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September 18, 2023

A Review App Game Changer | in a Lightning Fast app !

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

I don't write app reviews normally but!........ today is different.

William is that one in a million developer you wish for to work with that actually cares about YOUR store and not so much HIS pocket.

I stumbled upon the Rapid Reviews app a few weeks ago, when I was reading up on how to speed up the store and let me tell you, finding this app and his other app Page Doctor(check that out to, it's free) has been an absolute game changer!

This gem has saved me precious install time, kept me informed, and made decision-making a breeze. Let me share with you why I'm head over heels for this app.

Sleek and User-Friendly Design: The moment you launch the Rapid Reviews app, you're greeted with a sleek and intuitive interface. Navigating through the app is a breeze, even for tech novices like me. The design is clean, uncluttered, and oh-so-pleasant to the eyes with customer review response writing assistance done by CHAT GPT which is included.

Lightning-Fast Response: One of the standout features of Rapid Reviews is its ability to deliver lightning-fast back-end uploads of your reviews.

This app delivers everytime in real-time. No more waiting for the back-end to load!

Customized Content: With just a few taps, you can curate your site to include only the reviews that matter most to you for your site. Say goodbye to sifting through irrelevant information and settings!

In a Shopify world flooded with apps, the Rapid Reviews app stands out as a beacon of efficiency, convenience all wrapped up in a cost friendly pricing structure. No more getting price gouged.

It's become an indispensable tool for our site, helping me stay informed and make choices with confidence. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and give this app a try. You won't be disappointed!

Rapid Reviews, thank you for making my life easier and our site reviews blazing fast. You've earned your spot as a permanent resident on our site.

WALL ART by Sonia
2 days using the app
William Belk replied September 19, 2023

Wow thank you so much. I wish you and your wife great luck with your shop!

Edited April 21, 2023

I dont write reviews but I have to write this one because Will was amazing. We were with Stamped.io, set it all up, it was not easy but we did it. It worked for a few days and stopped. Their customer service was non existent.
We were recommended Rapidreviews and we took the switch. The set up is amazingly easy. Then, William (from Rapid) reached out to us and offered to set up anything else we needed (with suggestions). We got him to add star reviews on our collection page products, and he did so the very next business day. We didn't even reach out to him, he straight up sent us an email and offered.
The app is fantastic. I highly recommend making the switch or starting with Rapid if you are new.

Outdoor Living Australia
6 days using the app
William Belk replied April 21, 2023

Thank you so much. Happy to help and have you with Rapid Reviews!

Edited April 28, 2023

Great app! I use it on another store as well. I did my research back when I had some time and found this is the only app that does not slow down the site. The developer is very nice when I messaged him on twitter. I would recommend it for someone who is very technical, as this app has a lot of features. For the speed itself and all features it has now, it seems like the best option.
It's much better than any other alternatives with great support from founder!!!

Pardas Chocolates
United States
11 months using the app
December 30, 2022

I found this app while looking at another of William's products. I was not satisfied with the review apps I was using so I spent some time researching and reading information about the app and decided to go for it. I'm very happy with it, and more importantly, with the support I received from William. The installation process including the export and import of our previous reviews was seamless. I like the functionality and how it improves our product pages. I also appreciate the emphasis on the performance of the application and how it works to keep page speeds fast.

Banjo Brothers
United States
3 days using the app
William Belk replied March 10, 2023

Thanks, your products are awesome. Anyone who cycles should check you out!

October 11, 2022

Excellent review application and incredible support. We were drawn to this product because of the multiple advanced features that it offers: (1) speed optimized rich content; (2) rich search schema for products; (3) star ratings for Google shopping ads. The owner William helped us out and installed the app for us, giving us a seamless implementation. Would highly recommend to use this over other bloated options in the market that will slow your site down.

Good Wave Australia
About 10 hours using the app
William Belk replied March 10, 2023

Thank you for using Rapid Reviews! Your site is great. I love the ocean.

June 23, 2023

If you care even a little bit about the speed of your store, Rapid Reviews is the app you need for your store. Have used other review apps but this app has all the features, doesn't slow down the store and neither adds any bloat.

Plus certainly no other app can come close to the helpful and friendly support provided by William!

2 months using the app
William Belk replied June 23, 2023

Wow, thank you!

April 4, 2023

Love this app! As I was looking at the apps that had heavy load times my number one issue was Yotpo. We looking to replace it I found Rapid Reviews and was amazed at how much faster the app is over all the competition. Google Merchant Center was not showing all of our star ratings, but it is fixed now. I reached out to William about the app and talked about some other issues I was having with load times and an unrelated 404 issue. He even pointed me in the right direction for finding other help. William is more than helpful. I strongly encourage you to try out the Rapid Reviews app!

Heavyglare Eyewear
United States
6 days using the app
William Belk replied April 4, 2023

Thanks so much. I'm excited to see your shop grow!

September 30, 2023

This app has a low impact on your shop's performance, and William is quick to assist with setup and support. My previous reviews collector had a negative effect on my Shopify Performance score. As I was exploring ways to improve speed, William reached out with helpful information and statistics. After making several adjustments, such as reducing animations and standardizing the color palette, I noticed some modest improvements in performance. However, the most significant improvement came when I removed the old reviews app and installed Rapid Reviews, which nearly doubled my Shopify Performance score. I highly recommend this app for its quick support from William (the developer) and its minimal impact on store performance.

United States
William Belk replied October 2, 2023

Awesome report! Happy to help!

April 10, 2023

Thrilled with Rapid Reviews! It was quite a surprise to learn how significantly a review app could impact our site's performance. After facing numerous frustrations and disappointments with other apps, we finally found a winner. Rapid Reviews offers incredible speed and has an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Working alongside William has been a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. We can confidently bid adieu to Stamped, knowing we've found the perfect solution for our Shopify review needs!

Virginia Boys Kitchens
United States
5 days using the app
William Belk replied April 10, 2023

Thank you so much. Your products look great!

October 3, 2022

Super clean review/question section. I went with Rapid after not enjoying my experience with another app. Best part was William helping me customize things. I am no developer and having his help made the whole thing pain-free.

WÜL Haircare
United States
26 days using the app