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Developed by Savvison, LLC

5 reviews
Price: $29.00 – $39.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Save time by scanning and updating Shopify inventory or for user defined locations
  • Identify inconsistencies and maintain accurate inventory count
  • Compatible with most, if not all, barcode scanners

★ Quick Inventory Counts, Easy Updates.

Scan the barcodes, and when you are done, StockSavvy will give a list of the item quantities to be updated on Shopify. Once you are done reviewing, hit the button, and the quantities will be immediately updated on Shopify! You can do cycle counts to check inventory or receive product in and add to your item quantities.

★ Scanned Inventory Worth, Easy Accounting

With the retail prices, you can see the worth of all the items you scanned. Accounting becomes easier!

★ Small, Manageable Cycle Counts

The best practice is to minimize or even avoid those yearly or quarterly large, entire inventory counts, as those can get messy and are a big hassle. Instead, scan and count small batches at a time by using tags and vendor filtering, for example, counting one vendor a week and then repeating from the beginning. This keeps your inventory accurate with minimal effort!

★ Identify Inconsistencies

Often, products might not be entered into the system, or there might be barcode duplicates. By seeing errors as you're scanning you can identify these inconsistencies to keep your product listings accurate. You can also compare the items scanned with your full inventory to see what items you list on Shopify but don't have on hand.

★ Manage Inventory For Multiple Locations

Tracking inventory for multiple store locations or warehouses can easily get out of hand. Tagging is the recommended way of managing inventory in multiple locations, and with built-in tagging support, inventory management becomes a piece of cake.

★ Accurate Record Keeping

With reports generated and saved every time you do a cycle count, you can keep an accurate record.

★ Compatible with most, if not all, barcode scanners.

Geared toward efficiency, we support dedicated barcode scanners. We actually think all dedicated barcode scanners will work with StockSavvy, but just to cover our bases, we'll just say "most".

StockSavvy reviews

5 reviews
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Stock Savvy is easy to set up and to use. It has good customer service, both by email and phone. We have a large inventory with many small items and it definitely helps us maintain accurate numbers.


Tried different emails. Activation link never came.


We are definitely going to use it again next year. I thought the over all system is pretty easy once I understood it and know how it works. You do have to be patient the first time you use it because there is step to it and learning curves.

The customer service was great Jack could always get use through any issues we had. I think the biggest thing about this app is that they had a phone line most of the apps are email only. Big Win for me.

Along Came A Spider


Great potential! Exactly what I need it to do. First the pros:
1. Simple set up. Worked instantly.
2. Easy, simple, to the point interface.
3. The tutorial shown was perfect. Quick, to the point, told me what I needed to know.
4. Being able to compare 'scanned items' to 'unscanned items' is GREAT. I love being able to take a quick glance and make sure I didn't miss anything.

And now a few suggestions:
1. The price point is really high if this is all the features that are going to be included.
2. You should be able to also manually enter a number after scanning if needed. For example, I carry lots of styles, and some only have 1-2 available (so I just scan-scan) and some have 50+. I am not scanning 50 items, I'd rather just take a second to count them, scan one, and update the inventory. I could do this natively in Shopify, but flipping back and forth would be a pain.

I'm SUPER excited to see where this app goes from here, I think it's so close to perfect as is right now if you can drop the price point OR add more useful features.


This app is truly amazing. I LOVE StockSavvy. The support is amazing. They are there to help - I mean actually HELP. I can not believe how easy this is to use and how this has solved so many problems by keeping my inventory in check. If you have a store and have a bar code scanner it doesn't get any better than this. If you don't have a scanner go out and get one to get control over your inventory in the most efficient way possible.

$29.00 – $39.00 / month

There are optional add-ons that are one-time costs.

14 days

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