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Simple Sale

Simple Sale

Developed by Coolence

45 reviews
Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Simple - Customizable sale percentage
  • Powerful - Start sales with one click
  • Smart - No need for coupons

Imagine this scenario

You walk into a retail shop, and see some of their products are on sale. The reason you notice this is because you see the sale price next to the normal retail price. This simple visual indicator is an extremely effective way to get customers excited about a sale your shop is having and start making purchases!

Why you need this app

Having a sale in a Shopify shop without Simple Sale is not easy. You could manually change all of your prices, but this would take a long time and the possibility for error is large. Alternatively you could create a coupon and advertise it to your customers, but they would have to remember to input it when they checkout. Both situations are not ideal.

Simple Sale works by temporarily putting the retail price for a product in the compare at field and then puts the sale price into the normal price field. Simple Sale takes care of all of the calculations for you. Just enter a sale percentage, choose a collection or your entire shop and click the start sale button!

Please ensure that the products you want to put on sale using Simple Sale do not have an existing "compare at" price. Simple Sale uses the "compare at" price field to store your original prices while your sale is on. Simple Sale processes a maximum of 250 products per sale.

Simple Sale reviews

45 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

The app worked fine when I ran the sale for Cyber Monday. I deleted it afterwards in hopes of the prices going back to normal but all the items were showing the SALE price. I didn't want to reinstall the app in case it ends up charging me. You have to manually change the price on each product individually.


Had to uninstall. Prices havent gone back to original prices either. Very disappointed and it doesn't work on all my products. I'd never pay 10 dollars a month for this sorry. Now before I can launch my sale I have to change everything back myself? Ridiculous easy way for me to lose a lot of money.


We offered 20% off hundreds of t-shirts with this app. When we stopped the sale, we have been left with tens of t-shirts still on sale which we had to increase their prices MANUALLY! This app has one job and it cannot do it properly.



I just order your app. I will need 10% over 1000 items. how its work


I am in same boat as many other users who attempted this app, I knew it sounded too good to be true. Now just a few days before Black Friday and our store is disabled b/c this addon changed our prices and did not change them back after disabling the sale. Waiting to hear from the app developer, very very upset about this.

It changed some products back but not all, now I do not know which prices are correct and which show the discounted price.


Easy to work and works perfectly. Highly recommended!


Amy just fixed the problems that I was having. I still commend her for running all her apps by herself. I ended my first sale, ran a test sale to see if I can end it and it was successful. Her work ethic for fixing problems is outstanding. It's service like that that will get people to stay. 5 Stars.


It worked great for the sale. I was so happy to have found this app. However, when I needed to end the sale, the app would not even open. I ran my sale an extra day in hopes the app would be running today. It is still not opening. I see the same thing happened to someone else. I now have to change all prices manually. I am very disappointed, Just glad I was able to delete the app before being charged the $10.


This app is easy to use and works well. It got our sale up and running very easily! We'd love to see more options added to give more flexibility on the sales offered.


Had many errors with this app and it created many messes - a lot of times I had to go in and adjust the price manually for each item because it would not discount all items, or it would not stop the sale on all items, or sometimes it would stack discounts on top of each other (and this was for under 250 items). Tried to work with it but finally had to uninstall.

EDIT: Changed from a 3 star to a 5 star. Was emailed within a couple of hours of posting the review, and they are working to correct the issues. Currently not using app but the quick followup and troubleshooting were pretty amazing.

$10.00 / month
7 days

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