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Scratch & Win

Scratch & Win

Developed by Apps Mav

5 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month More info
  • Displaying scratch cards is an awesome gamification strategy to boost engagement & revisits to your website & Facebook page
  • Includes 'refer & play again'. See your referrals grow
  • Display on your Facebook Page. Increase Likes & Fans

Gamify and watch your leads grow! Display a Scratch Card on your website, Facebook page & mobile to offer visitors a chance to win in return for entering their details. A fun and irresistible way to get leads, fans, repeat visits, referrals and sales ( Yes! Winners can immediately apply their coupon codes on checkout- This means more sales for you)


Check out: Live Demo!

Note: The Scratch card demo pop-up will appear immediately but you can configure it to display on exit intent, scroll percentage or after a timed delay. The layout, behavior and design can be easily customized

How does it work?

A Scratch Card appears on your Shopify store & Facebook Page. You can set it up to appear: 'on exit intent' (aka Exit popup), after a scroll percentage or time spent on your website. When visitors enter their email address or connect through their social media profile, they can then scratch the card for their chance to win. Scratch & win can be fully customized so you can specify multiple prizes and slots, change layout, pop up behavior, add custom form fields, activate referral, play again and much more.

Display anywhere

You can display this anywhere including as a pop up, on a page on your Shopify store, Facebook tab, Blog, etc. It is 100% mobile and Google friendly

Play again- Get repeat visits!

Participants can also come back and play again after a certain time as configured by you.

Refer to play again- Boost Referral traffic!

Scratch & win also has an awesome Refer-to-play-again feature, which gets you referral traffic. Subscribers share your promotion with their friends and when friends participate, the referrals get another chance to play.

Automagic coupons for instant checkout- Increased sales opportunity

Scratch & win subscribers are more likely to use their coupon code since the discount is won and can be immediately applied at checkout. This also means you don't need to spend hours creating and managing coupon codes manually- We do all this automagically!


  • Launch multiple giveaways

  • Display on your website, Facebook page, mobile, Tumblr etc.

  • Integrated Social Sharing features

  • Increase repeat visits by enabling people to play again after a certain time interval

  • Refer-to-play-again gets you viral traffic

  • Easy to install - Just plug & play. No coding required

  • Customize your slots, prize types & quantity

  • Facebook Platform policies compliant

  • Facebook Permissions Approved

  • Display in any language (Beta)

  • Restrict campaigns by country, suburb and age

  • Custom Fields - Easily add custom text fields, number fields, address fields collect any data you need!

  • Template design library is available for cover, winner, loser & scratch coin images or upload & edit your own images through our easy to use image editor

  • Display custom design banners

  • White label option available

  • Choose start & end dates

  • No commitment. No obligation

[UPDATE] May 2018: Optimized widgets, Anti-cheat algorithm, Scratch effect updated

[UPDATE] Oct 2017: Custom forms can now be setup. One click, play now, enhanced design and much more....

[UPDATE] June 2017: Independence day design library is now available to help you run awesome instant win promotions.

[UPDATE] June 2017: Easy install process launched and exit intent pop up feature added

[UPDATE] April 2017: Mother’s day giveaways design library is now available to help you run awesome mother’s day instant win promotions.

Awesome Support!

We are only an email away for any support or issues. We aim to reply within 8 hours but usually, you should hear back from us in under an hour.
If you don't hear back from us within 8 hours then either we have not received your email or please check your spam/junk folder.

Free for 50 leads. Unlimited leads plan is for only $14.95 per month.
All features are included in all of the plans

Scratch & Win reviews

5 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Okay, I am going to be 100% honest.
The developer of this company is a great person from what I have gathered.
He helped me set up their Loyalty Program app 'gratification' and he went above his duty of care and really helped out a lot. Now where he fell short was the actual app, I wont go into too much detail about the Gratification app other than YES it is an amazing app, it literally has everything you could possibly need for a loyalty program..this Scratch & Win app is great and affordable BUT again, this app falls short of anything great. I cant fault the developer on his dedication and work. But this app like the loyalty program one is not fun to use, it looks very out dated and ugly. When scratching the panel it leaves dots...it doesnt scrub or scratch. I would really love to love this app because I want to support the developer because I can tell how hard he has worked. But I feel he's given up on this app along with the loyalty one. I am deleting them both for now.

But to be honest I would definitely come back and use these apps again when the developer sorts his stuff out. I was informed by email that the loyalty app was going to be updated and made better after emailing them about the sluggishness of their apps. But nothings changed so I am going to have to say bye for now.

I hope the developer sees my review and updates their apps. I wish I could help because out of all the loyalty apps, the team behind this developer (TBH I think he might work alone) sound like genuine good blokes.

The 1 star reviews on this app are old and outdated and shouldnt reflect your opinion of this app or developer. Give it a try THEN choose for yourself.

The dev does contact you back usually within a few minutes to hours.
cant say I have ever had a problem contacting them.

To the devs; Good luck in the future and I hope to see your apps in the top section soon.


The app developer went above and beyond to help us set up this app properly. Even working on a weekend to ensure that we had no problems with their product. They were open to some of our suggestions on small improvements that could be made. I would highly recommend this app. This is a shining example of customer service. Thank you.


Really awesome app
This app was super easy to install and works well. It attracts people to come again & try their luck. The support is very good as well. I would definitely recommend!


From your friends at https://www.sendmyeliquid.com this app is trash!

Thanks for wasting my time!


First of all, apparently there is no customer support - no one has replied for more than 48 hours. Secondly. my mistake, didn't check how many leads are visible for the free plan... ONLY 10!!! So beware if you want to launch first to test customers reaction - it will cost you.

From $0.00 / month

Scratch & win is free for your first 50 leads (aka entries). This includes all features. Our paid plans start at $9.95/month. For a detailed look at pricing plans see our pricing page.

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