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  • Track inventory for all of your products and sync changes to your stores
  • Sync orders from all of your sales channels and pick orders with barcode scanning
  • Compare rates and print shipping labels using any of your shipping carriers

SKULabs is the ultimate multi-channel inventory, barcode, and shipping solution. We allow you to manage all of your orders, shipments, and inventory in one place. Get started today at https://www.skulabs.com/demo

Pick, pack, and ship your orders

  • Scan product barcodes to eliminate order picking errors. Save thousands of dollars per year by eliminating picking and shipping errors, and reduce the time spent on order returns and refunds.

  • Process shipments and print shipping labels from any carrier. Bring your own shipping accounts and compare rates between a shipment's available carriers and methods.

  • Pick and ship similar orders in automatically sorted batches. If several orders include a SKU, you can pick that SKU once for all them, saving you from a return trip to that picking location.

Track inventory across warehouses

  • See stock levels for all of your products at a glance. Search or scan to get the count for a SKU, set low stock alerts, and see how many units have been sold.

  • Sync inventory changes to all of your sales channels. Once your store and marketplace listings are linked up with your catalog, inventory changes can be synchronized automatically.

  • Create and send purchase orders to all of your distributors. Scan paper drafts to quickly edit them, or generate POs in bulk with the items needed for open orders.

Manage products, kits, and listings in one place

  • Connect products from your sales channels to your inventory. If you sell certain products through many sales channels, link those listings to a single item in the SKULabs catalog.

  • Group items into bundles and kits for accurate tracking. Track inventory for multi-quantity listings, multi-product kits, and more without any complicated configurations.

Connect to every part of your business

SKULabs integrates with over a dozen sales channels, including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more. We also support dozens of shipping couriers from around the world, like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and regional postal services.

Plans and pricing

Get unlimited orders and catalog items starting at just $199 per month.

Customer Support 7 Days a Week

Need help? Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-243-2986, open a ticket in the app, or check out our self-help documentation: https://help.skulabs.com/

Want to see more?

Check out our video overview to see the service in action.

SKULabs reviews

27 reviews
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Sku labs and their team is fabulous to work with! I searched for months before deciding on Skulabs and my only regret is not doing it sooner. If you sell on multiple channels this is the inventory management system for you! Brent and Alex are always so helpful, they are willing to help with any problem day or night! Use the free trial and you will never look back!


We use skulabs at our warehouse with different built in zones. The software works well most of the time, and the glitches we have ran into have been rectified by SKULabs support.

Scan to batch has worked out well for us.


I'm so happy we found this app for our Candle, Bath & Body online store. It was hard trying to find a app that could both help speed up processing our orders for shipment as well as manage/track inventory all while being cost effective. I really didn't want to have to use one app for shipping and another app for inventory management. It's great just having one that does both and syncs with our Shopify store.

Also the support team at SKULabs is so helpful especially as our store has scaled and grown, they've been able to help us develop work flows to handle the growth of our company has had with more orders and handling a larger inventory.


We have evaluated several Inventory / Order / multichannel management services and SKUlabs has all the features and marketplace integrations that many don't and charge much more. Inventory management and syncing QTY's to US and UK shopify stores / Amazon globally (FBA and Seller fulfilled Prime) / walmart.com / ebay marketplaces keeps them all up to date from Skulabs centrally. Batch order processing is a huge timesaver for us. Our goal was to have a central tool for inventory management and order processing (picking / packing / shipping)


We use SKU labs every day - it works great for our business and they are quick to help with issues. There are definitely some features that they need to improve on such as the way there kits are structured and that you can't see if a product was barcode scanned. We continue to give them feature ideas and hope to see them developed in the future but it is great for our needs right now.


SkuLabs used to be great when we first signed on a few months ago. Now it feels like their server is extremely slow and sync button woulnd't even work on most days. Most days we try to trouble shoot and waste so much time talking to their suppor team.

Other than that, love everything else!


We use SKULabs every day to fulfill orders and keep track of inventory. It is easy to use and works on multiple devices. It also works with several different carriers (we use USPS, FedEx and DHL daily). Customer support is fast and helpful and always gets back to us quickly. Highly recommended!


At Flux, we like to say we have the #1 portable charger for iPhone and Android. We chose and continue to use SKULabs daily since it is the #1 platform to manage our store, supplier orders, inventory, shipments, orders, etc. It is truly incredibly how feature rich this platform is!

We're able to connect all of our sales channels and literally fulfill orders as they come in! It's insane. PS. They have this cool tool called "Rules" where you can set rules for certain shipments/orders/products and it saves HOURS when you're shipping orders!

The 14-day trial is amazing because after a few days, you know you can't live without it.


Fantastic platform, best customer support (24/7 access), and incredible UI. We began using them recently to help fulfill orders and our errors have gone down exponentially!

We're obsessed with their batch features - incredibly helpful when you have a lot of orders to get out!

Also, since it's web based it works on any device, any platform. They even have an iPhone and iPad app!

I can't recommend it enough! I wish I would've known about this sooner.


10/10 would recommend! Great platform and tool which we use 24/7. Their support is unmatched and we're obsessed.

I'm confident there isn't anyone who has all the features SKULabs offers. Everyone else is limited to one feature.

SKULabs also integrates with ALL the top platforms and ALL the major carriers!


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