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CallBack Request by Raven

CallBack Request by Raven

Developed by How Many Steps Inc.

33 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month More info
  • Collect phone numbers of your best leads and the product they were interested in
  • Track sales as a result of your phone calls & GDPR compliant
  • Show customers why you're the best in your field through fast and helpful call backs

Turn website visitors into your hottest sales calls with a "Call me back" button

Nearly 7 out of 10 businesses think they’re communicating with their customers effectively, while only 2 out of 10 customers agree. Simply put, today’s businesses aren’t as good at communicating with their customers as they think they are. This same study also found that 97% of customers will do more business with those that respond quickly to them.

Raven's Call-Back Request is the solution. It enables you to show your interested customers why you have the best customer service in your industry. A quick reply does wonders to converting your sales calls.

The call back button can be customized and embedded anywhere on your Shopify store to encourage interested visitors to leave their phone number. As soon as they feel your website isn't offering the answers they're looking for, your customer can make a callback request, including SMS or WhatsApp. If you would like the Raven widget to be customized to match the look and feel of your store, please reach out.

Look, as small businesses we all understand it can feel scary competing with Amazon and the big brands. But you should know you have a MASSIVE Competitive Advantage! Your customer relationships are your biggest competitive advantage; so install Raven and show your customers why you're their best option.

How it works:

  1. A visitor comes to your site and explores your product pages.
  2. They see the call/message back button, and if they want to speak to you before considering their purchase, put in their phone number, and click "call me back" (you can also configure other options like "WhatsApp me" or "SMS me").
  3. Raven alerts you and/or your team to call back the customer, along with which product or URL they were looking at. With one tap, you will be connected to answer all of their questions and close that sale!

Raven Call Back Request will also:

  • Collect and store phone numbers of interested customers

  • Show you reports on your converted sales calls

  • Add unlimited team members to call back request alerts

  • Provide you with high converting call scripts so you can start the conversation right

  • Let customers choose how they want to be contacted

  • Send custom SMS or WhatsApp texts to interested customers after the call to thank them or as later date follow-up messages

  • Connect you with customers globally

  • Alert you via Email or Facebook Messenger

  • Gathers data about requests made on each product or website page

  • Allow you to keep on top of customer inquires even when you're on the move

  • Only message you when you need to know, like an executive assistant.

  • And more!
  • Don't be the last store offering personalized pre-sale customer support. Remember, relationships = revenue. So install Raven Call Back and turn website visits into more leads and sales calls.

    CallBack Request by Raven reviews

    33 reviews
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    I am absolutely LOVING this app. We have received so many quick client questions which we're then able to answer via SMS or phone immediately to help close a sale. Having that call to action right on the product page makes it super easy for customers to ask questions without having to find our email or phone number. BRAVO!


    I would give 10 stars if I could. After installing Raven we immediately started making more conversions over the phone. Super simple product to use and very valuable for our business.

    I even received a call from the owner/creator of Raven. He and I speak on a regular basis now and he listens to my feedback. Not only does he listen but he has actually implemented some of my feature requests and more are on their roadmap. Folks, this is a rarity in the software/app business these days. Amazing customer service!

    I am going to support this team for as long as I possibly can. I recommended Raven to everyone that I run across with a Shopify store.



    These guys were able to customize the button for me and make it work all the time! What a great feature cuz my customers really like to call me and ask a million questions so this works out perfect!

    I'll be using this app for years to come!


    Great support from the team answering our questions and embedding the form into our theme. If only every app developer on Shopify was as helpful! Thanks!


    This app makes so much sense. It's like a constant lead magnet and just keeps funnelling hot leads directly to my store. Would recommend to any store to use.


    It was tough to understand where we were missing our conversions, Thanks to Raven some customers do request call back and we started to figure out leakage. I highly recommend Raven.


    Fantastic app, great for starting conversations with customers and even better for conversions.

    A+ customer service as well.


    Fantastic app with client support to match! The app was easy to set up but we needed customisation to match the look of our website @ www.spiffyspools.com. Customer support was responsive over email and went above and beyond over a few rounds of back and forth to give us exactly what we needed. The app works like a charm. Easy intuitive interface and we have already closed a couple of sales since installation.


    Phenomenal app with excellent customer service. Ahmad is extremely helpful. He walked me through on how to add the code to my site. I haven't had anyone ever call me and ask if I had any questions or needed help. That alone is the best customer service I have ever experienced. Ahmad even went as far as to give me some pointers on my site, for that I am very grateful as I will be adding his suggestions in the near future. Thanks again Ahmad for the helpful and detailed work you put in for me and my site. I highly recommend this app as the app is extremely helpful and I know it will help drive sales, but also for the great service I received. 5 STARS!!!!!!!


    This app is very useful for our line of work. We are a B2B sales company, we sell to other businesses and many of our customers prefer to make their orders over the phone.

    This app is tremendous because when a customer requests a call we can see who it was and already have their previous order pulled up and ready to go before we even call them back.

    Raven makes us look really good in front of our customers.

    From $0.00 / month

  • Raven is free to install
  • Stores generating less than 20 leads per month (after the 20 free leads) pay $5/month
  • Stores generating more than 20 leads per month (after the 20 free leads) pay $19/month
  • No limit to the number of requests Raven will collect
  • However, under the Free plan only the first 20 leads will be callable/messagable
  • Once the 20 request limit is reached, you will need to upgrade to unlock auto-connection with lead #21 and onwards
  • Whether you hit the 20 lead limit in 2 days or 100 days, Raven will be free during this time
  • After you hit your 20 lead limit, Raven will inform you to upgrade your plan

    • Don't worry if you need time to decide about your upgrade, the Raven widget will still be embedded on your store and it will still continue to collect leads for you. The only difference is you won't be able to automatically connect with your new leads until you've upgraded.

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