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Excel-like Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager

Excel-like Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager

Developed by Holest Engineering

25 reviews
Price: Free – $6.99 / month More info
  • Significantly reduce time editing product/variant prices, stock, metafields, collections or any other property. App is build to handle vast amounts of data.
  • Simplify synchronization of company logistic and website. If you are service provider you will not have to teach company employees how to use Shopify back-end because everybody knows to work in Excel
  • Excel-like interface is preferred by lot of people because of clear view of all data - locate, filter or sort anything in half of second

Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager is a Shopify app that lets the user manage their product in a different manner using Excel-like interface. This type of data entry is fast and gives clear data view to user.

All data altering means are concentrated on single screen.

All changes are submitted in background and are front-end effective after few seconds.

Product data is fully loaded on start. Searching, filtering and then ultra fast. You can locate any product/variant in a fraction of the second.

Features in general

  • Fast product management / import / export

  • Best and easiest metafield editing tool. You can choose HTML or simple editor for each metafield column. Also you can import and export them.

  • Add/Edit/Delete products

  • Add/Edit/Delete product variants

  • Edit any property of product or variant

  • Apply Bulk discount

  • Mass update price

  • Edit product and variant metafields

  • Export to XLSX or CSV

  • Import from XLSX or CSV. Working with .csv can sometimes be tricky especially if there is complex data in cells like HTML. Having ability to work with .xlsx that guaranties data integrity is huge advantage. Import is intelligent and it is able to recognize many different import data formats.

  • Drag-down cell value set!

  • Apply mass actions to filtered set of products

  • Multiple users can use APP at same time. Data changes will we actively transmitted.

Operations like adding product to collection or editing metafields for product or variant are significantly easier​ using this type of data entry.

Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager is Shopify APP that gives the best interface for edit of product/variant metafields. You can choose simple of HTML editor for their values

Metafields are important for a shops that sell products that have more that 3 properties like mobile phones.

This app can also display metafields of your choice on front-end automatically.

In this type of interface you can edit multiple product properties fast having clear view of property data.

Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager offers filters by any product parameter.

Filtered products can be mass processed, prices updated by % or value , deleted or exported.

Import and export from.to CSV or XLSX (Excel) formats options are also available.

Export data format is totally customizable

Import is very flexible and can recognize almost everything

Shopify Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager spreadsheet GUI supports:

  • column resizing

  • column reorder

  • column hiding

  • frozen columns

  • data sorting

In the right side of you there is the panel with filtering options. By default basic properties are listed.

To add / remove filtering properties click on “Chose filters...” in top-right corner. there you can specify which filters you need.

Filter by meta-fields is also available.

There are few types of filter fields. Some are simple text, some are drop-downs and ones corresponding to numeric properties will have option of using comparison operators.

For example, you can type "> 100" to display variants with price greater than 100 , or for id you can type > 8456512441 to list you only newer products.

You can filter some set of product or leave filters empty to view all and then apply mass price update to that set of products. Go to Options -> Mass update. there you can specify Price and Compare at price updating
value. Value can be % or +/- amount.

Holest Engineering​ has versions of this application for other e-commerce platforms. You can export data from other platform using corresponding component version then import it to Shopify. You just need slight data adaptation to prepare it for Shopify.

Watch 12.5 min demonstration video here

Excel-like Spreadsheet Bulk Product Manager reviews

25 reviews
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I was really excited about editing the titles of my 900 listings. I couldn't figure out how to upload the listings to my Shopify store. I watched all of the videos and read the tutorials. I contacted support. No one will get back to me. This app does not offer a free trial period. I paid for something I can't use.

Follow up: After, I left my review, I received this unprofessional message, "We see you complain that we don't respond. We don't have un-answered messages from you in our inboxes. If you need help you should write to us, not just fire negative reviews."

Then, they also responded to my inquiry ticket which I placed over a week ago in another message. They are disorganized.


très bonne application permettant d'extraire toutes les données sur les produits en 1 seul clic et permettant de les filtrer et modifier


Bad import experience, Waste my money


Seriously, I don't know what we would do without this app. Being able to find metafield values and replace them easily is a mega time saver. Definitely recommended for stores with large catalogs, multiple variants and tons of custom metafields.


Our store is just getting started, so I cannot afford to purchase the full version just yet. But I certainly will, as I want to use the export functionality. But as for free apps, this one is hands down AMAZING! Every Shopify store that deals with inventory should be using this app.


This app is simply amazing. I have never seen an app like this but I got idea few times in my life that something like excel interface would be great for inventory management.

Nothing else on market is better for meta-field editing. You can choose to edit meta-values as simple or with HTML editor.

The app is relay fast, particularly product filtering and export. It takes a bit to load but then is it light speed. Under 1 sec to get excel file with a collection I need to pass to my affiliate. I asked support about speed. They told me that APP is like famous QUAKE game. The better machine gives a better experience. It is a bit fuzzy on slow PC-s, I tried on my old 2010 laptop but on then on normal Intel atom laptop its graphic behaved very fluidly. On my i3 PC at work, I get crystal experience. Synchronization takes a bit longer but still faster than other apps I tried.

Support is rely good. New option called "Hook to existing meta-filed" they add-ed on my demand.

Great job Holest!!!


I only have 5000 SKUs, but this app is SO SLOW. Are these reviews fake?

I'm more upset that I WASTED MY TIME, trying to make it work.


This is absolutely a MUST HAVE app for any Shopify webmaster! Forget about other metafield or data management apps. Seriously, this is such a powerful tool that lets you update everything in real time... product tags, details, metafields, pricing, etc. Watch your changes happen instantly across your entire store. One of the best features is the ability to both export and import full or partial data as XLSX (a huge time saver if you have lots of products & variants). You will use this app daily and rely on its unbelievable power to quickly make adjustments to product and auto-collections. Support has been good and fairly quick to respond.


Awesome App!! I wish I would have found it when I first setup my store. This app definitely makes bulk editing less of a headache. A must have!!!


One of the best apps out there.
It is the fastest way to change prices on the fly.
Also allows importing and exporting all product data in a spreadsheet.
Now I wish there was something similar to deal with discount codes.

Free – $6.99 / month


6.99$ / month instead of (9.99$ / month)


99.99$ one time payment instead of (199.99$)


(full version trial on demand)
Full version unlocked for development stores on FREE plan

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