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Effortlessly Sync your Inventory between Square and Shopify.

4.9 of 5 stars(19 reviews)

Inventory Synchronizing

Automatically keep your inventory counts in sync between one Shopify location and one Square location.

Stock Reconciliations

Manual reconcile any inconsistencies between the two platforms with our easy-to-use interface.

Real-Time and Fast

Any stock affecting events on either platform will be reflected in the other within 60 seconds.

About SkuHarmony

What does this app do?

When setup correctly, this app can keep your inventory counts in perfect sync between a Square location and a Shopify store. For example, if you sell 2 units of SKU-A0001 in Shopify, 2 units will automatically be deducted from that same SKU-A0001 in Square, and vice versa.

Why does this app exist?

We've found that merchants who want to use Square as their POS, but Shopify for their website, face an impossible task of keeping their inventory counts in sync. And for small small merchants, both platforms are drawing from the same inventory bank.

How does this app work?

Once you've approved the monthly fee, this app will start listening to both Square and Shopify for any events that affect your inventory. These include: (a) orders, (b) refunds, and (c) manual adjustments. Each time a change is detected on one platform, it is replicated on the other.

What does the free version do?

While the free version will not automatically keep your inventory, it does allow you to see any discrepancies between square and shopify and fix them with a few clicks of a button.

What does this app NOT do?

This app was not designed to keep your product details/descriptions in sync between platforms, this you will still need to do manually. This app is about inventory counts specifically, for products that are already in both platforms.

What's required from me?

  1. You must have the 'Inventory Tracked by Shopify' setting enabled for all products/variants that you wish to have sync.
  2. All of your products must already exist in both Shopify and Square.
  3. All of your product variants must have a SKU and importantly a unique SKU assigned to them in both Shopify and Square.


  • If no products show up from Shopify, remember that all of your products need to set to "Shopify Tracks This Products Inventory" and have a UNIQUE SKU assigned to it.
  • If no products show up from Square? Ask yourself, do I even any products in your square account?

Who built this app?

Squarify Sync was built with love in San Francisco. We are a small dev shop that focusses on building simple utilities that make doing business easier.

Integrates with

  • Square

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Pricing 3-day free trial


* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 19 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Ruby's Pearls

We use this app a lot in our very busy boutique! It helps us keep our inventory correct between our brick and mortar store and our online store. We couldn’t keep our inventory organized without it!


Was able to sync buy Square and Shopify inventory counts with this app. I had tried a few other apps, and this was by far the easiest, cheapest and most reliable.


I have a B&M store where I use square and a shopify website plus an ebay store. I don't think the syncing between square & shopify always works. Sometimes we sell an item in store and find it is still on the shopify website. I don't think this app is worth the high monthly price they charge. For this price it should be exact everytime.