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SyncLogic - Connect and copy products between multiple shops

SyncLogic - Connect and copy products between multiple shops

Developed by Oiizes

14 reviews
Price: From $19.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Save time keeping products between Shopify shops synced
  • Have updates to products and variants automatically reflect in another Shopify shop
  • Painlessly maintain parallel Shopify shops

Share products from Shopify shop to Shopify shop

Connect and sync your products effortlessly!

SyncLogic extends the reach of your products beyond one shop. Our app gives you the ability to add a group of products on one store to another store and have the changes made to the original product reflect to the connected store. Whether you are an online store who also runs multiple shops to support different currencies, a concurrent wholesale storefront, a drop-shipper importing products, or would like to have a separate shop to do theme development in, SyncLogic is for you!

SyncLogic allows you to create connections to share with other stores. Once other stores are connected to your store their products get updated with changes made to your products. If you add photos, change the description, or make new colors available, any shop subscribed to your product feed will have those changes reflected on their shop within seconds.

SyncLogic also allows you to connect to other stores and add products to your shop! Want to share products from another shop? Just have them install SyncLogic and share a connection with you, it's that simple!

  • Easily create and sync products from other shops!

  • Easily share and sync products to other shops!

  • Great for drop-shipping, wholesalers, multiple storefronts and more!

SyncLogic Pricing is applied to each shop that SyncLogic is installed on. If you are connecting two shops you will need a SyncLogic subscription on each shop.

Made by Oiizes

SyncLogic - Connect and copy products between multiple shops reviews

14 reviews
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I actually got this app based on reviews, and it is amazing app. If you have more than one store / if you have stores in different currencies / or you have one physical store and one online store, this app helps to manage your inventory. We have only one warehouse (one stock) which we sell in multiple channels. You can make your main store where you sell the most - 'parent' shop, then other shops will be 'child' shops. 'Parent' shop will sync for you quantities being sold so you dont have to update manually. The developers support is very quick, they try to reply immediately. Shane is very helpful and he suggest thing you can improve, which is so useful!


Talk about a useful app. This keeps an active inventory that makes it so your one site can hold inventory for all of your other stores.

Great for sites that have multiple brands but don't want to do multiple stock checks. Really helpful staff as well who seem to be open to ideas of even expanding their app.

Looking forward to what this app is working on.


Simple but effective. This team works really well to get back to you quickly and make sure you understand.

If you are trying to run multiple Shopify stores and have the same items on other stores this will help you keep an active inventory. So if you have 60 it will say you have 60 on both sites and when someone buys 1 item it will be 59 on both. Simple but amazing.

This helped us immensely. We were taking too much time doing inventory checks on multiple sites. Their team made sure we understood how to sync the product and now it has saved us countless hours a month.


We started using SyncLogic a year ago on our three Shopify stores. This is one of the best Shopify apps we have used and it has been consistently solid since we started using it. We use the app to sync products and inventory across our three stores and over the past year, while we have been developing our Shopify website the support from them has been truly spectacular. These chaps seriously know what they are doing and always provide fast response accompanied by a solid understanding, which ultimately leads to an outstanding service. If you need to sync products and inventory on multiple Shopify stores, I cannot recommend this app highly enough. Thank you Synclogic for a great experience.


This apps works perfectly, i had some questions about this app and sent them a email. i got a reply almost immediately

I would defiantly recommend this app to anyone who has two stores and would like to sync inventory between them.


Amazing customer service. Awesome app too. It helps me save a lot of time by syncing inventory from multiple stores seamlessly.


Would be good to have a list of common things it doesn't do.
But there is enough things it does do very well to provide plenty of time saving value!

The real value is in their support. Extremely fast and helpful!
Well done Jason and team.


Very solid experience with functionality such as two-way sync of inventory between shops that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Support is really quick and comes back with real solutions to issues in a way that had me really impressed. Would really recommend if you need to tie several shops together!


This app saves us so much time!
If you have multiple stores with the same products (or if you just want to manage your products from one master store that automatically updates the others) this app solves all that time wasting nonsense :)


SyncLogic's customer service is incredible! Their email response time is sometimes only a couple minutes and if we have any issues at all they are on it and get the problem fixed right away! Shane in particular has been a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend!

From $19.99 / month

SyncLogic is $19.99 per month for each shop installed (all shops connected will need a subscription).

7 days

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