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Sale All in One by Saio

Sale All in One by Saio

Developed by Saio

11 reviews
Price: Free – $7.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Automatically update sale prices either by a percentage, fixed amount or to a flat-rate
  • Schedule sales to automatically start and end on selected dates - perfect for sales as Black Friday or Cyber Monday
  • Save time by not editing sale prices manually one by one

Never worry again about needing to set products on sale one variant at a time!
With Sale - All in one, you can set up sales that will automatically update your products when and how you want.


  • Create percentage, fixed amount or flat-rate sales

  • Apply a sale to the entire store, a collection or to a group of products that you pick

  • Works on all collections whether it's a Smart or Custom Collection

  • Schedule updates - automatically starts and stops sales when you want

  • Prioritize sales so that you always get the right product at the right price

Sale types:

You can create sales that are either a percentage off (for example a 10% off sale), a fixed amount off (for example a $5.00 off sale) OR flat-rate fee (for example, all products are $10.00)
You can have multiple sales of each time and easily switch a sale between the options

Schedule sale:

Let Sale - All in one take the stress out of your sales, with Sale All in one you can schedule your sale when and where ever. Perfect for sales such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Just set and forget!

Choose where to apply the sale:

The sale can be applied to a specific collection (for example your Frontpage collection), to the entire store or a group of products you select in the app. Your products and collections are always kept in sync, so the right products are always at the right price.

Set the sale priority:

Having multiple sales? No problem! Order the sales in the priority to be applied.
For example, want everything on the store to be 10% off, but you want your Frontpage collection to be a fixed amount of $5.00 off? You only need to set the Frontpage sale to be a higher priority. For any product, the sale with the highest priority gets applied.


  • 5-day FREE trial

  • $7.99/month after the free trial

  • Free for development stores

Demo storefront:

  • Click here to see demo store
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  • Sale All in One by Saio reviews

    11 reviews
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    5. 1 star (2 reviews)

    Finally found a low cost app to assist us with our storewide sales. You can use it for storewide or by collections and this has made things so much easier for us.


    Time saver!!

    We have been using this app for the last 3 months and it have made our sales so much easier.
    Our store have over 4500 products so setting up sales can be a bit time consuming, with this app it has never been easier - add the settings the the sales and hit the start sale button and let the app do its job and you are done.

    Would and have recommended it to others.


    We have been using this app for the last couple of months. it helped us out during are sale and are highly recommendable. It saves us hours of editing products. Will using this again for sure. The support is quickly to respond and very helpful...


    Have had nothing but problems - am uninstalling - I have had prices all over the place and anything I manually do it over-writes.

    I have wasted so much time on this.........

    Had sale rack before and found this not good as well : (


    Works really well for our store. Fast updating of sale prices which saves us tons of time. Great price as well. So far, very pleased with this app..


    It's "ok" but I am uninstalling it. You can no longer adjust your prices on regular shopify when this App in active. It also needs you create clusters of products to discount rather than allowing you to choose item by item.


    So easy to use....make is simple to create discounts for different products. Seems to work faster than most discount sale apps.

    If you do promotions, this one is a must.


    Technical stuff: Brooklyn theme, with apps: PageSpeed, Judge.me, Klaviyo, Order Printer, and Signifyd, plus Sale - All In One

    This app worked perfectly for my Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. After backing up my products, I installed the app and went through the menu structure which is self-explanatory (I manually turned my sales on and off, but you can automate by date and time). I discounted my whole store by 15%, and 'saved' the sale. A progress wheel appeared at the top of my screen. With about 450 products, discounting took about 3 minutes. Upon completion and rechecking my site, the app showed my existing list prices, then struck through them, and placed a discounted price (in red) immediately to the right. In the upper left corner of my product image, there was a small circle that appeared with text inside that said "SAVE $X.XX" (actual numbers were shown in real life). Holiday orders came through without any pricing hitch. This morning, I stopped the sale, and after a progress bar and about 3 minutes again, all prices returned to normal. Perfect.

    Simply put, you cannot beat this app for simplicity and error free discounting in your store. Plus, there are several of ways to do a sale in this app - check it out to see if it meets your needs. The developer responds promptly if you have any questions, and the app treats your product database with kid gloves.


    We have just installed this app to use for Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. It was incredible easy to install, worked just like it said it would and is a very good price.
    There aren't any of the more premium features like some of the other apps with regards to customizing the look & feel of the notifications, hence it doesn't have the premium price tag.

    Would recommend.


    I was a little worried, considering the first review left for this app, but I can assure everyone that whatever issue that person had has been corrected. I added this app to our store and in less than a minute I was able to put a whole category on sale. To fully test it, I then deleted the sale and made sure items went back to regular price. They did - It works perfectly and super efficiently.

    I love that we can post more than one sale at once, setting priorities to insure that everything is priced correctly - and even this is easy to do with this app. With all the sales listed on one screen, it's easy to see what's happening on our store and start, schedule or end sales. We have almost a thousand items on our store, so this is going to take the hassle out of running sales, which is great news for our customers!

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