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ShipRobot - Multi-carrier Shipping Labels

ShipRobot - Multi-carrier Shipping Labels

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  • Sync orders from multiple sales channels you use in real-time.
  • Create and print shipping labels for all your orders with one solution.
  • Update order statuses automatically once orders are fulfilled.

ShipRobot is an intuitive web-based shipping solution for online merchants. ShipRobot is tightly integrated with Shopify.

ShipRobot supports multiple sales channels and shipping carriers. We currently support 16 sales channels/platforms and 6 shipping carriers.

We've removed the hassle of going to several web sites to create shipping labels and manage order statuses by including all those features into one simple solution. Now you can sync orders from your Shopify store in real-time and print a shipping label for an order with only a few clicks. After a label is created we automatically update the shipping status to fulfilled within your Shopify store Admin. Tracking number emails are then triggered and sent to you and your customer.


  • Try our REST API to extend functionality.

  • Print address labels without postage.

  • Batch label creation. Generate up to 250 shipping labels at once.

  • Need custom shipping calculations during checkout? We are experts at building custom solutions. Feel free to submit a proposal.
  • Real-time syncing of unfulfilled and partially fulfilled orders from multiple sales channels you use like Shopify.

  • Create and print shipping labels for all your orders with one solution.

  • Update order statuses automatically once orders are fulfilled.

  • Automatically send tracking number emails to customers.

  • Support for partial order fulfillment, pick the item to be shipped.

  • Option to automatically send tracking number emails to yourself.

  • Option to manually add orders (in case we don't support your sales channel).

  • Option to manually add tracking number and update order status (in case we don't support your shipping carrier).

  • Option to import orders using .csv file (in case we don't support your sales channel).

  • Print customized packing slips.

  • Print pick lists.

  • Print customized commercial invoices.

  • Search/filter for any order or shipment easily.

  • Add unlimited ship from addresses.

  • View postage rate for a label before you create one.

  • Ability to void UPS, FedEx, and Canada Post Contract labels.

  • Ability to refund postage for USPS (Endicia) shipping labels within the app.

  • Create and print UPS return labels or email them to your customer.

  • Create and print USPS return labels.

  • Keep track of shipments you've made with one solution.

  • Reprint labels and track shipments easily.

  • Reopen orders that have already shipped in case you need to send more items.

  • Add unlimited package size presets so you don't have to enter package dimensions manually. Other types of presets are also available.

  • Add unlimited sales channels and stores (For example: 2 Shopify stores and 1 Etsy shop).

  • Automatically retains order, customer, shipment data and export to .csv file.

  • Visualize your order and shipment data across time with our charts feature.

  • Receive your negotiated rates for labels created (UPS, FedEx, and Canada Post Contract).

  • We support both Contract and Non-contract Canada Post shipping.

  • Receive commercial plus pricing postage rates and a free account through Express1 (USPS).

  • Receive commercial base pricing postage rates and insurance discounts through Endicia (USPS).

  • Switch on or off Endicia's stealth postage feature (USPS).

  • Check Endicia postage balance and buy postage within the app (USPS).

  • We support FedEx SmartPost Accounts.

  • We support both paper-based UPS commercial invoicing and paperless UPS commercial invoicing (EDI). Paperless invoicing removes the need to attach a physical invoice to a package.

  • Cloud-based software, use it anywhere with a web browser and an internet connection.

  • We support laser printers and thermal label printers like the Dymo LabelWriter 4XL and Zebra printers.

  • Super simple UI and easy setup.

  • We use the latest technologies to keep your data secure and experience fast and stable.

  • We continue to add new integrations and features.

  • Amazing customer support and dedicated engineer to assist you.

ShipRobot - Multi-carrier Shipping Labels reviews (38)


This is a great app for shipping. We use it for shipping our Shopify orders as well as our Amazon orders. It's nice to have one app that works great with both. We use Canada Post for our shipping, and it integrates well with this app. The Canada Post app for Shopify only works with Venture One accounts. So if you have a volume based account like we do, then ShipRobot is a great option.

The app is really easy to use. It's intuitive and easy to set up. One thing I would like to see in the app is an option to sync all accounts at once, or to automatically sync when you log in.

Finally, the support is excellent. Always fast and courteous. Recently, the support team pushed out a code change on a Sunday to fix a bug I'd reported just minutes earlier!

Highly recommended.


If you are in a hurry , get this app for these reasons

Support -
best ever, they implemented requests and fixes in record time

Affordability - the next best competing app for this is $175 a month for our volume, this one is $50 - it will pay for itself, you even get one month free

Time saving -
gets your customer details from shopify automatically

Cut down on support -
puts all your tracking numbers in one place from all carriers

Get your negotiated rates? - yes

edit: Reputation
They have lots of reputable companies behind them - it seems TESLA Motors uses them - The CEO there is a founding member for PayPal - I encourage you to give shiprobot your support as well so that they can be even better at what they do

You absolutely have to use this app. At first I was going to say "if you ship with multiple carriers" or "if you ship lots of boxes" but the reality is, you need your customers to get their tracking numbers, from your front-end, and the only way to do this in the shopify back-end is

1) manually - when fulfilling an order you manually copy/paste the tracking number from canada post EST desktop or UPS worldship - this is horrible

2) use an app to grab the data from your shipper account and push it into shopify.

100 emails about "where's my tracking number" can be avoided with this app - it gets your order number, tracking number, customer details all in one neat location

This is not the biggest strength of shiprobot though, it will allow you to get your negotiated rates from your carrier directly into one location, so you do not have to use each carrier's software separately

Also, it will pull the customer address and weight of order from shopify so you do not have to copy/paste manually into your shipper software

Best of all the support is 10 stars, these guys are right up there with shopify, enchant, stitch labs, and custom shipping app support teams - they implemented several requests/needs for us within a day or less usually


For UPS users ShipRobot speeds up the fulfilment process considerably. This is a product in constant development and Andy is always responsive and willing to help with tweaks to improve the user experience.


We switched to ShipRobot from doing shipments manually and saved 10 minutes per order. ShipRobot is intuitive and works seamlessly with our Shopify storefront.


WE LOVE ShipRobot! It is the simplest yet most powerful shipping app we have used. We did a trial of 5 different Shopify apps and ShipRobot beat them in every one of our needs/requirements.


I was seeking an easy way to stream my shipping and this is it!
Customer service has been outstanding and time saved is well worth it!
Everything I need in a convenient app-Perfect


This is the Shopify shipping app I was hoping existed, and thanks to ShipRobot (with a little help from Andy) - it does. I had it setup and connected to our UPS account within 10 minutes (you need to you have your UPS "API access key" and UPS account number). I am able to print labels directly from the ShipRobot site, or let my warehouse guys print from the UPS site directly (at UPS go to SHIPPING -> VIEW HISTORY and print any label you've created). After creating the shipment in ShipRobot, your order is automatically updated in Shopify, and the customer receives an email with the tracking number... all of this works smoothly and seamlessly. Great APP, great support and totally worth the money. Nice work.


Great shipping app!
Keeps getting updated with new cool features, support is excellent.
We highly recommend it!


ShipRobot works well & simply for shipping to our customers. The two times I have had a question it has been responded to promptly and thoroughly. Thank you!


Preparing shipments was taking time away from focusing on other aspects of running our business, and we were in need of an effective and efficient method to prepare labels, track packages, and maintain an organized log of pending and processed orders. The ShipRobot team has provided just that, and is truly a pleasure to work with. They provided exceptional customer through our setup process, and ShipRobot proved to be real a lifesaver during our busiest shipping time of the year; Mother's Day. Their customer service team is always quick to respond, and to work with the specifics of the company itself so that the functionality of the application meets your daily needs and really allows for a more efficient use of time. We rely heavily on ShipRobot, and have high confidence in it. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate, which continuously saves time and prevents otherwise easy to make errors. Our team highly recommends ShipRobot.

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