Raven Callback Request

Raven Callback Request

by How Many Steps Inc.

Turn website visitors into qualified sales calls

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Increase Conversions

Unanswered questions are losing you real sales every day. This Callback app converts interested buyers by connecting you via Phone or SMS.

Generate More Leads

Contact forms suck! Phone calls are better. Visitors are more likely to leave contact information if they know they will get faster support.

Track Phone Sales

We track conversion details from each callback request. Whether or not you make the sale, you can follow up or re-market over Phone or SMS.

About Raven Callback Request

Since the beginning of time, commerce has been done 1-on-1

People traveled far and wide to find what they needed, asked questions, and bought after shaking hands. The invention of the phone eventually eliminated the need to travel as far but the 1-on-1 conversation still dominated. Fast forward to today's online heavy world, and the 1-on-1 human to human interaction is still best at driving commerce.

Most businesses using our app see 25% conversion on phone or SMS conversations. Many see 50% conversation rates, and a couple of our clients are close to a perfect 100%!

The biggest problem in the rise of online shopping

The rise of online shopping has been great for small businesses attracting more customers. But it's also opened the doors to allow anyone to sell anything. This means as small business retailers we have more competition than ever before in history.

Luckily, as small businesses, we have BIG advantages. And the biggest one is 1-on-1 customer relationships. Imagine how much trust you would have for a business calling you back within minutes or even seconds of your request, answering your questions with a big smile, and getting to know more about your needs. Be bold!

Most stores treat customers like transactions, but you can treat them like valued assets. And this Callback app will create these relationship building conversations.

Callbacks will help almost any business

No matter how much information you put on your website, most visitors won't take the time to read it all. Time saving convenience is a key factor in customers making a decision. This is why it's so important to offer callback options. It's easy, and lightweight, for a customer to simply request you call them back. No waiting on hold, no waiting for a live chat agent, and best of all, no waiting for a "contact form" email reply.

Callbacks work especially well for high priced, niche, or B2B sales:

  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Special clothing
  • Equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Technology

How it works:

  1. A visitor comes to your site and explores, but has a question.

  2. They see your callback widget, enter their phone number after click "call me back" (you can customize this button text).

  3. Alerts you/your team to call back the customer, and tells which product they want. With one tap, you will be connected to answer all of their questions and close the sale!

Easy, right?

In addition to getting you on the phone with interested customers, your Callback app will also:

  • Collect phone numbers of interested customers
  • Track your phone conversion rate
  • Provide bold high converting call scripts so you can start the conversation right
  • Let your customer choose between Call, SMS, or WhatsApp replies
  • Allow you to keep on top of customer questions wherever you are
  • And we launch new features every 60 days!

Integrates with

  • Facebook Messenger

See the app in action

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  • Up to 20 phone leads per month (after first 20 free leads are used)

  • Call, SMS, and WhatsApp

  • 2 Sec Alerts

  • Saved Leads

  • Conversion Metrics



  • Up to 100 phone leads per month (after first 20 free leads are used)

  • Call, SMS, and WhatsApp

  • 2 Sec Alerts

  • Saved Leads

  • Conversion Metrics



  • Unlimited Phone Leads

  • Call, SMS, and WhatsApp

  • 2 Sec Alerts

  • Saved Leads

  • Conversion Metrics

Free Plan

Free to install

Limit of 20 free leads, then must upgrade to a paid plan

  • For merchants looking to get started and test whether Raven Callback is the right app for them. Comes with 20 free inbound phone leads.

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 45 reviews

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We use this app to schedule callback for media inquiries. It's great to because we get alerted as soon as someone requests a contact back, and we can dial that person with one tap through the Raven Callback email or messenger alert.

River City Vapes

Went above and beyond what any developer should offer for a free app! I wanted to use this widget on a specific page of my site but it isn't coded that way so I used the built-in chat box for the widget and within a few minutes I had the code needed to get it to work. Author is quick to reply and very easy to work with, now I'm going to go check out his other apps! Highly recommended...

Live with wood.

This app is amazing and even more so is the customer service. After I struggled to install it I contacted Ahmad and he did it in seconds. Better still he gave me lots of advice on how to increase my websites conversion rate. First class A+