Magic Product Description Tabs

Magic Product Description Tabs

by Emerson Code

Create organized & tabbed descriptions for your product pages

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I have used Magic Tabs practically since you launched on Shopify and was very happy with the way it worked and looked. It ticked all the boxes for what I wanted to achieve on our websites. However, I have just tried to make a few changes in the control panel and found out that I now have to pay!! Not only that the app has uninstalled and changed all my pages back to how they used to look. I am very disappointed that there was no warning of this, it just changed everything without me knowing and I feel cheated by the way this has been handled. I understand that you have to make money but would have thought that the people that have supported you in the past would be looked after! I will be having a look into removing Magic Tabs and the code etc. from my site if this remains to be the case. Although reading the reviews I am now worried about what coding will be left behind or what damage it will /can do! I have also used Magic Tabs on another one of our sites: and again the same problem.

Herbal Healing Nation

So at first I was thrilled that this app was free, but logged into my account today and seen a note stating that the app was no longer free, neither was the app installed on my theme anymore unless I start to pay a fee. Yes, I get it, make your money but come on, ya'll could have at least kept it free for the customers who already had it installed like some other apps do on here. That's unfair, unprofessional and rude to just uninstall the app from our theme to force me into paying for it. I've never had any issues with this app until now and I don't appreciate being forced to pay for a app which was initially free when I installed it and given no prior warning or email communication that they would even begin to charge for the app, because had I known this, I would have never installed the app in the first place! I just don't like how it was handled and I will be uninstalling the app altogether.

Update: Upon uninstalling the app from our theme, it left a chunk of code behind which was a nightmare to remove, had to end up contacting shopify support to assist in removing the app, plus after removing the app, it had completely wiped out each of our product descriptions, leaving line errors on our website. Thankfully we were able to get this sorted out and fixed quickly.


This app helped me a lot with my store by saving time and money. I recommend, and i hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did

Braggy Bags

Easy to use, pretty straight-forward. Would like to be able to add text under tabs as well.


Always has glitches, the tabs will not upload properly, always have to play with it several times before it shows the way its suppose to, some tabs are before the description and some are after. I did 5 products but stopped and just uninstalled because it takes up way too much time and is suppose to be easy for the site owner.

Soel Beads

Quite a few glitches. The texts appears twice, tabs do not separate etc etc which is a pain when you install it onto an already established store and after manually adding the tabs into existing descriptions on the 30th one this starts happening so its too late to uninstall but do not want some with and some with out. Unfortunately the developer does not seem very easy to get hold of. Seems like it will be an uninstall and a waste of several man hours so it was not free after all.

Travel Pets

It improves our store Product pages UI/UX. Gone are the long product descriptions. It makes everything organised. We were able to create professional tabs: Description, Features and Delivery. Also, the App is completely mobile responsive. Highly recommended!

K Lee Designs

Super easy to use and very straightforward. Picks up the style and colours used in our site's theme automatically. No annoying logos either to deal with. Keep up the good work! Thankful this app is here :)

A bit slow to replace the usual description that's there. Sometimes the tabs don't load though, and I have to refresh the page to fix it.

Solar Discount Warehouse

Automatic Installation didn't work so I did the manual. Why does it work half the time and the other half it doesn't? On my current page, I hit refresh and it shows the tabs, then refresh again and it doesn't show the tabs - just H3 headers separating the sections.....


I too had problems with this app. I installed it, followed the instructions to setup the tabs and it didn't work. Perhaps it was my theme that blocked the tabs showing in the storefront. Eitherway, I deleted the app.

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