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111 reviews
Price: From $1,500.00 / month More info
  • Increase revenue, reduce fraud and never pay another chargeback
  • Clear “approve” or “decline” decisions on every order, in real time
  • Trusted by 1000+ global enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies

The complete Risk Solution for Large Shopify Merchants

Riskified is a leading eCommerce fraud-prevention company, trusted by hundreds of global brands – from luxury fashion houses and retail chains, to gift card and ticket marketplaces.

We are the solution of choice for mid-market and large enterprises who understand that fraud management is a growth engine and a means to recoup lost revenue and expand into new markets.

Our all-in-one solution includes a 100% chargeback protection guarantee on every order we approve, allowing our merchants to sell with confidence. Merchants working with Riskified see increased revenue and protection from loss, while their customers have a seamless experience without adding any friction to the checkout process.

Our advanced machine-learning algorithms weed out fraud while enabling merchants to capture and fulfill a higher percentage of legitimate orders.

Riskified Benefits:

  • Increase your revenue with no need for manual review and no risk of chargebacks

  • Stop spending resources on order review and allocate them to grow your business

  • The most extensive merchant network helps identify genuine customers across geographies, channels and industries

  • Channel our global track record to expand your business to new markets and opportunities

  • Provide your end customers with a smooth, no-friction shopping experience

  • Enjoy full transparency, with instant access to key performance metrics, and insight into every decision

Riskified reviews

111 reviews
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I'm getting more concerned using this app now due to an order that was prior approved then being declined after shipment. The app allows for users to update addresses to check to make sure the new address is safe. Well I had an international customer that I couldn't confirm the out of country address so I asked them for another and I input that info just to check with Shopify's shipping label address check to see if that would change the address status and Riskified delined even though I switched back to the original approved address for that order. It makes me wonder how many shipments I've sent out that won't be covered. Now they won't cover their initial approval of the address that I actually shipped to.


Amazing service! This app has given me complete peace of mind when processing orders. No more worrying and guessing if a chargeback will happen if I send to an address other than the billing. We had to use the chargeback service once, on a rather large order, and the process was so quick and easy. They completely took care of me and delivered everything they promised. The only downside I can see so far is there's no # to call for support, but this is because they are based out of Israel, and they have been very quick to respond to my emails. All by next day when I woke up.


After more than a year as a customer, we find out that our account has been deactivated without warning so they could change the pricing model, no longer offering a "pay-per-use" service but requiring a minimum monthly fee of $200 instead. How is it that current blog resources on their live site, advertised pricing information provided through the Shopify app store, and app reviews as recently as 2 weeks ago all still promote this 'no-longer-supported' pricing plan?

Albeit we are a very small customer for them (only sending the few orders per quarter that we are pretty confident are fraudulent as a last step before canceling/refunding them)...it's disappointing that we've continued to receive bi-monthly emails from Riskified about their services and industry updates, yet they would fail to mention in any form of communication to us these changes in pricing, and also forget to notify us that we are no longer their customer.

How did we find out about the deactivation? Attempted to submit an order for review and found the password has been changed and can't be reset.

So they need more money for their services -- we get it. The new pricing plan might even make sense for us after some consideration, but the implementation (account deactivation?!) was poorly thought through and not a good indicator of what we can expect as a customer moving forward.

Anybody else experiencing this recently? This is an unexpected bummer.


So far I have had no problems with this application. When an order is placed I can see if it is suspicious immediately. I would recommend to others.


Great App! has saved me plenty of times and the customer service is excellent.


I have now used this AP for 4 months and I'm still completely sold on it. It has saved 4 orders. I am still very pleased. It was supper easy to load and start using. I like I only pay for it when I need it but the next level of service is also attractive when I grow my business bigger. Great AP thank you Riskified.


A must have for any online store. A great app!!


Satisfied. I've been using them for over two years. Two fraudulent orders, on two different occasions, slipped through their filters; they returned the chargeback + fees immediately without any questions.



I've been using Riskified on Devtees.com for about a year or more now, and it's one of the single best additions to my Shopify store. It has successfully and consistently mitigated the ridiculous onslaught of fraudulent orders I get, and I highly recommend it to anyone else looking for a solution for mitigating fraudulent orders and the inevitable chargebacks that come with them.


We've really enjoyed the peace of mind we get from having Riskified to analyze our orders. We've prevented many fraudulent orders since we started using Riskified. It integrates very nicely with our shopify store.

From $1,500.00 / month

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