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Get Clicked! SEO

Get Clicked! SEO

Developed by Adolab

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  • Stand out from your competitors! Creates eye catching search result listings with colorful star ratings, reviews, and extra product info!
  • Automatically adds structured data directly into your products HTML markup. Show off with beautiful, data-packed "rich snippets" that show up on Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Gets you a HIGHER Click Through Rate on search results. Get more results from your SEO efforts!

Do you want your product listing to POP in Google search results? Get Clicked! SEO can help you stand out from the competition!

★ How does GET CLICKED! SEO Work?

Our app writes the code (called structured data) for your site so that search engines can display your products with eye-catching descriptions on search results.

These attractive descriptions are called rich snippets.

★ What is a Rich Snippet?

A rich snippet is a colorful and enticing preview of your product page shown in search results.

Rich snippets display MORE information than ordinary search results such as:

  • Star Rating

  • Product Image

  • Reviews

  • Availability

  • Price

They show extra product details which gives you a BIG advantage over your competitors.

Rich snippets help convince potential buyers to click on your product!

★ Stand Out in Google SEARCH

Attract potential buyers with colorful and attractive descriptions for your product pages.

Rich snippets display more information, which helps shoppers discover your products!

★ Structured Data Benefits

  • Help Google understand the type of products you sell so they can show your products in search results
  • Search engines use it to create "rich snippets" (bold & colorful descriptions)
  • Rich snippets get more clicks & increase site traffic
  • Overtime, Google will notice your site has a higher-click through rate than other search results & can increase your ranking

★ Show up in Google IMAGE Search Results

Structured data allows Google to include your products in Google Image Search results.

Google will also add a badge to your product image which can encourage more users to click your content.

★ Build Trust in your Products with Star Ratings & Reviews

Rich snippets beautifully display colorful star ratings & reviews.
This makes your products look more trustworthy!

Reviews are social proof that guarantee your products are high quality and reliable.

People trust sites that look dependable and they tend to click more on product pages that look legitimate.

★ Features

  • Easy to install (only one line of code!)

  • Adds structured data directly into your page's HTML markup

  • Creates eye catching descriptions for your product pages

  • Higher Click-through Rate

  • Improves your SEO

  • 100% Mobile friendly

  • Showcase products with colorful star ratings & reviews

  • Enables search engines to generate rich snippets

  • Allows Google to show your product in Google Image Search

  • Automatic updates to structured data

★ Why Should You Install GET CLICKED! SEO?

  • Drive sales with an attractive product listing

  • Make your products trustworthy

  • Help your products be found

  • Built by a SEO Expert & Senior Software Engineer

  • We specialize in Shopify e-commerce

  • Convert search traffic into paying customers

  • Get clicked on search results!

  • We are registered Shopify Experts!

★ How Do Rich Snippets Work?

In order for Google to show rich snippets for your store in search results, your site needs structured data.

Our app adds the necessary structured data code throughout your site so that search engines can create rich snippets using the information we provide.

We take the hassle out of creating structured data so you can focus on growing your Shopify store!

Instead of having a jumble of words that makes no sense to your customer, rich snippets make your product listings look appealing and easy to read.

★ Instantly Adds Rich Data to Your Product Listings

Rich snippets are ideal for displaying product pages because they offer valuable product information that entices shoppers.

Rich snippets help your customers understand what your product or service is all about in one quick glance.

Rich snippets are also great for displaying more than just products!

They help your company display extra details about: special offers, events, services, blog articles, and also physical business location.

★ Rich Snippets INCREASE Your SEO!

Structured data is one of the most important and cost-effective SEO strategies out there.

Rich snippets can significantly increase your Search Engine Optimization (i.e. presence on various search engines).

Increasing your SEO can help you drive sales.

Rich snippets are clickable because they are pretty to look at. With one glance, a potential customer can understand what a webpage is all about.

More clicks means more traffic, and this can have a beneficial affect on your overall search result ranking.

Eventually Google will see that your search result is having a higher-click through rate than other search results, and can decide to bump up your ranking.

★ Does This Work With All Search Engines Or Just Google?

Yes! Our app works with EVERY major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and Duck Duck Go.

Our app is compatible with any search engine that displays rich snippets in their search results.

★ Automatically Adds JSON-LD to Your Shopify Store

The simplest, fastest, and most complete way to get Rich Snippets for your Shopify store. Our app automatically adds structured data directly into your page's HTML markup.

Structured data allows search engines (such as Google) to create rich snippets which enable rich product results.

Alternatively, it would cost hundreds of dollars to hire a programmer to implement structured data throughout your entire site.

We are offering this service to Shopify store owners completely 100% free.

  • Great beginner package for improving SEO, sales, & ranking

  • Works with ANY theme right out of the box

  • Regularly updates ensure your structured data is accurate

  • Fast & Friendly Customer Service

★ Created By SEO Experts ★

You'll get complete & continued monitoring of your structured data at a professional level.

  • You'll be assigned a real Senior Software Developer (Structured Data & SEO Expert)

  • Priority Customer Support (Helpful customer support available)

  • Huge savings - Totally free! Enjoy this service forever!

  • Includes ongoing updates & improvements to your site's structured data

  • Great option for small & large businesses looking to grow their brand

★ Free Forever

Yup, you read correctly. We are currently offering our app for free which is an incredible deal!

Make sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

While our competitors charge very high prices, we are offering our app completely free.

Save money when you choose our app! Get our app free forever (including all future updates & improvements).

Click 'Get' and reap the benefits of structured data forever.

★ How Do Rich Snippets Help Your Store?

  1. Stand out from your competitors

  2. Higher Click-through Rate!

  3. Gives your product a very powerful & attention grabbing search result listing

  4. Google can showcase your products with colorful star ratings & reviews!
  5. Displays your products beautifully on search results

  6. Entices potential customers

  7. Most impactful marketing technique that increases your SEO

  8. Ability to be featured on Google Images (with an image of your product)

  9. Naturally improves your search result ranking

  10. The greatest return on your money!

★ How Long Does It Take To Work?

Your rich snippets may show up as soon as 1 to 12 weeks, but Google chooses to crawl sites depending on a wide variety of factors and will respond to your structured data as it sees fit.

Although there is no way to force them to display the structured data, our app provides Google with the most recent and up-to-date information that they are expecting so that they can create rich snippets for your site.

Fast & Friendly 24/7 Support

Email us anytime & we promise to get back to you quickly!

Our average response time is under 24 hours. In fact, we often reply in just a couple of minutes.


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Really good, it really has helped me get more clicks from google.


I like they point out the obvious of what works and does not. I can't really tell anyone it is working so far since google is slow to crawl but based on my experience in SEO I would say it will. Also one of the better apps out there that does most the work for you. I am excited to see what I did and what it does.


great app developer very helpful


so far so good, will see if it really does what it says in future.. thanks for making this free and we just saved around 200$ to have some one to do it for us as what it was described under you app

keep up the good work


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