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Slacky by Highview Apps

Slacky by Highview Apps

Developed by Highview Apps LLC

9 reviews
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  • Get notifications in Slack about new orders as they arrive.
  • Use slash commands to retrieve order, product, or customer information on demand without leaving Slack.
  • Super easy set up, get started in less than a minute!

Slacky is a Shopify App that allows you to integrate your Shopify store with Slack.

Receive order notifications in your chosen Slack channel

Slacky has already processed over 350,000 order events!

You can select from the following events:

  • Orders Created

  • Orders Updated

  • Orders Paid

  • Orders Canceled

  • Orders Deleted

  • Orders Partially Fulfilled

  • Orders Fulfilled

Use slash commands to retrieve data from your Shopify store on demand, without leaving Slack!

The following slash commands are currently supported (with more planned for future releases):

  • /slacky order order_number - Display the order info for the given order number. (e.g. /slacky order 1234)

  • /slacky product product_title - Search for products with titles containing the specified words. (e.g. /slacky product blue jeans)

  • /slacky customer name_or_email_or_tag - Search for customers by name, email, or tag. (e.g. /slacky customer john smith)

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Slacky by Highview Apps reviews

9 reviews
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Thanks - this app is amazing!
We use Slack for team communications between all different departments and this app is an awesome solution for all of us here.


We are using Slacky app in our ecommerce store and so far we have had a good experience with it. Love the app and how it integrates well with Slack.

ANB Mart Online Shopping Australia - www.anbmart.com.au


Usefull. I can set a private channel and we receive the information we want to see inmediatlly.


Very good app to let everyone know every sales made :)
It will be even better if we could customize some of the info that gets sent.


Very good for a free app. Wish I could customize some of the info that gets sent.


So far so good! Really enjoying it, it makes tracking our orders much easier. kaliana.com


Pretty cool, only a shame it doesn't offer the name when we get an order.


Amazing app.....It has improved our productivity so much and made our order management process more seamless. Thank you Highview Apps.


Does a great job and it's free!




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