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Developed by Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd

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Price: Free More info
  • Increase your Sales: Multi Billion dollar markets of LAYAWAY and LAYBY
  • Improve your Cash Flow: Merchants receive the down-payment & all instalment payments, but only deliver product after final payment
  • Remove Manual Process: Automated LAY-BUY system, fully integrated into your Shopify store’s admin

Dear Shopify merchant,

What is LAY-BUY

LAY-BUY is an approved payment gateway developed for Shopify merchants because of a huge demand by Shopify merchants.

If you are a merchant who wants to sell into the LAYAWAY, LAYBY markets or a seller who does a lot of pre-orders business, then LAY-BUY is a must for activation.

Now in our third year we have activated more than 2,000 merchants predominantly across the five country markets of Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and UK.
Powered by PayPal, we are a global payment gateway and therefore provide our services into all the same country markets as PayPal.

Not only do we process orders in multiple currencies, we also present our payment plan landing page in languages of English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Czech.

LAY-BUY is the online gateway that is catering to the LAYAWAY buyers in USA and Canada, and the LAYBY buyers in Australia, UK and New Zealand. If you sell into any of these markets then you need to consider getting LAY-BUY in place in your checkout.
OH, did I forget to say its FREE for merchants, because we charge the buyer a 1.9% admin fee. The only cost for merchants are their normal transaction fees. So if you are already offering PayPal as a payment method in your checkout, then you may as well offer "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY".

Not only are there millions of LAYAWAY and LAYBY buyers out there, browsing online right now but there are also the shoppers who actually do not want to take delivery of the product immediately due to them buying for Xmas or the holiday season. There are then also the consumers shopping online today that actually see a deal but do not have the full outlay price - they then LAY-BUY the goods there and then, secure the deal, and then pay the balance off in their own time. There are also the consumers who we refer to as “OWN WHAT THEY TAKE HOME”.

These consumers are therefore rather looking for a deferred payment option where they get to pay-off the product over 3 to 6 months and only take delivery after their final payment.

Lay-Buy is exactly that, a deferred payment plan that the merchant sets up in their checkout that empowers the buyer to select the down payment percentage today, and then how many months they need or want to pay-off the balance.

Lay-Buy is not a new payment method, but is an established brand in Layby within Australia & New Zealand, and Layaway in USA, Canada and UK. These loyal consumers are behind a 25 billion dollar industry within bricks n’ mortar retail. However, this payment option is highly under-serviced by online retailers globally.

So if you’re an online retailer selling products aligned to a future dated event, then you need to consider offering Lay-Buy in your checkout. Why: well because these customers are shopping online right now and will not buy from you if you’re not offering Lay-Buy.

Future dated events our retailer merchants are selling into are:
• Christmas;
• Baby;
• Weddings;
• Honeymoon;
• Engagements;
• First Home;
• Holidays;
• Medical treatments;
• Major sporting events;
• Birthdays;

How LAY-BUY payment option works in Shopify


1.Payment Method:
Consumer is presented PUT IT ON LAY-BUY in merchant’s checkout, and selects method

2.Confirm Order:
Consumer selects down-payment % to pay today, and how many months they want to pay-off the balance

Consumer is taken to PayPal’s landing page,
Consumer pays the down-payment today with their PayPal a/c or their credit card. PayPal then sets up the LAY-BUY payment plan between consumer and merchant. PayPal then sends two email notifications to merchant and consumer. (One for the down-payment and another that a payment plan has been setup)
Note: if buyer does not have a PayPal a/c, they will pay with their credit card today and a PayPal a/c is setup for the LAY-BUY payment plan payments


4. Order Placed (pending):
Down-Payment monies are paid into merchant’s PayPal account. Order is placed in Shopify with status ‘pending’. LAY-BUY payment plan details are auto populated in the LAY-BUY App that resides within your Shopify store Apps menu.

5. Payment Plan:
Cronjob fetches all the instalment payments on their due date from PayPal / Lay-Buys server, and updates the payment plan in LAY-BUY App from status ‘pending’ to ‘complete’ as these payments are paid by the buyer. PayPal then sends an email notification to merchant and consumer for the payment.

6. Order Updated (Processing):
Final instalment payment is paid in PayPal, fetched on due date from PayPal / Lay-Buys server.
Payment Plan profile is cancelled in PayPal so no more monies are auto paid from consumer’s PayPal account. Payment Plan in LAY-BUY App is updated from status ‘pending’ to ‘complete’.
Cronjob runs and fetches final payment and updates Order in Shopify from ‘pending’ to ‘paid’ status for merchant’s fulfilment. PayPal then sends notification to both buyer and merchant that payment profile in PayPal has been cancelled, so no more automated payments paid from buyer.

7. Order Fulfilled:
Merchant delivers product/s to consumer


8. Revise a Lay-Buy:
A consumer can revise a LAY-BUY order at any time while the LAY-BUY is in ‘pending’ status.
The process involves the merchant revising the payment plan from the LAY-BUY App.
The revise feature enables consumer to settle outstanding balance today via a ‘buy-now’ option or extend the term of the LAY-BUY via a ‘lay-buy’ option.
When payment plan is revised by merchant in LAY-BUY App, the consumer is sent an email with the payment link embedded in email.
At this time the payment plan status is changed to ‘revise requested’ until payment is made by consumer.
The consumer then clicks on payment link, is taken to PayPal and then makes payment.
If revision was in settlement (buy-now), then processes 6 and 7 are triggered.
If revision was to extend LAY-BUY, then a down-payment is paid on the day and a new payment plan is populated in LAY-BUY App against same Shopify order number.
The payment plan status for the revised plan then changes to ‘revised’ and the new payment plan has status ‘pending’. The ‘pending’ plan is then the new payment plan for the Shopify order. The Shopify order number remains the same. PayPal sends email notifications to merchant and consumer for these payments.

9. Cancel a Lay-Buy:
A consumer can cancel a LAY-BUY order at any time while the LAY-BUY is in ‘pending’ status. The process involves the merchant cancelling the order from within their Shopify admin panel. When an order is cancelled in Shopify, no refund is done. The cancel feature involves merchant cancelling the order in Shopify and cancelling the payment plan in PayPal.
PayPal sends email notifications to merchant and consumer that payment plan has been cancelled.

10. Refund a Lay-Buy:
As stated above all refunds are done from within PayPal


Shopify Lay-Buy Payment Gateway and App

1. Merchant Registration

I. Register a Lay-Buy merchant account at https://www.lay-buys.com/index.php/vtmob/login
II. Select Shopify as the ‘Platform’, and enter the “Shopify shop’s URL”.
III. Log in and populate your PayPal credentials into your profile, per below:

PayPal Credentials: Click ‘Get Credentials from PayPal’ and copy, paste them into the three fields per below of Username, Password and Signature. Once copied into the fields, the fields will show as blank – this is a security measure. Also drop your linked PayPal Email into its field. Then click Update.

PayPal Credentials: When merchant clicks ‘Get Credentials from PayPal’ they will be taken to PayPal, per below screen shot. You then simply login and copy, paste from within PayPal into the three fields per Username, Password and Signature.

When details are pasted into their fields, click ‘’Test Validity of Live PayPal credentials”.
This will simply check that they have been copied in correctly from PayPal.

IV. Click on ‘Shopify Configuration’ tab and populate three fields in “Shopify Configuration” tab. They are:
Minimum Deposit Amount – 10% or 20%
Maximum Deposit Amount – 50%
Maximum Number of Months to pay – Maximum is 6 months, but merchant can decide to only offer customers a maximum of 2 or 3 months to pay off the balance
V. Merchant then clicks UPDATE.

2. Payment Gateway Installation

I. Merchant then clicks Install Payment Gateway
II. Merchant is then redirected to Shopify payment authorization page, where merchant enters Shopify shop login details and then enters their shop address. Click Log in
III. After that merchant clicks Add Payment Gateway
IV. After adding payment gateway to their shop, merchant needs to activate the Lay-Buy payment gateway. This involves populating the Username (the email address they entered when registering a Lay-Buy merchant a/c and the Lay-Buy membership Number they were allocated when registering. Then click ‘Activate’.

3. Install Embedded App

I. After the gateway has been installed, merchant logs back into their Lay-Buy registration page and goes back to the ‘Shopify Configuration’ tab
II. Click Install Embedded App
II. After installation, merchant can open the “PUT IT ON LAY-BUY’’ App by clicking on “Apps” in shop’s admin menu. When merchant goes into the App, they may have to sometimes log back in using their Lay-Buy registration details.

The Lay-Buys team


53 reviews
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Brilliant app for if you sell high ticket products, opening doors for more types of customer


I am loving this app, been using it for 3 years now. Gives my customers a good option to laybuy until fully paid. Great for my cash flow too. Highly recommend!
Customer service is also fantastic Warrin is always ready to help when I have questions or when a customer wants to change their payment plan.


Not sure why some of the negative reviews below. I've managed to install and create this as a payment alternative in Shopify settings easy enough.

Can't comment much on the sales side of this app as my shop has only just gone live. I've tested the processing of an order and it all seemed alright.

I'm drawn to this type of payment system because of my business type it works much like an artist commisions that require a deposit to start and remaining balance paid on completion.

I'm giving these guys ago because of my target market (Australians) are addicted to lay-buys & those other get now and pay later systems and this gives those people another option.

Not to be rude towards Lay-buys but I think you need to hire a graphic/web designer to improve your brand identity and the user interface as it looks a bit dated. Fixing this will build confidence in those who wish to use your payment option and give shop owners a better hook when selling your payment option to customers.

Besides that, this app deserves more attention as it is a great concept and shops would benefit from using it.


a great asset to my shopify store!


not sure if this is still live... i got one order via this probably 1-2 years ago, nothing since and a customer filed a not as described claim for a custom order and they refunded all payments!!! :( be careful, if the amount is high, you might get burned like i did... i wish they contacted me to let me know they have improved the app. or at least if its still live...


I download this app. I can not even get past the API part. I enter my information. and hit save and it does not save it. I do not know it would work for my website or not. Just sad


This is a great app. Easy to set up and works well. I contacted them with a question about a transaction and received a response within half an hour.


This seems to be a very under rated and FREE app.

The basic setup is actually pretty easy. Set up an account with Put it On Lay-Buy.

On the Put it On Lay-Buy website -

Enter in the PayPal API details - 3 items.

Install the Payment method into Shopify (sticks it into the list of Third Party Payment methods)

Install the App into Shopify.

Then jump over to Shopify and select Put It On Lay-Buy from the Third Party Payment methods.

Enter in your sign up email and the account code they give you.

Literally ten minutes after setting this up we had a Lay-By sale. We did put up a banner on our website advertising it.

The sale went through fine - we received the deposit and the App in Shopify shows the sale details.

The buttons could do with a bit of modernization like a previous reviewer said.

We are very pleased with this app. Solid effort !!!


To update a previous review:
This app is pretty damn good. The payments are all set up through Paypal and automated so neither staff or customers has to worry about collecting/making a payment.

I'm still not thrilled it only works through paypal. I would like to see it work with the Shopify checkout, but that's may just be me.

The number of sales I have had thanks to the payment plans this app offers is amazing. I would not be able to survive without it and recommend it for stores with high priced items for sale.


i don't know but i have had the app since 2016 and no order as ever come through with this lay-buy . 1st order come through in Feb 2018 and there was a technical fault . customer paid for the 1st instalment then it was cancelled they tried again and it went through ,.. i got the 1st payment but no order .i called the tech support and they said everything is okey both side. after a couple of weeks the customer wants to pay for the second instalment and they email us that they can do that. I had to delete the app because this sounds like a stress for me and customers .. Hope there is other app that offer laybuy.


We charge the buyer a 1.9% admin fee.
The only cost for merchants are their normal PayPal transaction fees.

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