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Cloud Hooks

Cloud Hooks

Developed by BarrCoders

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  • Automate away mundane tasks
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend managing servers
  • Respond to webhooks flexibly, using custom Javascript

Note: You really should be comfortable working with Javascript in order to use CloudHooks. I am working on a follow up app with a fancy UI for use by anyone, but this is not that. This is for developers and tech-savvy shop owners.

Cloud Hooks provides a serverless environment for responding to your shop's webhooks with simple Javascript.

You simply select which event you want to respond to, say, a new customer signing up, and then write a function that will be triggered by it. This function will be called with the web hook payload, as well as a growing collection of actions (functions) you can take, that enable you to interact with your shop through the API, send emails, or make HTTP requests.

And because Cloud Hooks off-loads processing to AWS Lambda, you can count on the isolation, security, and scalability that will help you sleep at night.

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The first 100 actions each month are free. After that you will be charged $0.01 per action taken. Examples of an action are: sending an email, tagging a customer, or sending an HTTP POST request. No tiers, no limits

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