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Magic Tabs for Product Descriptions

Magic Tabs for Product Descriptions

Developed by Emerson Code

22 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Optimize product descriptions with tabbed content.
  • Avoid customer confusion with organized product descriptions.
  • Works with any theme - No manual code editing needed.

What it Does

Magic Tabs provides an incredibly simple way to convert your long form product descriptions into an easy to navigate, tabbed product description.

  • Avoid cluttered product descriptions with clean and organized tabbed content.

  • Create an unlimited amount of tabs.

  • Responsive: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile friendly.

  • Automatically matches your store's aesthetic/theme.

  • Adjust the styling of the active tab easily.

  • Automatic installer built in. No need to edit any code.

How it Works

Set the tab titles to Heading 3s/H3s (Or a different heading of your choice) within the product description editor, place the tab content below the Heading 3/H3, and allow Magic Tabs to take care of the rest!

Magic Tabs will automatically inherit the styling from your theme so the look of the tabs matches the rest of your store's aesthetic. Additionally, Magic Tabs allows you to adjust how active tab appears.

Magic Tabs allows you to add as many tabs as you like, there is no limit for how many tabs you can add to any product page.

Magic Tabs will work automatically for all product descriptions with more than one Heading 3/H3 (Or different heading depending on which heading you selected in the options above).

Magic Tabs will install itself automatically on almost any theme. In the event Magic Tabs is unable to install itself automatically due to a theme incompatibility, please check out the manual install instructions in the Magic Tabs app dashboard.

Demo: See Simple Tabs in action

Magic Tabs for Product Descriptions reviews

22 reviews
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Quite a few glitches. The texts appears twice, tabs do not separate etc etc which is a pain when you install it onto an already established store and after manually adding the tabs into existing descriptions on the 30th one this starts happening so its too late to uninstall but do not want some with and some with out. Unfortunately the developer does not seem very easy to get hold of. Seems like it will be an uninstall and a waste of several man hours so it was not free after all.


It improves our store Product pages UI/UX. Gone are the long product descriptions. It makes everything organised. We were able to create professional tabs: Description, Features and Delivery. Also, the App is completely mobile responsive. Highly recommended!


Super easy to use and very straightforward.
Picks up the style and colours used in our site's theme automatically.
No annoying logos either to deal with.
Keep up the good work! Thankful this app is here :)


Automatic Installation didn't work so I did the manual. Why does it work half the time and the other half it doesn't? On my current page, I hit refresh and it shows the tabs, then refresh again and it doesn't show the tabs - just H3 headers separating the sections.....


I too had problems with this app. I installed it, followed the instructions to setup the tabs and it didn't work. Perhaps it was my theme that blocked the tabs showing in the storefront. Eitherway, I deleted the app.


This app deserve 6 stars.
if you use a free theme, and/or if you want to show clearly your shipping condition OR WHAT EVER YOUR CUSTOMER NEEDS TO KNOW, them get it NOW
You won't regret


It works great. I did have a problem at first with one of the tabs not showing anything but I messed with the formatting a few times and it worked. For something free, I'm not going to complain that I had to do a little work for a few minutes.


Does not work. I tried it a couple of times. Followed all the instructions but it simply did not work. I'm using Debut theme. Even send email to the support 3 weeks ago but haven't got an answer.


Works Like a Charm. Had to do some styling to fit theme, but looks nice and works well.


This app offers exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to install and tweak for my needs (even for a novice such as myself). The support I received when I had a question was kind, helpful and timely. Thanks!


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