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Quick Quote

Quick Quote

Developed by W3trends, Inc.

16 reviews
Price: $4.99 – $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Customer can create quote requests! You can create custom pricing for them!
  • Automatically sends an email letting the customer know their proposal is ready for purchasing!
  • Track quote status including when it was viewed. Comment back and forth with customer from the quote screen!

Quick Quote is the only Shopify App that lets your customers request quotes directly from your shop

What does it do?

After your customers have filled up there cart with items, on the cart page they can choose to request a quote. This will email you and insert all the items requested into the app. From there you can send them back a quote with pricing discounts and they can accept & checkout. If they aren't ready to checkout they can also comment on the quote which will send you an email.

What if I want them to only be able to request a quote and not checkout?

Our setup guide includes steps on how to hide your checkout button. This will allow you to handle all your sales through request a quote.


☑  Request quotes directly from your shop.

☑  One off custom pricing for any product in your store.

☑  Modify product titles on the fly for quotes.

☑  Comment back and forth with customer.

☑  Email notifications for quote creation, and comments.

☑  Limit quoting to only certain products on your shop!

☑  Customize email template.

☑  Add logo and custom information to printable quote.

Better Sales

Maybe you don't have one price for a product. Quick Quote will allow you to customize your pricing before sending to your client. This is perfect for many different business types.

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Quick Quote reviews (16)


Was very impressed W3Trend's Quick Quote App and with the responsiveness of W3Trend's support staff. In just a matter of hours, they made key adjustments to make the app more functional for our business model. This app is terrific and we're excited to add it to our site.


Although I am not in love with the fact that customers must add to cart and then request quote, kinda wish it worked right from product page. This app does do what it supposed to do though, and it works perfectly with W3's custom product options. Requires Mailgun and some DNS setting to get the wuote to come from from Domain, a bit of work but worth it.
Most importantly though, W3's customer support has been FANTASTIC.
Biggest thing a


I got the $4.99 plan because it suits my needs for now since I've just started my online business. The app works fine once installed properly. I give tech support 5 stars because Jason was very responsive. I did not give 5 stars for the app because modifying the quoted page that the customer sees is not straight forward.


Ran into some issues setting up the app to work the way I wanted, but the W3 team was super helpful and got everything running perfectly, exactly the way I wanted it!

Fantastic customer service and quick E-mail responses.


Makes the quoting process quick and painless.


While I wish I could do away with quoting people entirely, and Shopify is certainly able to do that, people are still requesting quotes for products and instead of it being a painstaking process of looking up pricing on Shopify, inputting line items on my accounting software, Quick Quote does it all so quick and easy and beautiful! I wanted to do some styling of the quote page and they were able to point me in the right direction with very quick response time.


Have to agree with other reviews W3 Rock !!, We are running away from Magento on which we pay far too much in getting a Quote system (Cart to Quote) fixed or updated. This does exactly the same thing in a more simple way and is easy to modify.

Ideal if you ship all around the world and can not give accurate quotes on bulky or multiple items.Customers can request a quote and we can give accurate shipping costs.

If you Ship outside of the Uk into Europe to a Company with a V.A.T number you can add a line on the Quote asking for the V.A.T number and change their status to no Tax.

Lastly for us customers can ask for changes to standard items, ask for a quantity discount, even ask for something not on the store.

Anyway just get it - you won't be sorry and their is a cool upgrade coming.


Support team is very helpful and quick responses.


Highly recommended! Great support from the developer allowed the app to be modified to do exactly what we were looking for. The idea was to somewhat parallel eBay's "request total from seller" button, so that purchasers of multiple items could get an invoice with the least expensive shipping rate. We hope to migrate eBay buyers to our Shopify store, and didn't want anyone fumbling around, lost in the maze of Internet commerce. The store will open some time in late December, but if you have any questions how we made use of this app, email rc@geologicalspecimensupply.com.

If you ship items with varying weights, this app is a great way to let customers see you are on their side in regards to shipping costs.

A very happy customer!


Installed the app and needed some help getting the button to be aligned. Their support team was really fast in responding and resolving all our issues. We've been looking for an app that allows us to create quotes for a while and this one fits the bill. One key feature we love is the ability to flag products that need a quote. We recommend to anyone looking for a solution for quotes.

$4.99 – $9.99 / month
7 days

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