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June 11, 2023

When Stitch Labs shut down, we looked at several alternatives for inventory management. I went with a different provider for six weeks until I couldn't take the quirky interface and the bizarre errors anymore.

With only 30 days left to find a solution, I contacted SKULabs, who pulled through in the clutch.

Not only is the interface so DAMN simple to use, but their support documents are fantastic. And when there is a problem, the team is great about responding quickly (even on weekends) in a helpful, thoughtful, 'we get you're stressed out about this', kinda way.

Not like the 'WTF did you break and why is it now my problem?' attitude that some other Shopify app developers can give you.

It might cost more than other solutions, but having an app that is simple for my team to use, is everything.

Resin Obsession
United States
About 2 years using the app
June 26, 2023

We have recently made the transition to Shopify, and we have seamlessly integrated SKULabs into our inventory management and order fulfillment process. The switch has proven to be extremely satisfying for us. The support we have received from SKULabs has been exceptional, with their team always ready to assist us promptly with any adjustments required to streamline our operations. The pick, pack, and ship function provided by SKULabs has exceeded our expectations, making the entire process efficient and remarkably user-friendly. We are thrilled with the speed and intuitiveness of this feature, as it has truly simplified our operations.

Stonebridge Imports
About 1 month using the app
February 6, 2023

The SKULabs app is support by one of the best tech team I've had the please of working with in the decade of experience I have in e-commerce.

Their Customer Service is great, with both technical support, errors and understanding of their own app. You'd think the last point is self explanatory; however, we've ran into plenty of reps for their companies whom do not understand their apps.

The App is simple to use, and the fact that connects to multi-stores with such ease has allowed our business to better manage our inventory - though not perfect.

The App still could use some more custom features, and I with time, their road map aims to please their customers.

Great inventory management system.

11 months using the app
April 3, 2023

If you're looking to up your inventory control game, this is the way to go. Hands down they have the best support team I've dealt with. Integration with Shopify was a breeze and they made the onboarding process as simple as it could be. I highly recommend it.

Pangea Reptile LLC
United States
7 months using the app
April 19, 2023

Game Changer, This app is streamlining order fulfilment and finished good inventory management. The SKULabs team is very quick to respond with questions and helps navigate the system.

Fontana Candle Co
United States
2 months using the app
February 10, 2023

SKULabs integrates well with Shopify and the team is quick to help and be responsive. Strongly recommended!

Bishop Tattoo Supply
United States
About 1 year using the app
August 8, 2017

We have evaluated several Inventory / Order / multichannel management services and SKUlabs has all the features and marketplace integrations that many don't and charge much more. Inventory management and syncing QTY's to US and UK shopify stores / Amazon globally (FBA and Seller fulfilled Prime) / / ebay marketplaces keeps them all up to date from Skulabs centrally. Batch order processing is a huge timesaver for us. Our goal was to have a central tool for inventory management and order processing (picking / packing / shipping)

Razr Touch
United States
Over 6 years using the app
February 10, 2022

This app has been a great fit for our businesses, and we haven't had any issues with it like we have others. Highly recommend!

Almost 6 years using the app
February 14, 2018

SKULabs is a great app! Managing inventory across multiple channels can be a huge hassle but skulabs makes it easy. Integration was a breeze with help from Josh and his team. I highly recommend.

Almost 6 years using the app
March 16, 2018

Refreshing & re-assuring for someone in the UK.

As we're in the UK we found it really difficult to find a system to suit our needs. We tried using a UK based system for 6 months and ran into nothing but issues especially around support actually fixing bugs.

We've only been using SKULabs for a few weeks but so far the experience is great. The software isn't perfect, especially if you're outside the US/Canada, HOWEVER, the support team are fantastic and often roll out development changes for you very quickly to address issues/provide enhancement.

Highly recommended!

United Kingdom
Almost 5 years using the app