!


Just downloaded and installed this app to get numbers straight since Shopify has failed to include such a vital bit of information for legitimate business owners. At $15 a month I would gladly pay that to keep my company running straight. Oh yea and Customer support is on point and very very helpful. Thank you so much for making this affordable app!


Update: Nov. 25 - 40 minute phone call will potentially translate into thousands of dollars in the long run - this app developer is a real person willing to work with you like a real person, towards the goal of mutual success.

While the app is not released in full yet, there are some exciting useful new features on the way, and I highly encourage you to support the development.

Update: excellent service from developer and from the app itself so far, this is something you need to get if you are not particularly sure if your prices need adjusting - i am pouring over orders one by one and updating prices as needed, profitability is already rising

this app has amazing potential but as-is it's already a must-have for me

initial review:
Called, got immediate answer, very friendly and very direct, which we respect greatly.

Helpful and willing to work with the merchant, going to try the app right now and I am sure we will use it at least 2 months, it's possible it may not be what we need entirely but I highly recommend trying it, we have looked and there is no better app than this for a ballpark "how well am i doing" kind of figure

5 stars !

$15.00 – $30.00 / month
3 days

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