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Email Marketing for Shopify

Email Marketing for Shopify

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  • Grow sales over 30% by sending automated emails based on customer behavior and purchases
  • Make product recommendations, deliver personalized coupons, recover abandoned carts, and more by email
  • Get Remarkety and start a free 30 day trial to see how Remarkety can automatically increase customer lifetime value and retention

Email Marketing for Shopify

Send highly relevant emails to your customers and grow sales by 30%. Popular email campaigns include abandoned cart recovery, winning back inactive customers, reward programs, personalized coupons, targeted newsletters, order follow ups, product recommendations and more. Get the app and start sending emails in minutes.

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What can Remarkety do?

Increase Customer Lifetime Value & Retention
Engages customers by sending personalized emails with product recommendations, coupons and more

Track Customer Behavior
Analyze your customer behavior and purchases to send personalized emails more likely to lead to a sale

Automatically Segment Customers
Remarkety automatically segments your customers based on their past orders and other shopping behaviors

Make Product Recommendations
Automatically suggest products your customers might like in emails

Recover Abandoned Carts
Automatically email customers with images, links and the prices of products in their abandoned cart

Win Back Inactive Customers
Deliver emails that urge old customers to visit your website and purchase

Nurture Leads
Automatically deliver emails to prospects and leads after they sign up for your newsletter

Create Custom Campaigns
You can easily segment customers by behavior to create customized email campaigns

Design Responsive Emails
Choose from our pre-made responsive templates or use our HTML editor to create custom templates

Create A/B Tests
Test subject lines, delivery times or body text to send the most effective emails

Define Purchase Rate & ROI
Intuitive dashboard and reporting displays essential analytics like purchase rate and orders

Why use Remarkety for email marketing?

Remarkety is a perfect fit for your Shopify store. You will get a customer success manager to help you along the way and a weekly email with tuning adjustments to improve your campaigns. You also have access to 'how-to' videos with step-by-step guides on creating the most effective email campaigns.

Already using MailChimp? No problem. Remarkety can integrate with your existing MailChimp account to ensure your email lists stay clean and up-to-date.

Pricing plans are designed for every size business. Plus, Remarkety is trusted by thousands of businesses in fashion, apparel, health and nutrition, toys, collectibles, jewelry, electronic accessories, adult shops, media, pets, sports, auto accessories and so much more. The benchmarks for each type of business are impressive, too. Try these on for size.

  • 60% unique open rate

  • $3.40 in new revenue per email

  • 5% to 30% purchase rate per campaign
  • How It Works

    Remarkety is an email marketing platform created especially for eCommerce. Remarkety helps you grow sales by sending personalized and targeted emails based on customer behavior and purchase history. You can now send advanced and highly-targeted emails that leverage similar email technology used by Amazon and eBay.

    Get started for FREE with a 30-day unlimited free trial. When you connect your store to Remarkety, our marketing engine immediately goes to work, analyzing your customers, their shopping behavior and purchase history. In minutes, we will recommend email campaigns designed to grow sales and engage your customers.

    Sign up and connect your store in under two minutes, you’ll be creating your first email campaign. Want a demo? We have a great team ready to help. Simply email us or drop us a line at 1-800-570-7564.

    Try Remarkety Free!

    Email Marketing for Shopify reviews (13)


    We've been using the Remarkety app for a while now. We had tried many other Shopify based mailing apps that were way more expensive and had less features.

    Remarkety is great because it gives you a set of structured templates to start from so that you can get that revenue coming in as soon as possible. Particularly recommended for those just starting a Shopify site.


    I used Remarkety in my Magento store and over the course of a year generated over $43k of sales that we otherwise wouldn't have seen. We switched to Shopify and added Remarkety about five weeks ago. So far, we've recaptured $2,743 in sales we'd otherwise would have likely lost. Highly rated support, simple install, easy form letters, and in 30 minutes it's fire and forget. Awesome app!


    Wonderful app, and most impoartantly really excellent customer service!
    We've generated substantial income using this app. Love how easy it is to set up and let it run in the background. Highly recommend!!


    Amazing App.
    Great and easy to set up.
    You only need to relax and the app will do the hard work automatically.

    Only suggestion would be to offer a more affordable monthly fees or a one time Fee.



    Remarkety is a great service. We have been using it since May of 2014 and it has generated just over $23,000 in sales for us. Support is also great!


    Adi was an amazing help! Loved the customer support and the incredible platform offered. Thank you for running such a fantastic business.


    Highly recommend this app! Will definitely continue using it


    This is a highly recommended app. We use on both our online shop. We made made $2,186.39 extra in the last 30 days using Remarkety! Superb!


    Great app !! im have better custumer retention whit this app


    This is app is excellent and highly recommended. Its great for abandon-cart recovery, customer retention, rewards program and more that we're probably still discovering. And thank you for the developmental program to allow smaller stores an opportunity to be able to use the app in order to grow.


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