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Explore hundreds of click-to-install automations and a development platform for custom functionality.

Automate your growth

From small businesses to Plus-sized enterprises, Mechanic offers automations that are built to scale.

Browse the library

Customize and experiment with over 300 pre-built automations, all available in Mechanic’s task library.

Tap into the community

No developer? No problem. Tap into Mechanic’s community of developers to build custom automations that work for your business.

Pure liquid automation

Flex the Shopify Admin API to extend and enhance the Shopify admin—all in a language you already know.

Blueshift Nutrition uses Mechanic to capture payment after an order is fulfilled.

Wanan Luxury uses Mechanic to automatically apply tags to certain customers.

Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry uses Mechanic to send customers discount codes if a certain product is purchased.

Mechanic has helped us create powerful tasks which otherwise would have been either very expensive to develop or would have required multiple other apps.

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Automate everything with Mechanic

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