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Smart Social Login

Smart Social Login

Developed by WebDesk Solution

35 reviews
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  • Get faster and easier to social signup without any registration process.
  • Increase social networking power on your shop.
  • Make your store socially dynamic for Facebook / Twitter / Google+ and Linked In.

★★★ Our app "Smart Social Login App" is jQuery base and if you have any issue in installing this app or app does not display on frontend then please contact us and our app expert team will handle the installation at free of cost. ★★★

Easy to get connect with it.

With Smart social app, Customer can easily login with their existing social identities without any registration process.

Social connection:

  • Facebook

  • Google Plus

  • Twitter

  • Linked In

    • Increased Registrations

      Research proves that

      • 92% people leave because they've forgotten their username/password.

      • 87% people visting your site, already have the 3rd party frequently used accounts and used it too.

      Did you ever realized, how many potential customer or orders you may have missed because you don't have open authentication available at your store.

      Smart Social Login provides a very easy mechanism to overcome these limitations, where a customer doesn't need any username/password instead he can login using his social or mailer authentication.

      Smart Social Login App Installation Process

      The setup is as easy as it can get. We've put all the possible efforts to make it a seamless integration.

      • Shopify apps store > Go to the Smart Social app > Click easily the Install app button.

      • Afterwards you will reach to smart social login dashboard.

      • Over there, you can select which social media login Icon do you need to put on your store or not with the help of the "ON/OFF button" besides to individual social media button.

      Key Features:

      • Easy to connect with social media.

      • Reduce amount of time to connect with social network.

      • User Friendly app

      Important Notes: This app works well with only English Language(Social Media Language). WebDesk Solution will launch soon upgraded version with new language soon.

      Need Help?

      Feel free to contact us at webdesksolution@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Smart Social Login reviews

35 reviews
  1. 5 stars (24 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (9 reviews)

Just installed this and seriously don't understand how anyone has a problem with this app.
You press install.....thats it!!? Don't touch anything, no buttons, don't play about. Give it a few minutes, then checkout your login and register pages....it will be there.
Works like a dream.
Thank you for, what has to be, the easiest, and working, app to install on shopify


It works just like it says it does!


Smart Social Login app does not load properly and there is no way for customization so you can change the social login buttons to match the look and feel of your website so that it blends in seamlessly and looks professional. Just better off paying for a social login app that actually works and is worth the price.


app does not work it loads the first page and that's it no next button or publish


The app works fine. I had a minor problem during the test I run myself, the user manually deleted for the admin panel were not allowed to reauthenticate and no error message would appear if an already created email tried the social login.
I wrote to the help desk and in 24hrs the issue is now perfectly fixed. Very happy with this app, I waited for a free social login app on Shopify for a long time!


App works perfectly. I can explain why there are 1-star reviews.

The developer has it VISUALLY set up in the ADMIN area where a lot of people think OFF is ON and ON is OFF.

You need to just install this and DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING and leave the OFF buttons saying OFF *alone* cuz the buttons when they say OFF actually means the app is ON.

So, in other words, to REPEAT, install the freaking app and don't TOUCH ANYTHING unless you want to add words on the RIGHT SIDE that say: LOGIN WITH

PS Of course, if you actually at some point WANT the app to be OFF, make sure the little thingies on the LEFT say ON! Obviously, very counter intuitive, and I can certainly understand the 1-star ratings below because I was initially frustrated by clicking on all the thingies on the LEFT to say that they were ON and wondering why the stuff AT my Shopify store WASN'T SHOWING. But again, OFF is ON and ON is OFF! It's just the way the developer's brain works, obviously. Which is not the way everyone else's brain works, including mine. But it's a great app.


Don't waste your time on this one guys.


Great people and very easy to use app. They will even make minor adjustments in your color scheme if needed! A+


what the * is this???? http://take.ms/q6J3z

I removed this s#!t and we're fine. fck it


it not work always time.
It will be nice if you provide snippet so we can configure


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