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Shop by Instagram - The Instagram Shoppable Feed

Shop by Instagram - The Instagram Shoppable Feed

Developed by Expert Village Media Technologies

180 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 21 days More info
  • Allow the customers to Shop products from your Instagram Gallery that you show on your store page. A Shoppable Instagram Gallery.
  • Create Hashtag galleries by this app and show the photos of your products posted by your customers on their Instagram account.
  • Create a product specific Instagram Feed Gallery, it shows only those Instagram photos in the feed, which has the current product tagged on the images.

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Shoppable Instagram Gallery App - Trusted by 4000+ Stores

Shop by Instagram app allows you to create Shoppable Instagram galleries that you can showcase on your store and that gallery will have store products tagged on the Instagram photos.

Your Instagram followers and site visitors can easily buy products from the Instagram Photos shows there which they may saw on Instagram app as well. Its one of the most effective way to help customers find the products shown on your Instagram photos.

Collect Customer Photos Using Hashtags:

Encourage your customers to use your brand hashtag and post photos on their Instagram account. Use #hashtags to find these photos inside the app. You can show those photos on your Shoppable Instagram Gallery. This increases the engagement and interest of customers on your site.

That way you can show a customer photo gallery as well and make it shoppable by tagging products on those images. New customers will be encouraged to buy products on your store by such activities.


The benefit of using this app is that your customers can easily find the products as they see on your Instagram profile. They will navigate to your Instagram Shop on your store and click on images, and buy the products tagged on the images.

Its a new way of increasing engagement among users & also a way to enhance user experience.

So Easy to Setup in Few Clicks

1 - Install the App - Make sure you try it for atleast 21 days as its Free till 21 days.

2 - Connect Your Instagram Account by using Login Button in app.

3 - Tag/Link your products on Instagram Photos in app.

4 - Create more galleries by using #hashtags & find more images.

5 - Use one click install or embed code to add gallery on your site or any wherever you want it to be shown.

6 - Add the link of Shop by Instagram page in your Instagram profile bio section so followers can reach this page.

7 - Now your customers font have to search the products in store which they see on your Instagram account or photos. Its super easy for them now.

Brands Using Our App -

Live Examples:


  1. Hashtag Gallery - Create shoppable feed or show Instagram photos by using hashtags easily. It will allow you to create a fanreel as well.

  2. Direct Buy System - Your customers can add products to cart directly by clicking on Shop button on the Instagram photos in feed.

  3. Multiple Galleries Creation - Create unlimited galleries using this app to show on each of your products separately or on separate pages.
  4. Select products to be linked on the Instagram photos so that your customers can navigate to the products tagged in those photos.

  5. Multiple display options - Slideshow & Grid

  6. Add the Shoppable feed anywhere in site

  7. Analytics feature to track the clicks and views on the Shoppable feed

  8. Multiple customization options. Customize the Call to action button text and colors as well.
  9. Mobile responsive layout

  10. Tag multiple products on the image and it will be shown as hotspots on frontend in popup style. All tagged products will be shown with shop now buttons as well.

  11. You can use it as a Lookbook as well. Create an Amazing Social Lookbook with Shoppable feature.

  12. Increase the conversion rate as customers can easily purchase the products shown in your Instagram feed.

We have created a very simple user interface that will allow you to fetch your Instagram photos in the app admin panel and then you can simply select them and link the products per image.


Anabelachan Instagram Shop

Mackenzie Bryant and Co Instagram Shop

Why Instagram feed?

An Instagram feed can be a good tool for your site to engage customers by showing them the photos directly from your Instagram profile. Instagram has become one of the most important marketing channel these days so its important to leverage the benefits of your Instagram traffic by showing real authentic photos on your Shopify store.

Above that, you can even tag products on the Instagram photos so that people can directly buy from it instead of searching those products in store which leads them to exit from store if they cant find it.

Tags: Instagram Shop, Instagram, Instagram Feed, Instagram Gallery, Insta Feed, Insta Shop, Shop by Instagram, Shoppable Instagram Feed.


Important Note: Check this Live Demo before installing the app. We value your time, so dont get confused with Instagram Shop app by Shopify with this one.

This app is to showcase a Shoppable Instagram Gallery on your store page itself. See a live examples below.

Wickedly Mod - Shoppable Instagram Gallery

John Jacobs Eye Wear - Shoppable Instagram Gallery


Shop by Instagram - The Instagram Shoppable Feed reviews

180 reviews
  1. 5 stars (157 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (10 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (3 reviews)
  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

Great app, great service! I received instant-help when I had trouble setting this up with my shop. There were a few issues with our shop's CSS conflicting with the apps CSS. All of these issues were fixed immediately and now it looks awesome. Thanks again, I highly recommend this app!


Misdealing. Waste of time!!!

This app allows you to show your Instagram in your website but it is marketed as able to help you sell on on Instagram.
What I need is an app that feeds my Shopify products to my Instagram and allows user to buy.


Not what I thought. Much too expensive for what it does.

And why do they put a music track on their "how to use" video instead of actually explaining how to use it??


Not what the name implies at all. Useless for my purposes. Worse, after I contacted them for support and they specifically stated that the app would NOT do what I needed, they sent message after message, hounding me to re-install it. The only reason I give a two star instead of one is that their support is pretty quick, which can't be said for all apps. Overall, certainly not worth $20 a month, IMO!


Kemi was awesome in helping us get our store set up with this app. I drove this person crazy asking so many questions, but Kemi was patient and came through for us with complete satisfaction.

The look of the app is beautiful and professional. I would highly recommend this app for both novice and experienced store owners as it adds depth & dimension to any website.


its a very good app, and very effective!


Love this app! It’s both beautiful and functional. A perfect edition to our site.
And- Customer service has been superb!


Love the app, and the support is outstanding! Thanks Kemi for all of your help setting up our insta gallery!


I absolutely love this app! It fits perfect with my themes and the support has been more than helpful with bugs/errors.


Really is the perfect addition to my store. People know what they want to buy when there on Instagram and this gives them instant access so they don"t have to look around your website to find it. Highly recommend!


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Flexible Pricing Plans of Startup Stores and Enterprises as well
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This app is FREE for Shopify partners and merchants to install in development stores while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit.
App will charge a fee only when store goes live.

21 days




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