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Commerce can only thrive in the long-term if the planet does too. With Shopify Planet, you can support and accelerate carbon removal initiatives, and engage customers with a chance to do the same.

Shopify Planet is great for: any merchant who wants to run a more sustainable business or appeal to environmentally-minded buyers.

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Engage climate-conscious shoppers and fund groundbreaking carbon removal projects by offering carbon-neutral shipping on any order. In-app analytics show exactly how much carbon your business has helped remove.

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Let customers contribute to carbon removal projects by paying $0.25 USD before checkout, or take care of things yourself and pay between $0.035 and $0.15 per order, depending on your plan.

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Add customizable badges anywhere on your store so you can showcase your commitment to the planet, while attracting environmentally-conscious shoppers.

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Sustainability and protecting the natural world underpins every decision at Ethical Bedding, so having an easy to use tool which supports us with that mission is terrific. Planet should be an essential app for any conscientious brand selling on Shopify.

James Higgins, Founder, Ethical Bedding

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43% of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that practice sustainability.


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