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November 7, 2022

I offer both Lay-Buy and Sezzle on my website and what I like about both is that they’re free to start up: but the huge difference between the two is that Sezzle pays me right away, so I can ship faster, which keeps my authenticity on google in good standing. Laybuy however doesn’t pay me right away so I can’t ship the product until the last payment is made by the customer. This means slower shipping times and that translates to my page not ranking high on google. I also like how Sezzle tells customers what their payment would look like by dividing it out on each product page so they know exactly what to expect. It’s also pretty looking on the website whereas laybuy is just a black and white pop up. Lastly, if you’ve logged in via Shop at any time on my website to pay, then suddenly want to use laybuy, the option disappears and is no longer available. You would have to create a new account. I wish both had an online chat with 24/7 support but neither do.

Reborn Dolls by Sara
8 months using the app
March 1, 2023

Lay Buys has filled a need for diversity of payment options on our website for over a year now. We've never had any issues with customers struggling to understand the process and whenever I've contacted customer service, I've always received a speedy response. I also love the lack of a monthly subscription.

Some of the reviews here mystify me a bit - the whole point of a lay by is that you're paid in installments by the customer and they don't receive their product till they've paid in full - it's not a credit service. Hence the name 'Lay Buys'. Not sure if this is the right service if that's only what you're looking for. We have both on our site - more options for our customers.

We've been really happy with Lay Buys!

Standing Ajar
About 1 year using the app
January 28, 2023

From the start of offering this additional payment method for customers, it has been nothing but a huge disappointment! Having to take time to address customers questions in regards to how it works to then the customers who used it to then just cancel it. Having customers file claims with Pay Pal because of the lack of information on how the payment platform works. I just yesterday got a new claim from a customer over this. It has been aggravating, time-wasting, and worst of all the person who handles customer service which his title is Chief Executive has NOT been helpful at all. Only more of waistful time!

United Kingdom
2 months using the app
Edited January 7, 2023

Excellent solution for Shopify merchants. Great customer support. Reliable. Efficient. Entrepreneurial. Effective. Also like that PUT IT ON LAY-BUY doesn't charge a monthly subscription fee.

lakhify™, by Isaac Lakhi®
5 months using the app
July 1, 2023

Just completely confused me. I've not received payments from people that set up a subscription, they've had the goods and then cancelled the subscription. I uninstalled the App but the pop up is still there. Not happy at all.

Funky Monkey Chickadee
United Kingdom
11 months using the app
Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd replied July 1, 2023

Please advise your account number - I cannot find your account. This App is a layaway subscription method , where merchants only deliver goods after final payment.
So not sure you have correct App

October 14, 2020

the app has been helpful for my customers to pay a small amount each month which they can finish their payments within a few months to make purchase affordable.

Jun's anatomy
About 2 years using the app
Edited August 13, 2020

Great Tech Suppport. Laybuy popup add looks kinda sketchy in my opinion. It is a great option though.

Buri LLC
United States
7 months using the app
Lay-Buy Financial Solutions Pty Ltd replied August 11, 2020

Hi, you had an incorrect setting and is now fixed. Thanks, Warrin

Edited March 17, 2018

To update a previous review:
This app is pretty damn good. The payments are all set up through Paypal and automated so neither staff or customers has to worry about collecting/making a payment.

I'm still not thrilled it only works through paypal. I would like to see it work with the Shopify checkout, but that's may just be me.

The number of sales I have had thanks to the payment plans this app offers is amazing. I would not be able to survive without it and recommend it for stores with high priced items for sale.

United Kingdom
About 3 years using the app
January 29, 2019

This app is great when it works. Mine has alot of issues canceling customers accounts, and charging customers for orders that are already complete.
Would be really helpful if there was a phone number for customer service.
app is a bit confusing to navigate and very limited.

Closet Full of Wax
United States
5 months using the app
October 17, 2017

great idea but it needs work, it slows down the page a lot since it waits for it to load, and also it would be a good idea to add 15 days payment too! Thank you and good luck

Victoria Jeans
20 days using the app