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Google Shopping, Bing Shopping & Facebook Ads Product Feed

Google Shopping, Bing Shopping & Facebook Ads Product Feed

Developed by AdWords Robot

86 reviews
Price: From $7.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • You receive the URL to the feed in minutes
  • More traffic because of extended product titles for all product variants (including color, size and material)
  • Works with Google Merchant feed rules to modify the feed items

NOTE 1: Our support team is located in Europe (GMT+1 timezone). We are doing our best to get back to you within 1 business day.

NOTE 2: Using a new feed will produce error and warning in Google Merchant in most cases. Please let us know what the errors are and we will try to advise you on how to solve them.

This app simply creates a fully fledged Google Shopping product feed to be used in Google Shopping or other platforms requiring a feed.

After installing the app you will receive an e-mail (within 15-30 minutes for less than 10,000 products) with the feed URL. The feed is then updated every day.

There is no complicated set up, the feed will be fully compatible with Google Shopping and Bing Ads. It just works.

Some of the unique features

  • There is no complex interface! You talk to our support team and they will do their best to solve any of your troubles (related to feeds).
  • We will include all variants in the feed and not only the main product. Each variation by color, size, material, etc will be included with Google Shopping. Each variant gets its own image too.
  • You will never advertise on products which cannot be ordered. Out of stock products will be tagged correctly even with continue/deny inventory policy.
  • Titles will be extended with options, like color and size. This will ensure that the correct product variation is shown within Google Shopping. Also each variation will get a unique image.
  • Load custom labels, Google Product Category, etc from Shopify Shopping App. (contact support for that)
  • You can exclude products. (contact support for that)
  • If you don't want to have auto generated GTIN numbers and/or set all identifiers to FALSE. (contact support for that)

Limitation of this App

  • We DO NOT give expert support for Bing Shopping errors and Facebook Product Ads errors - that is not our area of expertise. We are very knowledgeable in Google Merchant and Google Shopping.
  • The feed will include prices from the main shop. But there are ways to advertise in other countries which have different currencies.
  • The feed DOES NOT support multiple languages using translation Apps. You can only advertise in countries which have the same language as your main shop data.
  • This App DOES NOT support translation Apps. The feed will contain only the data from the main shop.
  • The size of the feed is limited to 50,000 products + all variants. If the number of products exceeds 50,000 then the variants will not be included in the feed. Number of products is then limited to 150,000 items as Google Merchant has the same limit.
    • Need help with your feed?

      • Please check the Frequent Asked Questions online or just contact support (see right column).
      • PLEASE NOTE: Our support team is located in Europe (GMT+1 timezone). We are doing our best to get back to you within 1 business day.

      Free extra services around this app

      Sometimes you need to have something extra done with the feed. Just contact our support team and we might be able to manually make the changes for you.

      Below some of the often requested changes.

      • Putting each product variation into the correct Google taxonomy. Here we can change google_product_category-field based on category, product type or a tag.
      • Excluding products from the feed. This is useful when a product is violating some Google policies.
      • Only including one category instead of all products.
      • Use the second or last image – often requested by fashion website to not show the model but the product.
      • We can import custom labels, google product categories, age groups, etc and put them in the feed if you have used those field with Google Shopping App by Shopify. Contact support for this.
      • Use SEO titles and meta descriptions as product title and description.
      • If you want the feed to be regenerated, please reinstall the App and the feed will be regenerated. You will get an e-mail when it's done.

      Things to keep in mind

      • Out of stock products will be included in the feed with the correct status, so they are not shown in Google Shopping.
      • You can always go back by using your previous feed (url) and removing this url.

      How to setup the feed?

      Want to use the feed right away? Please see Google Shopping Setup for Shopify manual.

      If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail or read our FAQ.

Google Shopping, Bing Shopping & Facebook Ads Product Feed reviews

86 reviews
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For people with hundreds of items in their product feed, this app is worth it. Customer service was on point. They followed up with me really quickly: answering questions about the product and helping me walk through the problem when their suggested solutions didn't work until one solution did help me make progress. They even went so far as to provide command line tips, which not only helped me solve the problem at hand, but helped me complete the next 5 tasks I had after my initial issue. It was a pleasure to deal with them, and I recommend this app and their support to anyone who uses this service.


Not working.
Not working.
Not working.


Great customer service from Gabriel! Took a few attempts to set up, but was sorted out quickly and professionally! Highly recommend


Excellent response time & assistance. Syncing FB product feed. If you're having trouble, these are your guys.


Fantastic App! The representative that I have had the privilege to work with has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and has demonstrated on several occasions what world-class support truly looks like.

He not only has answered every question I had, but he also made me aware of other areas that would impact the performance of my feed that I was not aware of previously. That is truly valuable information to have. I do not typically come across this type of dedication and service.

It is clear that the representatives at Adwords Robot do truly care about your success, and that is refreshing in today's E-commerce environment.

Highly recommended! Thank you


Great App. I would highly recommend it. Best feed app I've used for Shopify.


Great App would highly recommend it. Had a few problems at the beginning, (all my own) and Gabriel was onto it straight away and fixed up my mistakes. Brilliant Customer Service. Go and get it now!


Does what it says, set and forget. Great app and customer service.


Good feed, even better support. Highly recommend.


Awesome app, works perfectly for both google and Facebook. And best support ever . Gabriel was really helpful

From $7.00 / month

The App is priced at $1 for each 1000 products in your store. The price is rounded up, with a minimum of $7 per month. We will review the number of products every month. This is 10-20 times cheaper than the competitors.

14 days


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