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Rewardify - Store Credit + Incentives

Rewardify - Store Credit + Incentives

Developed by Indinuity

12 reviews
Price: From $9.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Provide customers with store credit for returns, exchanges, or any special case, and retain your earned cash.
  • Works Online, on Shopify POS, and Draft Orders, with access to all available features with no restrictions to number of accounts, amount tracked, number of devices, or locations.
  • Cash incentives, Rebates, Referrals, VIP Pricing, and Membership options.

Store Credit

Rewardify lets you manage store credit accounts for your customers in a central place that works across Shopify POS, Online, and Draft Orders.

You can refund to, and apply, store credit at your brick and mortar locations using the native Store Credit payment option in the Shopify POS App on Android and iOS or allow your customers to redeem for discounts or have the discounts automatically applied at checkout.

Rewardify is a white-label solution intended to work along side your loyalty program should you already have one.

Store Credit Features

You can:

  • Handle credit for returns, exchanges, and special cases.

  • Provide an incentive to shop by giving credit:

    • for signing up.

    • for making a first purchase.

    • for selecting a specific Shipping option.

    • for purchasing specially tagged products.

    • for order purchase value over a minimum spend.

    • for meeting a lifetime minimum spend.

  • Provide an incentive to share:

    • Give credit to referring customers on purchases made by referred customers.

  • Additional Features:

    • Send a discount to a Customer when they abandon their cart during checkout based on a minimum value.

    • Schedule credit on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring basis.

    • Provide membership based or discounted pricing to Employees, VIP's, and specially tagged Customers.

    • Create custom URLs for automatically applying Customer Tags on new account signup.

    • Allow your Customers to share Discounts like Gift-Cards.

    • Provide incentives as store credit or Rebates on specially tagged products.

White-Label and Shop Branding

We provide a powerful user experience configuration that lets you maintain your branding and style. You won't see any "Powered By" text with us.

Convert Credit into a Discount

Give your customers access to their credit account balances, and let your customers redeem their credit for discount's towards purchases manually or automatically before checkout.

Provide Rebates on Select Products

Rebates can be offered to customers on specially tagged products for purchasing certain products. Setup your own buyers club!

Drive Loyalty and Spread the Word

Your customers can now refer friends and family and earn a percentage off the purchases made by the referred customer as store credit!

Lower Abandonment!

Did you know that typically 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned at checkout ?

With Rewardify you can create tiered value setups based on the value of the checkout, provide an incentive for purchasing, and generate more revenue.

Recognize Employees and Special Customers

You can now schedule recurring credit on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis for your Employees and specially tagged Customers or simply provide discounted privileged pricing via our Privileged Checkouts feature.

Subscription Products

Provide credit instantly or distributed evenly over a fixed term for purchasing specially tagged products. Works great with the ReCharge app!


We also provide the ability to notify your customers at key moments with fully customizable templates, and maintain an audit trail of changes to the system.

Install Rewardify today and take advantage of the 14-Day free trial.


Rewardify offers a standard plan that includes access to all features of the system. There are no restrictions to the number of accounts or the amounts being tracked, or the number of devices or locations used by Shopify POS.

We charge based on the number of interactions with the system. When your customer redeems store credit, refers other customers, or shares credit with friends and family, this is considered an interaction. When refunding to store credit or applying store credit to an order on ShopifyPOS, these are also interactions. Pricing starts at $9.95 USD per month per 50,000 interactions per month.

Please note that should you activate the Application Charge, you will be charged by Shopify AFTER the trial period has ended. We do not charge you for just any reason. You can contact us for support at any time via email or by phone during regular business hours from 9am - 5pm EST via the details provided on the right sidebar in this listing. Thank you.

Rewardify - Store Credit + Incentives reviews

12 reviews
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Like everyone else says here, Jesse is awesome! You will not regret it!


Jesse is amazing. For months I had searched for a solution that would allow me to offer subscription "credits" to my customers when purchasing memberships. From my first interaction with him, he helped me beyond most would do. He went above and beyond to make sure his app was integrated seamlessly with my website. I have yet to find the support that Jesse offered. Not only that, but the app is awesome as well as provides everything I need for my membership subscriptions to run efficiently.


The only way I could issue a store credit to my customers was to provide a gift card. This product helped us get past that Shopify problem. Rewardify is a great product and they have amazing support. I did have a few issues after the install, but they logged into our shop and fixed everything.


The app delivers what it says it does and support is just awesome!


My review is twofold. The first part is the app itself and the second is the support.

The app solved a huge problem that I had been searching for a solution for months. There are a couple apps/services I found that will create a one time unique code to attach to my Mailchimp welcome email. Problem is they were expensive for what they provided, plus I have never liked the process of my customer needing to retrieve the code from their email therefore leaving my site. Rewardify worked flawelessly with their "new customer coupon" functionality. I now have a simple signup form that automatically loads the coupon amount after signup. This allowed me to keep them on my site and Rewardify is definitely priced reasonably for the functionality.

The 2nd part is the support (Jesse). Seriously one of the best and most friendly people I have worked with when it comes to developers. Totally willing to help and answer any of my questions and never asked for compensation for helping me way beyond what was necessary. I finally had to MAKE him let me pay him. Plus his response time was almost always within an hour, which is rare and so valuable.

Bottom line - you WON"T find better support and in my opinion, if you want to offer a free offer to new customers in exchange for email using this app is so much better than the typical email/coupon code process. I would give more stars if I could.


The support on this app has been amazing...over the top. The author took care of my every custom need--working with me to get it just right for my site. He went above-and-beyond what you would expect! The app itself has a lot of features and is very customizable. It does much more than we use it for on our site. If you need help getting it up and running on your site, don't hesitate to ask. You won't be disappointed!


Rewardify is an app that integrates a store credit program directly into your site instead of having a separate app that runs along side. Your customer will definitely feel it is a part of your site. No need to use any silly points systems and redeeming for coupon, store credit is in dollar value and allows customers to redeem directly from the cart level. It is a little hard to integrate but Jesse is extremely helpful and replies to help emails usually within minutes. Extremely helpful and responsive to help request.


I've been looking for a lot of these exact features (primarily the one about providing my customers "rebates" instead of just "points" so they don't have to keep computing for or converting them in their heads while shopping.) It's looking like I made an excellent choice using this app. I would recommend.


I can't say enough good things about this app! It let's customers use store credit just like cash - no coupon code required! This was exactly what we were looking for!


Rewardify helps our company power a store that facilitates department budgeting and employee credits towards merchandise. The auto-redeem feature helps our employees use the store with ease. Rewardify is a great solution to providing credit-based purchasing to our store.

From $9.95 / month



  • Pricing is based on number of interactions or requests made.

  • Basic Plan: $9.95 per 50,000 Requests per Month, Pro Plan: $39.95 per 250,000 Requests per Month, and Plus Plan: $99.95 per 2,500,000 Requests per Month + 30 Day Free Trial.

  • *Email Notifications are charged at a rate of $0.0005 USD per Email sent unless a SendGrid or Mandrill account is provided, or Emails are disabled.

14 days

Support & Sales

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