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Edited April 24, 2024

I've been a customer for [at least] 4 years with multiple websites. It's been nearly a week and I've emailed several times, used the chat feature, and sent messages within the shopify app with no response. Looking at previous reviews, this appears to be an ongoing problem. Their response on a similar complaint 5 months ago "Rest assured, we took immediate steps to address the communication gaps and ensure a more responsive and efficient contact system." seems rather disingenuous. I'm moving on to Bundler. I get much more for the same amount I'm paying here and they have cheaper plans if you don't need all the bells and whistles.
United States
Almost 4 years using the app
November 29, 2023

We have tried to get in touch with them about the server being down for multiple days now and have had not heard a peep. Their contact system is not the best and needs to be greatly improved.

I will gladly change my review in the future if this gets addressed.

Turtle Lodge Trading Post Inc
Almost 4 years using the app
Smarty Quantity Breaks replied December 11, 2023

First and foremost, our sincere apologies for the recent inconvenience you've faced, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.
We deeply regret that our response time has not met your expectations.
We appreciate your loyalty over the past four years, and your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. Rest assured, we took immediate steps to address the communication gaps and ensure a more responsive and efficient contact system.
We genuinely care about your experience, and your willingness to adjust your review once these improvements are made means a lot to us.
Thank you for your understanding, and we are committed to making things right for you.

Edited May 11, 2022

UPDATE 5-11-22: We have been trying to contact the app developers for days. The used to be very responsive and helpful. NOW: crickets. They are unreachable. We can't understand it. There is no mechanism to cancel the app on the actual app, and we are on a paid plan. There is also no way to change our plan to unpaid. This can't be the same app or company. It was so much better previously. Previous: We are very happy with the Smarty App, it works super well and has helped us increase sales. We especially like the customer support we get from their team. They are very responsive and address any support we may need which is not that often, fortunately. We have needed to add products to our bundles and that's about it, because the app is very effective.

Starling Skincare
United States
About 3 years using the app
Smarty Quantity Breaks replied March 19, 2020

Dear Starling Skincare,
I'm really sorry for your experience. It seems our emails must be getting lost in your spam folder. We did reply to your ticket before you sent this review, and again in the week following, but it seems you are not receiving them.
As with all Shopify apps, you can cancel simply by uninstalling the app. I'm sorry you missed our replies and would love to make things right for you. Please do get in touch.

Edited December 18, 2020

The app seemed promising at first and I like that the discount works with buy it now button but I'm left with an uncustomised app ruining the image I want for my site cause the support ain't replying back to my requests for modifying it. Maybe they have much work to do and few ppl to do it, it's understandable but a reply would be good to know my requests are being looked at.. Especially since I wanna be a longterm partner and I'm not one to bother the devs if the app is configured as I want at the first time. edit: since the developer wanted to reply. I originally asked for a discount for an honest review, this ain't against any rules since they're a new app. I've emailed them with my requests after I paid for the 10$ since they're claiming free editing but noone has emailed back. Seems like my email has gone unnoticed.. If they message me I can provide proof I've sent the email requesting a modification of the app to show correctly on my site. EDIT no2: Pay attention to this one, the app completely broke my checkout. If someone tried to checkout they would get into a loop lagging and not moving forward. It was trying to fetch from this url https://xxxxx/apps/create_discount_code/checkout/xxxx where xxxx is my site. There was obviously nothing there so it was giving a 404 error, I mean like a 404 error per 2 secs, the app was spamming it so hard the whole tab was lagging. I removed the app and changed to my previous saved theme and all is working great now. I guess I'll have to find another app to do a volume discount, beware. Customer service didn't reply to any message for more than 24 hours. Edit no3: 4 days later, no message from their customer service at all.

The Baby Campus
United States
1 day using the app
Smarty Quantity Breaks replied December 15, 2020

Hey Baby Campus, thanks for your 'honest' feedback.

Given that your only contact with us was to offer us a 5 star review in exchange for a discount - which we declined - I'm not sure this review is constructive nor helpful to other merchants.

We'll be forwarding your email and this review to Shopify

August 8, 2020

I tried to use this app because it is one of the few that "work" with the "Buy it Now" feature. This was a bad idea.

Customers that choose "Buy it Now" will not see the discount until the final page of checkout—after they've entered login and shipping info.

This confused many customers. The discount is advertised, but not presented until the final checkout page.


To make matters worse, their email support turned into pointless, never-ending correspondence of "Who's right, who's wrong." The primary question (i.e. problem above) was avoided, througout many messages.

Also, the look and aesthetics of the app will not complement your theme. I don't know why they didn't just find the most popular theme (probably Debut), then reverse engineer the design, from there.


Support and aesthetics aside, I don't want an app that confuses and deters potential customers. I highly recommend finding an alternative.

How to Operate Your Home
United States
1 day using the app
Smarty Quantity Breaks replied August 10, 2020


As explained to you in the emails, in order to test out our app you need to clean your code from other discount apps that interfere with our app.
Our app is working fine with the Buy it Now (and PayPal) button in the most themes, but it requires custom coding which we always ready to do for our clients for free.
Your store, by the way, does not have any Buy it Now button on the product pages. How could you test it?
Anyway, we are always happy to help if you decide to give it another try and follow the instructions we gave you.


August 11, 2021

It looks awful like an excel table copy-pasted without any format, theme customization doesn't show the widget on the product page, despite there are available settings. No answer from support yet. Not sure if it's working or not because I had to remove it immediately because of the ugly look.

Coolcat Gadget
About 19 hours using the app
Smarty Quantity Breaks replied August 11, 2021

Hi Coolcat,
The appearance does depend on your theme, but it completely customizable. We'd love to help you get it looking how you like and have replied to your support ticket - please do get in touch so we can resolve this for you

May 22, 2022

I tryt to use the app (free version) after installing my checkout page keeps auto refreshing. After deleting the app my theme was bugged with checkout that keeps refreshing. Re-downloaded the app and in the option there was 'clean theme' after using this button my theme was fixed. If I did not tryt this my whole store was fucked. I hope you guys can Fix this. You can contact me for my store details.
About 14 hours using the app
Smarty Quantity Breaks replied May 24, 2022

Hello Hutsen,
I'm really sorry you had issues with the app - this behavior is highly unusual, I can only imagine it is a result of a conflict with another app. We'd have loved to help resolve it for you but we received no support ticket before your 1 star review.
Please do get in touch with us on so we can get this debugged and resolve things for you.