Spiff 3D Product Customiser

Spiff 3D Product Customiser

by spiff

Personalise products in 3D or AR. Customization that works

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3D Product Customiser

Your customers can now interact with your products in 3D. Spiff workflows allows you to build customer journeys with complete control

Augmented Reality

Using our workflow builder you can deliver personalised Augmented Reality Experiences to your customers

Flexible Fulfillment Options

Got your own fulfilment solutions? We route orders to you. Need help with creating an instore experience? we can help. Or we handle it for u

About Spiff 3D Product Customiser


  1. Image Uploads - Customers can add images that mean something to them.
  2. Bespoke Fonts - Turn your logo into a font, like we did for Vegemite, Maltesers, Favourites and Allens Lollies.
  3. Patchworks - Create backgrounds from an illustration that can be randomized so that no 2 people can have the same design. Eg. Nutella and Diet Coke Mosaic campaign.
  4. Augmented Reality - Allow users to build their own AR experiences with your brand. It's simple, it's easy and very very powerful.
  5. Character Builder - Create your very own customisable characters. Used in books, Augmented Reality, packaging and more.
  6. Advanced versus Workflow mode - Customers can be allowed to design outside of our stepped workfow by toggling in and out of advanced mode.

How It Works

*Install the plugin *Sign up for a free account *Follow the on-boarding steps to create a partnership *Sync the products you want to offer for personalisation *Upload your assets (contact spiff for asset creation if you dont already have 3D models, designs, images, fonts etc) *Link the 3D model to your product *Link the relevant workflows *Copy the snippet of code to your liquid templates to render the "personalise now" button

And your done.

Customers can now design freely and when they order, you get a high resolution print ready pdf attached to your store order.

Why should you install this plugin

The Spiff app allows you to visually personalise products in 2D, 3D and AR.

Being able to visualize the finished, personalised product to your customer prior to purchase is a powerful way of reducing pre-purchase risk perceptions and therefore cart abandonment.

Using the 3D model, customers can interact with your products using the mouse (desktop) or fingers (mobile). However, while this is exciting, 3D product image applications already exist on Shopify

Spiff takes 3D product renders to the next level, allowing you to dynamically personalise the product in real-time.

This is especially useful if your store offers products which have customization and personalization options. In these cases, in the past, it has been difficult to visually represent these products to the customer.

A further extension to this capability is the AR functionality of the Spiff app where the personalised product can activate an AR experience using the Spiff native mobile phone app.

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5.0 of 5 stars
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We were on Magento and we switched to Shopify just to use this app. The onboarding process was easy, the Spiff staff were extremely responsive and answered all my questions quickly. Our customers love playing around with the 3D model and customising products online. Sales are up and we now have opportunities to partner with other companies. This wouldn't have been possible without this app.