Excel‑like Product Manager

Excel‑like Product Manager

by Holest Engineering

Meta fields editing, Excel import and export and bulk editing!

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Paynes Gray

Great app! Works consistently with large volume catalog. Import option to add or update and will only upload changed info and saves a ton of time. Filters are customizable to get the best results for export. Support is fast and thorough when troubleshooting (even user error).

clé tile

Extremely happy with this app as it helps me import and export products with easy including collection and metafield information which is not available by default. Also being able to edit things without having to export makes it a breeze when trying to edit a set of products on the store


Great app when having to make bulk updated to product data, especially when metafields are involved.


what the fuck are you people doing? I just tried free trial and found your app was not suitable for my use, then uninstalled very soon within 3 days or so. But you guys charged me a full month and I don't know if you will keep charging me every month. Your behavior is just like thief, you know? Please stop stealing from me!


I was really excited about editing the titles of my 900 listings. I couldn't figure out how to upload the listings to my Shopify store. I watched all of the videos and read the tutorials. I contacted support. No one will get back to me. This app does not offer a free trial period. I paid for something I can't use.

Follow up: After, I left my review, I received this unprofessional message, "We see you complain that we don't respond. We don't have un-answered messages from you in our inboxes. If you need help you should write to us, not just fire negative reviews."

Then, they also responded to my inquiry ticket which I placed over a week ago in another message. They are disorganized.


très bonne application permettant d'extraire toutes les données sur les produits en 1 seul clic et permettant de les filtrer et modifier


Bad import experience, Waste my money


Seriously, I don't know what we would do without this app. Being able to find metafield values and replace them easily is a mega time saver. Definitely recommended for stores with large catalogs, multiple variants and tons of custom metafields.


Our store is just getting started, so I cannot afford to purchase the full version just yet. But I certainly will, as I want to use the export functionality. But as for free apps, this one is hands down AMAZING! Every Shopify store that deals with inventory should be using this app.


This app is simply amazing. I have never seen an app like this but I got idea few times in my life that something like excel interface would be great for inventory management.

Nothing else on market is better for meta-field editing. You can choose to edit meta-values as simple or with HTML editor.

The app is relay fast, particularly product filtering and export. It takes a bit to load but then is it light speed. Under 1 sec to get excel file with a collection I need to pass to my affiliate. I asked support about speed. They told me that APP is like famous QUAKE game. The better machine gives a better experience. It is a bit fuzzy on slow PC-s, I tried on my old 2010 laptop but on then on normal Intel atom laptop its graphic behaved very fluidly. On my i3 PC at work, I get crystal experience. Synchronization takes a bit longer but still faster than other apps I tried.

Support is rely good. New option called "Hook to existing meta-filed" they add-ed on my demand.

Great job Holest!!!

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