Cloud Hooks

Cloud Hooks

by BarrCoders

A serverless platform for handling webhooks

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Automate away mundane tasks

Trigger emails, post-process incoming orders, monitor fulfillments. Reduce the amount of manual labor in your business.

Less infrastructure is more

Reduce the amount of time you spend managing servers. Rely on AWS Lambda to keep your code available and performant.

Get creative

Respond to webhooks flexibly. With a growing set of actions available, you can solve problems the way you want to.

About Cloud Hooks

**Note: You should be comfortable working with Javascript in order to use Cloud Hooks. I am working on a follow up app with a fancy UI for use by anyone, but this is not that. This is for developers and tech-savvy shop owners.**

Cloud Hooks provides a serverless Javascript environment for responding to your shop's webhooks.

You simply select which event you want to respond to, say, a new customer signing up, and then write a function that will be triggered by it. This function will be called with the webhook payload, as well as a growing collection of actions (functions) you can take, that enable you to interact with your shop through the API, send emails, or make HTTP requests.

And because Cloud Hooks off-loads processing to AWS Lambda, you can count on the isolation, security, and scalability that will help you sleep at night.

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Free to install

$0.01 per "action", such as sending an email, or hitting API

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