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21 reviews
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  • Fix 404 crawl errors and resolve broken links quickly and efficiently
  • Smart auto-suggestions make it super quick and easy to set up redirects to Shopify pages, products, and collections
  • Crawl errors synced directly from Google Search Console and marked as fixed automatically

Redirectify presents a smart, streamlined approach to creating redirects in Shopify to fix 404 crawl errors.

It syncs with your Google Search Console account to list crawl errors affecting your search rankings and presents you with a simple interface to create redirects to similar pages, collections or products in your store. based on actual, valid paths. There's no need to search for an appropriate replacement URL; Redirectify does that for you!

Uses smart auto-suggestions based on actual, valid paths so you don’t need to search for and try to remember where you need to link to. Redirectify removes much of the hassle of fixing broken links.


Live auto-suggestions

As you type, Redirectify displays live suggestions based on actual pages in your store—eliminating the need to manually search through your site for an appropriate substitute.

Google Search Console integration

Redirectify integrates with Google Search Console to give you the latest crawl error data as found by Google’s crawler. This is the most relevant source of data, as it has a direct affect on your search rankings!

When a redirect is created, Redirectify automatically notifies Google that the error has been fixed.


Redirectify is free to try out on any development store—and you will be presented with a set of sample data so you can get familiar with the workflow.

Questions and support

Why fix 404s?

In addition to making for a bad customer experience, 404s are harmful to your search engine rankings—and should always be fixed as soon as possible.

Creating relevant redirects for your 404s helps to ensure your customers are always able to find what they’re looking for.

Notes on support

While we make every effort to provide prompt and helpful support for our users, please understand that we are a small team based in New Zealand and offer support during business hours New Zealand time. This means we may not be as quick to get back to you over the New Zealand weekend or on public holidays.

Redirectify reviews

21 reviews
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I have really enjoyed using this app and find it really helpful because it suggests redirect URLs for your broken links, and if it doesn't come up with the correct one, when you start typing in the name of the product, the predictive text will come up with some closer suggestions for you to choose from. This is one of the least painless url redirecting apps I have ever used, whilst still giving you individual control over every redirect.



A few months back, we had to delete a bunch of products and ended up with hundreds of redirects to manage. We THOUGHT we had found a great solution in another app that claimed to allow you to set it and forget and never have to worry about redirects again. Boy, that was a mistake.

As our Google rankings plummeted, we decided to recheck and found we were now left with thousands of redirects to manage.

TLDR: our previous app sucked and this app was the only way for us to manage a pretty chaotic situation. Our only problem was that we didn't find it sooner. Save yourself future headaches and don't believe everything you read from other redirect apps. This is the app that does what it claims.


so far love this app. I have used many redirects with much difficulty, this one is a winner. !!


This is awesome, would not be without this app, has helped so much.


Love this app! Best feature is the auto suggestions that appear as you start typing - that saves a ton of time searching for the right url to redirect to! Kelsey was extremely responsive to questions and implemented a couple of custom requests very quickly. Very happy!


I wish Shopify would remove bad reviews when it's an obvious PICNIC (problem in chair not in computer). This is hands down the most useful app I have used and deserves nothing less than 5 stars. Took me a short while to get it working and 1 email to support which they responded pretty quick. I'm sick of seeing idiotic reviews on Shopify and nothing done about it. ie 1 star "installed today will let your know"


We use this app at https:// www.autopartscheaper.com and This app has saved me hundreds of hours of doing manual redirects. I Think I can say this is the Best app I have ever used in terms of usefulness, and it is super easy to use.


Easy to use, helpful , love it


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I have tried other redirect apps but this one is the best till now.

$9.00 / month
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