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Developed by Socialphotos, LLC.

103 reviews
Price: $10.00 – $50.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Socialphotos app is reviewed and approved by Instagram platform.
  • Win customer confidence in your products.
  • Bring more credibility to first time buyers.

Capitalize on the power of visuals and social media marketing.

Showcase social proof and encouraging your customers to get famous on the site.

Socialphotos helps you win customer confidence in your products

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Our Solution

  • Collect your customers’ photos. Compile your customers’ product photos in real time from popular social networks using a website widget or hashtags. You can create an album of your customers’ best photos to display on your site.

  • Send reminder after purchase. Use Socialphotos to remind customers about user-generated content. Promote specific items by encouraging customers to take photos and submit via widget.

  • Organize collected photos. Put your customers’ photos to good use! Approve customer photos before they are published online, tag photos to appear with products in your store, and create product-related galleries.

  • Publish curated photos. Socialphotos helps you bring more credibility to first time buyers. Showcase the best customer photos of your products to build trust among website visitors.

  • Measure Insights. Keep track of your social media marketing with our multifaceted analytics. Our analytical tools follow everything from impressions to ROI to help you plan your strategies effectively.


Community Page. Gather all brand-relevant Instagram content in one centralized gallery. Showcase user-generated photos from Instagram on your website.

Content Pre-Moderation. Pre-approve posts by fans before they publish on your website. Keep your content strong, free of low quality photos, duplicates and promo materials and spam.

Shoppable Customer Photos. Turn every photo into shoppable. Customer photos link directly to your product pages, making it easy for people to make a purchases and explore your shop.

Direct Instagram functionality. With Direct Instagram, you can like, and comment on photos; follow, mention or engage with commenters all from the same screen.

Remove Socialphotos branding. Premium plan have the option of removing Socialphotos branding from their search engine.

Display customers' photos in many ways

  • Galleries. Place gallery anywhere on your website and showcase user generated content from Instagram.
  • Product galleries. Product gallery lives in your storefront product page showcasing all user generated content related to that product.

How does it works

  • Store owner creates a widget and place into Shopify website.
  • In the store's website, customers learn about tagging and use Instagram to tag product photo.
  • Store owner monitors submission's activity and approves submitted photos.

Customize the look of your widget. Widget comes with its own settings so you can quickly and easily create a customized design.

Plans and pricing

  • Basic - suitable for small businesses, gather all brand-relevant Instagram content in one centralized gallery and track one hashtag. $10/mo.
  • Advanced - suitable for small/medium businesses, create product-related galleries, track multiple hashtags and turn customer photos into shoppable. $24/mo.
  • Premium - Engage your audience and monetize consumer-generated content using Socialphotos's platform. $50/mo.

Start a new Socialphotos account today.
Every account gets 30 days of unlimited use for free. No credit card required. After your trial, you can pick a plan that suits you!

Socialphotos reviews

103 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
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  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

I was really pleased with the results using this app. www.geometico.co.uk


We get a lot of UGC so this app is great for us! Worth a try if you have a lot of social content. Would be great if the app automatically tagged events in our GA so we can see the increase in conversion rates for those who click Socialphotos images.

See ours at: http://nimbleactivewear.com/pages/instashop


I am really pleased with the customer service and the app on my store. I totally recommend trying it out!!


This app is really easy to use and the customer service is very helpful and responsive!


Great app. Very useful and the options to have multiple galleries and galleries for each product are genius.


Easy to set up and responsive customer service. If you can handle shopify you should be able to implement it into your shop. I am very pleased so far. Check out how I integrated it at RivalryAthletics.com.


Great app, easy install and super intuitive UX for tagging/curation - highly recommend. Only thing keeping this from a 5 is load speeds but I understand that there will always be some limitations there. Also great service.


very happy with this app, recommend it!


I've been really pleased with this app. So much so that I upgraded to the middle level plan.


We wanted an Instagram app that allowed unlimited feeds and that is precisely what we got! The other apps charge an arm and a leg to have multiple feeds. We have a different feed for every product. Max was great during the set up process and went above and beyond by making little tweaks for us. Could't ask for more

$10.00 – $50.00 / month
30 days




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