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Increase your average order volume by selling more products to more customers. Whether you're looking to bundle shampoo and conditioner with a discount or offer batteries with a children's toy, you can do it all with Selleasy.

Selleasy is great for: businesses that sell complementary products that customers might want to buy together, or businesses looking to build awareness about different products.

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Automate it

Recommend the right products or accessories with automatic product recommendations, or manually choose products to upsell and cross-sell.

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Upsell internationally

Appeal to even more customers by offering deals in their local currencies and languages, all through a seamless integration with your favorite multi-currency and multi-language apps.

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Frequently bought together

Display a bundle on your product page, promote an offer in a pop-up, or present related products post-checkout. The choice is yours.

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We've only been using Selleasy for about a year, but it's responsible for about 8% of our sales. It’s helped create awareness of some great products that people just weren't seeing on our website.

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Good to know

The upsides of upselling products to existing customers often outweigh the costs of acquiring new customers.


The ultimate guide to upselling and cross-selling

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