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Ironwood Cider House

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Cider seller Ironwood Cider House is a modern taproom located in Ontario, Canada. They also run a busy online business, selling cider and booking reservations for tastings. And they use all kinds of apps to make it happen.

Face to face

With most of their sales generated at their brick-and-mortar location, Ironwood Cider House uses Shopify POS to process in-person transactions—all while keeping their inventory and orders synced with their online store.

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Unify online and in-person sales with Shopify POS.

Collect and redeem

Ironwood Cider House uses Marsello to run their email marketing and loyalty rewards program, allowing customers to collect points on in-store and online purchases. Points can be redeemed to give discounts on purchases and events.

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Loyalty & Marketing Software. Points, Rewards, and VIP Tiers.

Make a reservation

Guided tasting experiences are a popular attraction for guests at Ironwood Cider House. To accept reservations, they use the Appointo app, which lets guests prepay for their experience and receive text notifications leading up to their booking.

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Built for Shopify

ID, please!

As sellers of age-restricted products, Ironwood Cider House uses NA Age Verification to display an age verification popup, ensuring visitors are of legal age before they can access the site.

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Age Verification on checkout and 18+ age gate check with popup

Protect their packages

Since most of their products are packaged in glass bottles, Ironwood Cider House lets customers protect their orders from damage by purchasing additional shipping protection. This both gives customers peace of mind and saves the business time and money, thanks to the reduction in damaged shipments.

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Fuel Growth with Order Protection, Package Tracking & More
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We use Shopify POS to seamlessly run our brick-and-mortar store alongside our online store. Having the option to do this makes it easy to add new products, modify existing products, run promotions, and manage our rewards program.

Robyn Brown, Marketing & Events Manager, Ironwood Cider House

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