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  • See everything that happens on your store in real time.
  • Daily reports in your inbox that summarize your store's activity.
  • A conversion funnel graph that summarizes user behavior on your store.


Why should your online store be any different from a physical store? With StoreView see everything that takes place on your store right in front of your eyes, as it happens.

StoreView records cart changes, checkouts and orders that happen on your store in real-time. You will be able to see what products are being added to your users' carts, allowing you to make intelligent decisions on how to increase your conversions.


  • View your store's cart activity in detail as users add or remove items.

  • See your users' activity as they check out and place orders.

  • Daily reports in your inbox that show a nice breakdown of all the activity that took place on your store.

  • Filter the kind of activities that you wish to see in your activity feed.

  • A conversion funnel graph that will help you see exactly how users are behaving on your store.

  • Compatible with all your devices.

  • Lots of new updates every week!

  • Instant Installation.

Activity Types

Below are the kind of activities that will be recorded by StoreView

  • User adds/removes an item in their cart.

  • User increases/decreases an item in their cart.

  • User reaches checkout.

  • User fills in their customer details.

  • User fills in their shipping information.

  • User places an order.

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StoreView reviews

13 reviews
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I only leave reviews when items surpass my expectations. This is a must have app for Shopify store owners. Especially if you have a brick and mortar business. Or a business that sells one of a kind items. It tells you exactly what clients are look at and adding to their carts. Something that Shopify should BUT does not - even in live view.
Steve and his team are also extremely responsive. Sent them a note and they got back immediately with the reasoning and support.
If you are looking for what your clients are interested in and great service, This is the app! Unless you are a furniture store.Then there is nothing to see here. Other furniture stores definitely don't need this app.....LOL


I actually found this app via Reddit lol. I gave it a shot and immediately loved it. Why? It does something Shopify does NOT. Not only does it tell me what customers are abandoning their carts. It also tells me what products their adding to their cart and how far they get into the checkout process; adding address, selecting shipping method, and more! The app neatly groups the customers actions together and tells the time of the action. I am glad I found this app :)


Brilliant app a proper hidden gem of Shopify! Get this and keep an eye on your store's activities. Thanks Steve for your help


Good to alert when someone adds items to their cart!



This is one of my favorite apps. I use it everyday. Highly recommend!


Excellent, handy app. We use it to see what people put in their carts.


Hands down one of the most useful apps I have. I love being able to see what products people are putting in their carts, even when they don’t make a purchase.


This app has been great for getting an insight into the minds of our customers. Sitting behind a screen potentially a thousand miles away, someone out there is making decisions and determinations about your store. Don’t you want to gather as much insight into their thoughts as possible?

Would recommend to anyone with a Shopify store.


Great app - does exactly what it says. Does it replace detailed analytics? No. Does it make it really simple to visualize certain types of customer activity? Absolutely! For example, we're able to see some people are trying to purchase large quantities of a SKU we don't usually stock much of - so we can now adjust our stock. It's also helpful to see very real-time responses to promotions, solcial shares, etc.


Amazing app! We have had a great experience using StoreView so far. It has allowed us to watch and better understand our customers and their thought process which means that we can provide better service. Additionally, the weekly updates help us see what strategies worked and what didn't. Definitely recommended.


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