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SEO Photo Optimizer

SEO Photo Optimizer

Developed by SpurIT

29 reviews
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  • THE ONLY FREE Shopify app that has 3-in-1 features: bulk image resizing, size compression and applying SEO-boosting Alt tags
  • Automatic compression and optimization of existing and new products without quality loss! Backups are available!
  • Optimize an unlimited number of images! JPEG, PNG, GIF support

Totally Free Shopify Image Optimization App that speeds up your store and makes it more SEO-friendly!

Hundreds of Shopify merchants have already chosen our app instead of competitors' apps because:

✔️ It’s the only 3-in-1 app: image resizer, image compression and alt image optimization;

✔️ Absolutely Free app for unlimited number of images;

✔️ Scheduling of Alt tag changes, image resizing and compression.


To configure image compression and/or resizing (squaring):

  • Select images manually or apply optimization for all images;

  • Start the optimization!

To configure Alt tags:

  • Set up Alt image template that will apply for some or all product images.

  • Start the optimization!

You can monitor the optimization status in the app. Average compression saves 40-60% of the image size. If you don’t like the result – feel free to revert the images to the original.

Check your website in Google Pagespeed Insights before and after image optimization! Results should be incredible!

Note that only product images are optimizing (and not banners, images in product description or website logo)!


✔️ Optimize individual images or the whole store images

✔️ Compare the results of optimization with a preview option

✔️ Automatic optimization for newly added images

You can set it up so that Alt tag updates, image compression and image resizing are applied to newly added products.

✔️ Restore optimized images to the original

If you don’t like results of the image optimization, you can revert resizing and compression back.

✔️ No quality loss

Compressed images have almost the same quality as uncompressed. It saves 40-60% of the image size, but dramatically increases page load speed.

✔️ Scheduling of Alt tag changes, image resizing and compression

Set up daily, weekly and monthly updates for the products.

✔️ Absolutely Free And Fast Support

Our helpful technical support specialists will help you solve any problems within 24 hours (on weekdays)

Save hours of manual image optimization! Use our amazing Shopify Image Resizer and Compression App! Install for Free Right Now!


What is Alt-tag and how does it improve SEO?

It’s an image description inside html code. The text inside this html tag is displayed on the page if images do not load for some reason, or were deleted from the server.
Most importantly, it’s a must-have element for good SEO since it increases it by up to 10%.

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SEO Photo Optimizer reviews

29 reviews
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All these tools for free!!! thats an instant savings of $25 just on photo optimization. with the rest you and me will be able to save alot more


Absolutely crushing it. They're compressing images better than an app I PAID for! The alt-tag function is supremely helpful too; I had no idea how I was going to find the time to put in alt tags individually!

When I get more money, I will likely upgrade to an app that requires payment. But, for the newbie starting out on a budget, this app is a true lifesaver :D


With over 10000, SKU's and multiple images per SKU. This app was abe to compress on an average of 40% per image. The page load times was visible before and after compression.


This app has saved me a lot of time and stress. When I discovered that Shopify only posts square photos I already had all my products photographed in landscape style. This app quickly and easily added a black or white bar to the top and bottom of my photos. They look great!


nice fast easy. I recommend this


Nice app can t wait to see results


Great App! Strongly recommend


This app optimizes the images and gives alt names with just few clicks, and it's hassle free process.


needs to have a report of total of KB saved to have idea of compression ratio before and after.. otherwise, is great


Forever Free Plan includes:
✔️ Optimize individual images or the whole store images
✔️ Compare the results of optimization with a preview option
✔️ Automatic optimization for newly added images
✔️ No quality loss
✔️ Restore optimized images to the original
✔️ Scheduling of Alt tag changes, image resizing and compression
✔️ Absolutely Free And Fast Support

Support & Sales

+1 888 409-2976 (US)
+1 888 663-6479 (CA)
+44 800 069-8693 (UK)
+33 805 088-783 (EU)
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