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Simple Shop Automation by Hextom

Simple Shop Automation by Hextom

Developed by Hextom

59 reviews
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  • Save you time, automate daily business tasks, such as order-to-vendor notification, customer segmentation, inventory manangement, etc
  • Save you money, 1 click installation and 0 coding is requried. Now you don’t have to hire a developer to automate your business tasks
  • Keep you informed, real-time notifications and responds of any updates, such as high risk orders, daily/weekly sales reports, etc

Simple Shop Automation provides an interface to integrate events with actions for your Shopify stores. This enables shop owners to automate everyday business workflows that they used to do manually. With the help of SSA, you can sit back and relax, yet still have everything in control.

SSA not only supports one-to-one condition to action workflow, but also you can combine multiple conditions together, then triggers a series of actions when all conditions are met. Therefore, you can have tons of workflows, and eventually achieve your dream - put online store on autopilot.


  • Capture any events/triggers that you are interested in, such as order created, product is out of stock

  • Respond to the captured events in real-time as you defined, such as email shop staff, hide product

  • Send different emails with different information to your customers, staff, vendor and/or your fulfillment providers, dropshipping suppliers

  • A comprehensive set of pre-defined data tables for your emails, so you don't need to know how to edit liquid code

Here are some popular use cases our beta users like:

  • When customers place an order, and it is their first order >> Tag customers with "paying_customer"

  • When customers have spent over $1000 cumulatively >> Tag customers with "VIP_1000"

  • When a product is sold out >> Hide it from the online store, and send staff an email with product info

  • When a quantity of a product is less than 10 >> Increase product variant price by 20%

  • When orders contains "delivery" in shipping method >> Tag orders with "delivery_request", and notify the delivery team

  • When orders are placed and high risk >> Tag the order with "Risky", and notify a staff to verify the order

  • When a product is order, and its vendor is "Hextom" >> Send vendor Hextom an email and request to ship the product

  • When an order is updated >> Send an email with order information to the customer

  • Every Friday at 4:30 PM >> Send shop owner an email with info "low inventory products", "top 5 best selling items in last week", and "last week's sale"

  • Every Day at 6:00PM >> Send shop owner today's sale report

1 click installation!

0 developers needed!

Automate your daily business workflows, save your time and money from today!


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Simple Shop Automation by Hextom reviews

59 reviews
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Awesome App! Looking forward to getting the automated emails come through.


I am Just now setting up, however, this is EXACTLY what I need!! I was telling a friend that I really need some employees!! I've been actually setting up for 3 months now. I haven't advertised much do to the fact I didn't have all I wanted in my store as far as products and features. Importing products being very time consuming due to the fact I'm working diligently on SEO. I decided to push a little advertising, I opened up too WORLDWIDE sell. Well I didn't expect what happened next!! In 2 days I had a pile of Orders over $7,000 worth and I was freaking OUT! I just wasn't prepared. I wasn't even sure how I was going to get paid or when to push my orders through lol So THIS APP is going to be a TREASURE to me!! I will update after I've been using it a bit. Thank YOU!!


We love this app! Simple Shop Automation is Amazing! It’s really seamless and works exactly as advertised. Automate the simple tasks with ease. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone on Shopify. We look forward to seeing more apps come from y’all!

From all the guys (and girl) here at https://www.brooklynfixedgear.com, Thank you!


Awesome app, love it!
Thank you SSA.


Amazing nothing else to say .....


Excellent! Worked first time - did exactly what we needed! Thank you :)


Big time savings and efficiency possible with this app. Especially useful adding tags/notes to certain orders that can be used as triggers/conditions for rules in other applications (like Shipstation)


thanks it is amazing just simpli our work


I had an automation that wasn't part of the default options. I emailed customer support and within a few days, they modified the plugin to include my automation. WOW! Great, responsive service. I looking forward to using the SSA App


Sorry to break up the party here but this pricing plan is poorly thought out.

Only 15 automation rules for 19/month? That's way too high and secondly, it's way too limiting, and that's it, you can't get any more at any price.

And when you hit the 1000 total automations per month, the fine print says the automations literally shut down until the start of the next billing month. This is insane.

Rethink. You need to do better than this.

From $0.00 / month

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