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Simple Inventory

Simple Inventory

Developed by Simple Apps LLC

37 reviews
Price: $4.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Update Price and Inventory Quantity by SKU
  • Quickly export your entire inventory to a CSV file
  • Save time vs updating your inventory manually

What does Simple Inventory App do?

While Shopify offers an excellent product import/export tool, sometimes you need to quickly update your inventory by SKU.

With a click of a button, you can quickly export your entire product inventory to a simple CSV file. This allows you to easily change/update your product inventory (and prices) by SKU number with ease. After you make your changes, you simply save the CSV and re-upload it to Shopify via the app. That’s it! Sit back and relax while Simple Inventory app does the heavy lifting for you.


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Common Questions

Q - How do I use Simple Inventory?

Once you have installed the application, you can export your entire inventory to a CSV file by clicking on the red "Export Inventory" button. This will download a CSV file that you can then open in Excel (or CSV compatible program of your choice)

You can edit this CSV file with your new inventory and pricing values. After you have finished, save the file and then upload it using the blue "Upload" button on the app dashboard.

That's it! Now just sit back and let Simply Inventory do the work.

Q - Can I update pricing with this app?

Yes! Pricing is part of the product CSV export which you can easily change. More features are coming soon and we are open to hearing your suggestions!

Q - I'm not sure what a "CSV" file is, can I just use excel?

Yes, excel is 100% compatible! In fact, any program capable of reading/writing a CSV file is compatible with this app.

Simple Inventory App only works with CSV files. When you export your inventory, this file will be downloaded.

"CSV" stands for "Comma Seperated Values":

CSV is a common file format that is widely supported by consumer, business, and scientific applications. Among its most common uses is moving tabular data[3] between programs that natively operate on incompatible (often proprietary and/or undocumented) formats.[1] This works because so many programs support some variation of CSV at least as an alternative import/export format.


Excel can open and edit CSV with ease and you can also convert your excel files to CSV using "File -> Save as..." and selecting "CSV" as the file type.

Please see the screenshot to the right of a simple CSV export example.

Q - How long does it take Simple Inventory App to update my inventory?

There are a few factors involved, including internet connection speed and the number of SKU's you plan on updating. Shopify allows us to update roughly (100-200) SKUs (1-2 products) per second. So a product upload spanning 100 SKUs would take approx. 1.6 - 3.3 minutes. Please note that these are approximations and can vary greatly depending on the aforementioned factors.

Once you have uploaded your CSV file, no more action is required on your part! Relax, grab a coffee and let Simple Inventory App do the work!

Simple Inventory reviews

37 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

Chris is great. The App is having some issue but he is working hard to fix it. I will update the review as well with more detail as i get to know the App better and its function and the company as well.


Had problems again yesterday and still no reply to my email after 24 hours.

This was a great simple app but some needs a few improvements to make it excellent



Easy to use. Reliable.
We use this app to update quantity and price. Works very well.


Thank You for this app - Its a lifesaver - easy to use
copy, paste, save, load.


Simple app just like the name. Let me upload my entire inventory using one file. Direct and easy.


great app for large stores, update inventory quick and easy without extracting unnecessary fields from shopify


One of the most useful apps I have come across. Great work!


Great App! Chris is really helpful & accomodating. This is a basic app that does what you need quickly & efficiently! Thanks!


Superb app. The best one we use. Works brilliantly , helps us manage big stock and price changes very easily over tens of thousands of products in seconds.




A really basic app, but its been an absolute life saver.
In fact the simplicity of it makes it all the easier to use, and it does what it says on the tin, which is exactly what I wanted.

Use it almost daily to update my stock

$4.99 / month
14 days

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